Development Of Hands And Feet May Help Unlock Evolution’s Toolkit

A recent Yale School of Medicine comparative genomics study found that the development of limbs during the embryonic stage is due to specific gene regulatory sequences. Not only is this finding essential to supporting the […]

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Ten or Twelve Reasons People Get Fat

It’s simple math: humans gain weight because their calorie intake exceeds their calorie output but there are also other reasons. Check them out here with Ten or Twelve Reasons People Get Fat.

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25 Reasons Why Everything Was Better In The 80s

Cabbage Patch Kids, Dallas, John Hughes, Airplane, Porky’s, and making up a mix tape with Michael Jackson, Guns-N-Roses, Madonna, Prince, Run-DMC, and Cyndi Lauper were just some of the many wonders of the 1980s. Seems […]

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33 Beautiful Vintage Portraits Of America’s Immigrant Past From Ellis Island

During the early 1900s, most immigrants arrived in New York City before staking their claim in America. Thanks to the New York Public Library’s digital collections, here are 33 Beautiful Vintage Portraits Of America’s Immigrant […]

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50 Great Facts About The 50 States

It’s a little known fact that eighteen state flowers no longer grow on the grounds they formerly called home. This and other interesting information is available here with 50 Great Facts About The 50 States.

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grizzly fight club

Nature’s Fearless Fighting Machines

We’re all programmed with the instinctual “flight or fight” instinct but some species’ fight response is incredible. See for yourself here with Nature’s Fearless Fighting Machines.

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Madeleine McCann: Police Target 38 Potential Suspects Identified In Review

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood is the lead of the Scotland Yard inquiry into the investigation of the 2008 disappearance of then three year old Madeleine McCann. The case recently switched from it’s two year […]

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lady lib

America’s Great Fourth Of July Celebrations

The 237th anniversary of the Independence of the United States happens tomorrow! Over the years, the parades, gatherings, and picnics, have offered magnificent displays of patriotism. See the best of them here with America’s Great […]

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How Does Diet Affect Body Odor?

We all know we are what we eat. Generally, we eat junk, we feel like junk but do we smell like it too? If you ever wanted to know, find out more here with How […]

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10 Best Cookies Ever

A little bit of sugar goes a long way when you’re out for lunch or dinner and want just a small portion dessert. That’s when the beloved cookie steps in to round out the meal. […]

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