Veracode Mind Hacks

Hacking the Mind: Why Social Engineering Works [Infographic]

Everyone has experienced a computer virus at some point.  It’s so easy for hackers to plant malicious infections and take our sensitive information.  Why?  …Because we let them! Computer hacking may have every bit, if […]

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25 Funny Notes Written By Kids

Kids have a ton of hilarity packed into their little bodies. When they sit down to channel their energy into creative projects, the results are ridiculously funny. Here’s the proof with 25 Funny Notes Written […]

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The Mom Song

American comedienne Anita Renfroe from Atlanta, Georgia, knows a bit about life. As the wife of a Baptist pastor and mom of three, her perspective is one based upon the wisdom only experience can bring. […]

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The 25 Meanest Things Ever Said By Men

When men unleash their fury, the result can be shattering. Especially when its only words. A solid punch to the gut lingers a couple of days at max. A punch of a sharp tongue can […]

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Top 10 Ways To Find A Home To Buy

There’s no place like home. If you’re searching for one, there are several steps you can take to assist the process. Take a peek at the following Top 10 Ways To Find A Home To […]

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Creepy Side Of Search Emerges On Facebook

The world’s largest social network is under some harsh scrutiny for the privacy settings in it’s latest feature: the Graph Search. Wired has posed real concerns regarding Facebook and the potential fallout when user information […]

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What The Combined Wealth Of All 1,426 Billionaires Could Do

Forbes just published its 27th annual billionaires list. Those mentioned by the magazine are the wealthiest people on earth. When their fortunes are added up, the number totals a whopping $5.4 trillion. To show the […]

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Was Batman Gay?

The Green Lantern’s big coming out has led comic fans to consider other superheroes’ sexual orientation. Just how close were Batman and Robin? Find your answers here with Was Batman Gay?

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24 Ridiculously Expensive Everyday Items

Did you know that a cup of soup could cost $40 bucks? Or that you could spend $50k on a Bluetooth? The next time you need gold staples, check out this link and learn more […]

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The Dramatic & Costly Life-Changing Moments of Scandal

ABC’s sizzling drama “Scandal” explores the personal and professional intrigue at a Washington D.C. crisis management firm. This infographic delves into the numbers behind four life-changing moments that have rocked several of the characters in […]

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