Giving Christmas Gifts on the Cheap

‘Tis the season to go broke-r if you were hit hard by rising food prices and financial hardship this year. Check out the following list of thoughtful ideas with Giving Christmas Gifts on the Cheap […]

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Does Divorce Meditation Work?

The end of a close couple’s marriage and the remarkable transformation of their family as the parents began their post marital lives peacefully (thanks to meditation instead of litigation) was an inspiration to me at […]

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Mapping Redheads: Which Country Has The Most?

As a women who has always had a special fondness for gingers, the Guardian’s release of a map indicating where all of the red heads are evoked strong feelings of delight. See where they are […]

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Top 15 Bizarre, Unique, and Hilarious Trade Show Items

Trades are a great place to promote your business and extend your professional network. Plus it’s a way to find some of the weirdest sh*t on earth. See the best of it here with the […]

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Teen Pregnancies Drop A Whopping 52 Percent In Two Decades

Ask any American and they will likely tell you that the glorification of motherhood, especially young motherhood like that aired on MTV’s “Teen Mom,” is pretty big in the U.S. But it’s not as big […]

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Athletic Diets: The Numbers

How far would you go to advance your game? Some athletes resort to extreme dietary measures in addition to rigorous training programs. Learn more here with Athletic Diets: The Numbers.

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Ruse Vacations

Nestled on the banks of the Danube lies Ruse, Bulgaria. Established during the late Bronze age, this ancient city began as a Neolithic settlement and has grown to what it is today. Book a flight […]

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24 Face Swaps That Went Horribly Right

Ah the wonders of technology! Sometimes life hands us some awesome internet moments that make us forget it all. See them here with 24 Face Swaps That Went Horribly Right.

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Hunting Humans

Some people are just sick. And Robert Hansen is living proof. Read how this sick, sick man brutalized countless victims and earned himself notoriety as the worst serial killer in Alaska with Hunting Humans.

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56th Annual Grammy Nominees

Which of your favorite musicians are set to earn one of the music industry’s most fabulous designations? Find out here with the 56th Annual Grammy Nominees. Congrats, hopefuls, and good luck!

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