The Last Butterfly: Saving An American Beauty From Extinction

The North American Butterfly Association, University of Florida entomologist Jaret C. Daniels, retired University of Florida professor Thomas Emmel, and several other state and federal agencies are working desperately to save the Schaus swallowtail butterfly […]

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Rage Against The Minivan

If you’re a mom, dad, or a couple considering adoption, you’re going to love the stark humor of the Rage Against The Minivan blog. Check out the great tales of the “indignities of motherhood” and […]

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Horizonville, Switzerland

If you know there’s something out there, well beyond what you can see, you might want to travel to a highly unique locale in the Rhone Valley where people have constructed a town in the […]

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What Investors Can Learn From Chobani’s Hamdi Ulukaya’s Success

Yogurt mogul Hamdi Ulukaya’s roots as a Turkish shepherd led him to a tiny Upstate NY Town where he began to own and operate one of the best businesses in the industry. Check out his […]

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Sea Salt

Salt: What Is It Good For?

Too much or too little of anything isn’t good for the overall systems within the human body but many experts have given salt a bad rap. Not only is salt necessary, a lack of it […]

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Here’s To The Father’s (21 Pics)

Father’s Day is just a couple of days away so to give the dads of the world a proper salute, we offer Here’s To The Father’s (21 Pics). Thank you for your dedication and the […]

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12 Amazing Earth Scars

Earth is surprisingly as scarred as the most of the rest of us. Except she wears her wounds better and they’re fascinating as hell. Check out 12 Amazing Earth Scars.

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Time to take a humor break with a silly moment compliments of Toothpaste For Dinner and Miss Cellania. Here’s Riddle. Laugh, please!

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First Leprosy Case Reported In Republic Of Ireland

Health authorities and people around the world have taken notice though as attention draws toward what many thought was an eradicated chronic infection. The identity of a Brazilian man in the Irish Republic diagnosed with […]

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Gamma Delphinids Meteor Shower: Back Tonight, After 83 Years?

Sky gazers rejoice! A chance to view the elusive gamma Delphids may present itself during the early hours of Wednesday. Learn more about their appearance and history with Gamma Delphinids Meteor Shower: Back Tonight, After […]

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