What Has Been The Greatest Disappointment Of Your Life?

A Reddit user just posted a new submission asking you to get a little introspective and reflect. Follow and perhaps even answer this post: What Has Been The Greatest Disappointment Of Your Life?

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Geek Car Model

Gamers check this out. Someone converted their car to super dork. See this Geek Car Model and have a laugh.

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Woman Asks Bear Not To Eat Her Kayak. Bear Eats Her Kayak.

The Man Vs. Nature battle is one that often leaves a man standing dumbfounded with his a** handed to him. Same goes for women traveling the wilds of Alaska when they encounter a brown bear. […]

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An Open Letter To Shitty Husbands

If you’re anything like myself, chances are great that you know all too well the dangers of selecting a bad marriage partner. Just learn from my mistakes and don’t go from bad to worse with […]

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Contempt: The Number One Sign Of Marital Trouble

How healthy is your marriage? Do you work together and forge a bridge over conflict? Or do you kind of split to your own ways? And how well do you preserve the good rather than […]

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The Most Compelling Evidence Ever For Always Living In The Moment

If you play the time travel game in your mind, it’s especially important to look ahead particularly when your younger self has no idea the potential sorrow and heartbreak your future self will know too […]

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Advanced Aliens Could “Conquer And Colonise” Our Planet, Warns Stephen Hawking

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has determined that the possibility of real life forms from deep in outer space pose a threat to mankind. Here’s Advanced Aliens Could “Conquer And Colonise” Our Planet, Warns Stephan Hawking.

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5 Famous Writes With Flaws Everyone Tries To Ignore

There are flaws in our favorite novels. And the writers who wrote them are far, far, far from perfect. See what happens when Cracked gets their hands on Moby Dick, The Lord Of The Rings, […]

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The Red Pill Parent

If you’ve seen the Matrix, you’re familiar with the concept of Red vs. Blue Pills. At Rational Male, Rollo took that Red Pill concept a step further and applied it to parenting. Read about it […]

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Shell Says It Will Abandon Oil Exploration In Alaska Arctic

Serious setbacks in the quest for oil have led one of the oil industry’s biggest pioneers to ditch their mission to find oil in the far north. Here’s Shell Says It Will Abandon Oil Exploration […]

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