Portraits of Grandmas And Their Cuisine From Around The World

Every grandchild can agree on the fact that there’s nothing like what their grandma cooked for them. Whether it was good or bad, it was always memorable. Take a peek at the following shots of […]

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Guilt Really Does Weigh You Down: Scientists Discover That Bodies Feel HEAVIER After Doing Something Wrong

Guilt: people are great at manufacturing it and moms are great at evoking it. An investigative team of scientists from Yale and the University of Ontario have completed a study of the psychology behind the […]

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55 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Here’s a six year round up of the creepiest, most original, most nostalgic, most gruesome, and just plain AWESOME Halloween costumes EVER! Check out the following 55 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas.

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5 ws

The 5 W’s Of Special Education

Raising a child with special needs takes a team of dedicated, caring individuals. And adherence to a set of rules. Check out The 5 W’s of Special Education.

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Love: An Alien Experience To A Criminal

Good people usually fall hard for bad ones. It’s just something that happens in the course of experience. And though it hurts, accepting the relationship for what it is helps you grow. Read Love: An […]

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Obesity Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent study shows that the more weight you carry as you grow older has a tremendous effect on the overall function of your mental abilities as you reach advanced ages. See it here with […]

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Discovery Health 9 Home Remedies For Coughs

Getting sick happens but feeling and staying sick is an option. Hack your cough with any of the following suggestions. Here’s Discovery Health 9 Home Remedies For Coughs.

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10 Female Assassins And Their Intended Victims

When people think of “cold blooded killers,” most may think of men. Turns out there’s a bunch of gals who were just as murderous, if not more so, than the guys. Check out 10 Female […]

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Temperature Chart For The Last 11,000 Years

For the first time ever, climate researchers have collected data over a 11,000 year time period regarding the earth’s temperatures. And surprise! The last 150 ish years have been h-o-t. See it here with Temperature […]

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It’s Nearly Impossible To Argue With Kid Logic (23 Photos)

Kids, when they have a solid argument, are immovable. And you’ll need superpowers to talk them out of something when they know they are right. See for yourself here with It’s Nearly Impossible To Argue […]

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