Evil On Wheels: Top 10 Villain Cars of All Time

Ever notice how for every hero there’s an epic roadster he (or rarely she) sits behind? Guess what? Even the bad guys have cool wheels too. See them here with Evil On Wheels: Top 10 […]

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Cancer And Cannabis: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Medical Marijuana

Whether you have taken a toke or are absolutely against it, chances are you have strong feelings regarding the issue of medical marijuana. Gain insight with one journalist’s take on the matter with Cancer And […]

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Meet The Man Who Spent $60,000 On Christmas

A thirty eight year old Staten Island man dumped the monetary cost equivalent of a small house in Upstate on his CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Because, well, he must love the holiday. Read more here with Meet […]

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10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2014

This year may be drawing to a close but there’s still time to travel! And if you love wine, have we found some great places for you! Check out the 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations […]

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12 Of The Worst Things You Can Do In A Relationship (Besides Cheat)

Marrying, let alone dating, someone who is an untrustworthy, disrespectful, selfish, greedy, parasitic liar is not only a hopeless situation, but an absolute exercise in complete frustration. Trust me. I’ve done married the type. Read […]

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Genes, Choice, And Human Aspiration

If I told you my only true goal in life (besides the obvious) was to NOT end up as crazy as my immediate elders, would you believe me? And do I have much of a […]

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20 Funny Store Receipts

Ever read the fine print after you pump your gas, pay your tab, or hit the store? You should because of these 20 Funny Store Receipts.

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Flu Outbreak Spreading Rapidly In U.S.

If you’re dreaming of a big box of tissues and your bed for Christmas, chances are you have what everyone else has: the flu. Read Flu Outbreak Spreading Rapidly In U.S. just in time for […]

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Booze Calculator: What’s Your Drinking Nationality?

‘Tis the Season to get schnockered…fa la la la. Wait. What’s your drink of choice and where is it from? Better yet, if you drink at the same rate you drink during the holidays, where […]

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9 Legendary Monsters of Christmas

If you are not a fan of the Jolly Old Saint Nick’s trot through the world stealing into houses on Christmas Eve, you will not like this list. In fact stop reading before you learn […]

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