Mean Girls: Women Evolved To Be Catty

Great news for passive aggressive females: a study published Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B found that women who cut other women down behind their backs have a competitive agenda. All of the indirect […]

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The 50 Pictures in Perfect Timing

Snapping a great shot take precision, patience and as the following reveal, “perfect timing.” Check out these amazing shots with The 50 Pictures In Perfect Timing.

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playdoh mess

Play Doh Creations (And Mommy’s Frustration)

Ah Play Doh…one of the things that smells funny, keeps kids busy for days, makes massive messes, and turns poop rainbow colors if “accidentally” ingested. While home with a congested, sick little one and constructing […]

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7 Ways To Perform Well Under Stress

What if we told you that stress doesn’t exactly kill you but the idea that it does might? Read how to manage nearly anything life throws at you with 7 Ways To Perform Under Pressure.

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What Makes You Happy…Really?

Do you know what makes you feel your best? Can you identify what is good enough for you that it gives you feel good feelings? Read what the experts say about feelings of excitement, joy, […]

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24 Unintended Scientific Discoveries

Penicillin, Viagra, Sweet-n-Low, microwaves, rubber for tires, Vaseline, x-rays, pacemakers, and a whole bunch of other things were found coincidentally while people were looking for something else. Check them and more out here with 24 […]

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20 New Inventions That Could Change Our World

The world’s most brilliant minds have helped to make life truly amazing thus far with gadgets geared to improving conditions here on earth. And the good news is, though the people have changed, they haven’t […]

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10 Stories Behind Some Of The World’s Best Forgers

You need $5 bucks, son? Hold on a minute while I go out back to the money tree… oh, SNAP! I don’t have one. And these guys didn’t need one since they made their own […]

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Top 50 Public Health Jobs

Ensuring the wellness of others is a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. And that somebody could be you with proper training since this portion of the economy within the U.S. is lucrative, […]

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‘Worse Than Hell’ In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

Massive destruction, climbing death tolls, and devastating pleas for help are the marks left behind throughout Southeast Asia following one of the worst ever super typhoon’s in history so far. What’s worse is there are […]

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