Daft Punk

Music lovers generally have mixed emotions when it comes to how they esteem Daft Punk. Some may applaud the electric group’s twenty year efforts at reviving old favorite tunes while others may believe they just […]

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Angelina Jolie Masectomy: Actress Had Procedure To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Actress Angelina Jolie lost her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, in 2007 due to one of the top diseases which affect women: breast cancer. The genetic influence of the disease caused Jolie to take what some may […]

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The Love Connection

Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? It’s human nature. And not only is love a great feeling, but provides many benefits as well. Check out this infographic to learn about them.

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17 Amazing Arty AC Units

AC Units: extremely useful things but hardly easy on the eye. These street artists have turned the humble metal box into something truly beautiful. They’ve left us wondering why everyone doesn’t make their air conditioning […]

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Real-life Homes from Film and TV

There are always some pretty cool looking homes in movies and on TV. Check out these pictures of some of the most popular real-life homes from movies and TV.

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Understanding Compulsive Liars

We all operate in our own realities but when they twist and turn compliments of a borderline personality disorder, narcissism, or other behavioral or mental issues, things get so complicated. Especially when dealing with the […]

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The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs And Websites of 2013

Now that we’re nearly halfway (already!) through the year, it’s best we focus on the greatest portions of the internet to fill our heads and fuel our minds. Check out Daily Tekk’s just released list […]

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You Won’t Believe What All Of The World’s Lego Bricks Could Build

If you collected every Lego in the world (and broke every kid’s heart for taking away their favorite toy in the process), the things you could create would astound everyone in the universe. Check out […]

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10 Clever Commercials With Canine Stars

Advertising and public relations reps know on thing: man’s best friend moves product. And, since nearly every person on earth finds dogs totally cool, mutts help make the world go ’round especially when it comes […]

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Jennifer Nettles Introduces Son Magnus Hamilton

The first pictures of Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles’ beautiful baby boy have made their debut! The new mom of five month old Magnus has FINALLY shared her child with the world in this month’s copy of […]

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