Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking Smartphone Unveiled

Get ready! Get set! And keep your eyes peeled for April 2013 when the latest in mobile devices is going a step ahead of all of its competition. And in the meantime, check out this: […]

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Funny Cell Phone Pics

You haven’t lived until you’ve snapped a sexy, silly, or otherwise questionable photo and hit “send” to “all,” “Dad,” “Mom,” the real estate agent, Facebook, and whoever, whenever. Or, if you’re like some of us, […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Facts

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, this parade of facts and statistics is here to get everyone ready to celebrate in a wise way.  Presented by

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13 Ridiculously Cool Buildings Made Of Ice

Light your inner fire and take a quick trip through the universe to check out what people can do with frozen water. We’d die without it. And you haven’t really lived until you’ve put your […]

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Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man

According to Buddhist proverb, it’s been said that when the student is ready the master appears. If you’re Master of your Universe and seeking means of better understanding the Mistress of your Universe, look to […]

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A History Of Man-Eaters

Big cats have a notorious rap for offing men. Leopards, tigers, and lions have killed a significant number of men over the past 400 years. Here’s more with A History Of Man-Eaters.

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A Pickpocket Tale

The ability to steal unnoticed from a unsuspecting victim requires a certain degree of cunning and manipulation which most people just don’t have. The thievery described in A Pickpocket Tale gives everyone a glimpse into […]

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The Psychology of Hazing

Students have been expelled for dangerous acts of hazing as far back as 1684. Check out this infographic to learn more about the psychology of hazing and how it’s here to stay.

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Leonardo Da Vinci Was Right All Along

A recent study of Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s works regarding human anatomy were precise and as thorough as the modern MRI. The Royal Collection Trust will reveal over 30 paintings comparing Da Vinci’s accuracy […]

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Well Put

The Chive has an excellent selection of wise words and tidbits of knowledge available for viewing and absorbing. Take a look at their great sayings and funny pictures with Well Put.

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