Noah and The Whale

English Indie rockers Noah and The Whale know a thing or two about making music. Their tunes have progressed and propelled the group into the spotlight over the past seven years. Here’s more with Noah […]

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Top 7 Geeky Bathroom Designs

Calling all geeks! Would you like to have a geeky bathroom? Check out this list to see the top seven geeky bathroom designs.

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Why Do We Love Cats So Much?

Some people love cats and others hate them. But if you take a stroll through the interwebs you will see that most people online love the furry creatures. Check out this infographic to learn about […]

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The 30 Greatest Rock-n-Roll Movie Moments

If you love music and you love films, this link is for you! Rolling Stone has the most unbelievably awesome collection of the best musical moments ever captured in Hollywood. Sit down, put your feet […]

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Boomers Push Doctor-Assisted Dying In End-of-Life Revolt

Who decides when it’s time to pull the plug on a life? Is it up to God? Is it up to the person? Massive numbers of baby boomers (born from 1946 to 1964) are managing […]

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Baby Covered In French Bulldogs

These Frenchie pups snuggling with a newborn will brighten your day almost in spite of the North Korea Nuke threat, economy, and zillions of other things better left unsaid. Lets these pics of a Baby […]

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Mysterious Fireballs Carve Through The Night

Jason D. Page has taken hunting for a perfect shot to an entirely more dangerous level: using his camera and polytechnics, he captures pictures of fireballs. Check out his technique and style with Mysterious Fireballs […]

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Five Things the Government has Done Right

The idea that the American government can’t do anything right has become pervasive. However, check out this infographic to see five things the government has done to improve our lives.

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Secrets To Viking Navigation Unearthed?

A new discovery regarding the seafaring Nordic mariners who have fascinated generations was determined by a team of researchers from the Eotvos University in Hungary. Check out what they learned with Secrets To Viking Navigation […]

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Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Recall Over 3 Million Cars

Japanese auto manufacturers have recalled 3 million plus automobiles due to issues with passenger side airbags. If you own one of these brands, check out the following link to be sure your car or truck […]

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