21 Things You Need For The Perfect Star Wars Nursery

If “the force is with you” as you’re planning your new baby’s room, then you’re absolutely going to love this one. Especially if you name the wee one Luke or Leia. See the 21 Things […]

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NASA ‘Flying Saucer’ Launches To Test Mars Landing Tech

NASA’s Low Density Supersonic Decelerator was fired out to space from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii. This is the second test launch of a saucer of this caliber. And this may help […]

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Creativity May Be Genetically Linked With Psychiatric Disorders

They say that the best artists, musicians, poets, writers, authors, journalists, and other artistic creators of the world may be mad. And they’re probably right according to this one! Check out Creativity May Be Genetically […]

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Prince George And Princess Charlotte Pose For The Cutest Pics Ever

The Royal family just released some of the best pictures of their youngest brood over the weekend. See them here with Prince George And Princess Charlotte Pose For The Cutest Pics Ever.

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sure looks like osama

U.S. Raid In Syria Uncovers Details On ISIS Leadership And Finances

A May 16, 2015 attack on Syria by US officials revealed pertinent information regarding the ISIS terrorist group. Read the details here with U.S. Raid In Syria Uncovers Details On ISIS Leadership And Finances.

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A Destination Divorce? Get Outta Town! No, Really

There’s a line from Tom Waits that I have to borrow right now: there’s something to be said about “a tidy Mexican divorce.” Most people plan destination weddings. A few of us (when we reach […]

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15 Capsules For Off Grid Living

Good news for escapists who want to get away from it all! You CAN! (Kind of…) We’ve got a list of 15 Capsules For Off Grid Living that can help you get back to your […]

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I’m A Liberal Professor, And My Liberal Students Terrify Me

Society is shifting and culture is changing at paces so rapid that it could be likened to a tidal wave of epic proportions. All of us have a difficult time keeping up. Educators, it seems, […]

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End of the Car Age: How Cities Are Outgrowing The Automobile

If you have spent any time in a large city these days, one thing is apparent: the traffic is generally still horrible but more and more people are using alternate means of transport. It seems […]

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Day In The Life: India

Have you ever considered the typical day of a kid? We adults get so tangled up in our own stuff that it might be wise to consider the mundane details of our little ones’ days. […]

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