Extraterrestrials and Cows

What do residents of outer space and our livestock have in common? Will we ever truly know? Find out here with Extraterrestrials and Cows.

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50 Most Amazing Summer Camps In The U.S.

Summer, summer, summertime is h-e-r-e! And if you’re like most parents and kids, chances are, you need a break in the worst way (since tempers often climb in proportion to temperatures). Let your kids experience […]

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Ex-Journey Man Steve Perry Sings Live For The First Time In Nearly 20 Years

Hoooolllld Ooooonnnn and Don’t Stop Believing! Former Journey frontman Steve Perry hit the stage again and showed us he still has it any way any of us want it! Here’s Ex-Journey Man Steve Perry Sings […]

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The Single Best Photo Of President Obama’s Trip To Cooperstown

In case you missed it, Obama and his entourage ascended upon a little Upstate New York town where the Baseball Hall of Fame is. He also “made history” aka “small talk” among other things. Check […]

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24 Magical Disney Puns

The wonders of Disney have mesmerized generations for many, many years. The geniuses at Pleated Jeans have done the same but with a witty twist. Check out these hilarious 24 Magical Disney Puns.

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5 Amazing Side Dishes For Your Memorial Day Cookout

Time to fire up the grill, kick off summer, and support the millions who served or are serving our country by serving great foods to your friends and family! Try these 5 Amazing Side Dishes […]

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Memorial Day Quotes

Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Celebrate and honor those who have served our country with any of the following Memorial Day Quotes.

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A Call To Arms: An Invitation To Demand Action On Climate Change

Scientists warned us in the early 1980s of the dangers of polluting the environment. We didn’t listen of course, being the parasitic gas guzzlers we are. And now we’re here. Read A Call To Arms: […]

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33 Misconceptions Men Have About Women’s Bodies

Men will never understand women very well. If they would accept this when thinking about the biological functions behind the female reproductive system, then the world would be a better place. But they don’t. So […]

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The Science Of Selfies

Ugh the fine art of selfies…some people master it, some people don’t. Check out the underlying issues behind The Science of Selfies.

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