Allergies And Your Eyes: What You Need To Know This Spring

If you have seasonal allergies, chances are the effects can significantly hinder your daily life. Especially when your eyes are involved. Read (if you can power through the itchy, swollen, redness) what to do here […]

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New York Primary Results

After great turmoil and tremendous press, it seems Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for New York while Hilary Clinton took Bernie’s place…wait did I really just type that? See more here with the New […]

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4/20: National Weed Day, Explained

Happy 4/20 to you! If you know what it is, congrats! And if you don’t, read on. Here’s 4/20: National Weed Day, Explained.

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What Are You Losing Passion In?

A group of thoughtful Reddit-ors have posed a really great question we could all benefit from asking ourselves. Whether we’re stuck in a soul killing 9-5, trapped in a loveless marriage, or just lost our […]

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16 Deep Thoughts About Facebook So Accurate It Hurts

The wonders of Facebook never cease. It’s the digital land of oversharing, stalking exes, and pretend friendships with your enemies, it’s no wonder social networking leaves some of us a bit confused. And College Humor […]

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How Badly Do You Need Drama?

Are you a drama king or queen? How do you find out? By taking this test on How Badly Do You Need Drama? The answer may surprise you…in fact, I’m just an average Joe in […]

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I Was A Men’s Rights Activist

What are your deeply rooted beliefs in gender issues? Are you a Femminist? Are you an Anti-Feminist? Are you neither? Whatever you are, you may want to read this. It’s an interesting link to say […]

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10 Female Philosophers Who Will Change Your Life

Great men it seems are the history makers, doers, inventors, and thinkers but where are all the ladies who stand out and do the same? Right here on this list of 10 Female Philosophers Who […]

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IRS Urges Americans: Come Clean Now, Before We Read Panama Papers

(Un)Happy Tax Day! The deadline is in a couple of hours and in light of the recent leak of the Panama Papers, all may not be well for those of us who have to pay […]

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On The Charts: Lumineers Score First Number One With ‘Cleopatra’

It’s Music Monday and the sun is shining. So it’s time for new tunes! The Lumineers are my choice for the day. Give “Ophelia” her due and lend your ears. Here’s On The Charts: Lumineers […]

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