Maybe The Best Lay In Town Is A Poem

Revered American poet and inspirational author Daniel Ladinsky has an interesting take on the bigger issues of life – like love, spirituality, religion, and suffering. As a best selling writer, his work is highly acclaimed […]

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Salvador Dali and Gala Eluard in Dali's Studio

Salvador Dali’s Demon Bride

Spanish surrealist painter Salvadore Dali and his wife, Gala, had a seemingly passionate marriage from the outside though once the veneer was penetrated, the union was based more in the dark side. Check out Salavador […]

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The 30 Happiest Facts of All Time

Between the Boston Marathon, the Texas explosions, nuclear threats from North Korea, the economy, the environment, the weather, and a million other things, life is a bit rough going of late. Rather than dwell on […]

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The Top 8 Neglected Monster-Slayers In World Mythology

If you’re not familiar with Anazgeni, the Navajo god of war who used lightning bolts for arrows and wielded a knife of sunlight, feast your eyes on this article. The world of mythology is full […]

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Control Your Interest Level

The receptors of your brain often get hotly embedded when thoughts of that special someone occupy too much of your mind. Better to head them off with redirection to not shoot off the possibilities. Here’s […]

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7 Things You Don’t Realize About Addiction (Until You Quit)

If your history includes regular blackouts, chain smoking cancer sticks, doing gravity bongs, snorting powder from strippers’ derriere’s, a steady diet of porn, and various other habitually destructive activities, chances are great you are fully […]

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America’s Health Disadvantage

It’s no secret that the healthcare system in the U.S. is in dire need of an overhaul – especially when compared to other countries. See how ineffective and inefficient things truly are with America’s Health […]

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This Is How You Prank Somebody

Prepare your plans for next year’s April Fools Day jokes or just get a good laugh out of simple little tricks to play on your unsuspecting victims by checking out This Is How You Prank […]

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How To Deal With Impossible People

The familiar drill of handling the more challenging people in your life can yield forging a relationship with them highly difficult. Feeding the fiction won’t let anyone win. Here’s some helpful steps you can take […]

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Are Women Bad Drivers?

Do you think women are bad drivers? The truth is, they aren’t as bad as you might think. Check out this infographic that takes a look at the numbers behind both men and women drivers. […]

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