Caramoan Islands

The Philippines have a secret white sanded, clear blue watered, and sun soaked paradise. Reserve your next get away. Savor the delights of the region. And see it here with Caramoan Islands.

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Why Being Bad Feels So Good

We’ve all done a bad thing or ten thousand in our lifetime. But some of us kind of get off on breaking the rules just for breaking the rules sake (because we can!!). Find out […]

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Designer Parts: Inside The Strange, Fascinating World of Vaginoplasty

Would you (or your wife/girlfriend/lover) consider undergoing potentially risky surgery/surgeries to have “designer” girl parts? Some women have. Read more here with Designer Parts: Inside The Strange, Fascinating World of Vaginoplasty.

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Your Best Habit’s Worst Enemy

So it’s that time of the year again when you challenge yourself to meet your New Years Resolutions. And in giving up bad habits, we wish you luck. Just be sure when the feedback is […]

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Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Famed author and psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler Ross pioneered significant understanding of the condition of being human while dealing with loss, grief, and death. Read about her here with Biography’s Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

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Fitness Quotes Over Pictures of Drinking

Happy New Year! To ring in a new year and celebrate your hangover, we offer you the following Fitness Quotes Over Pictures Of Drinking.

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22 Pictures of Animals Loving One Another

What the world needs more of is cutsie animal pictures on the internet! And the following collection of images will make you go “AWWWEEE” more than once. We promise. Enjoy these 22 Pictures of Animals […]


The Year In Internet: The Rise of the Hoax Economy

Did you hear that Paul Walker isn’t really dead? Or what about Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend? How about the Cinnamon test on Youtube? It seems that 2013 was fraught with a whole bunch of bull. […]

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Year End List 2013: People

Pop culture and celebrity happenings were a staple of 2013. From babies to the loss of some of the brightest stars, feuds and make ups, and break ups and reconciliations this year was pretty eventful. […]

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Happy New Year: An Illogical, Unreasonable Statement

People are so concerned about political correctness during the holidays that they often reserve “Merry Christmas” for folks they know truly celebrate or replace it all together with a generic “Happy Holidays.” What they may […]

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