The History Of Frozen Food

People have been relishing in the marvels of food preservation by freezing it for thousands of years. Check out this cool video on The History Of Frozen Food.

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The Water Witch Of Wyoming, And How Dowsing Works (Or Doesn’t)

If you don’t know what a water witch is, you are totally missing out. The fine art of non-scientific dowsing to locate water and other materials under the earth’s surface is a fascinating subject. Learn […]

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50 Things Only ’80s Kids Can Understand

John Hughes films, big hair, spandex, acid washed jeans, and a slew of other iconic staples made up the 1980s. Growing up during them was perhaps what most would consider the golden age of childhood. […]

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The Ovitz family

The Dwarves of Auschwitz

It was rare to survive the concentration camps during the Holocaust. Rarer still was the incredible miracle of an entire family being saved – especially by the likes of Joseph Mengele. Read more here with […]

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America’s Health (Dis)Advantage

The National Academy of Sciences launched an in-depth study into the American health system and found startling results. See for yourself here with America’s Health (Dis)Advantage.

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World Bank

Sustainable Energy for All

How great would it be if there was global sustainable energy? However, there is a lot that needs to happen for that to succeed. Check out this infographic to learn about what it will take […]

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15 Rock & Roll Rebels

The allure of a bad boy is powerful for most. Especially when they make music. Rolling Stone has a great collection of the most revolutionary, head turning, jaw opening rockers on the planet who made […]

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How To Automatically Unlock Your Gadgets Without A Password

So it’s official: you’ve called tech support for the 100th time to try to remember the password to your email, laptop, entire network, or even smartphone and you’re tired of the bother. Now you can […]

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Radical Acceptance

The fine art of practicing radical acceptance is a gift you can give yourself (and essentially others) to make living easier, better, and happier despite whatever is going on in your life. Learn how here […]

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Autism 101: What We Know Today

April was Autism Awareness Month but it’s never too late to help increase awareness for the millions of children and adults affected by autism. Support them and their families by reading Autism 101: What We […]

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