The 4 Reasons Misogynists Become Misogynists, According To Misogynists

Men whose disdain for women borders or surpasses hatred is based in something – whether it be experience, dislike, or more. Hear the straight talk from these men on how they got to be the […]

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The Wikidrummer

Take one drum kit, one drummer, and a bunch of locations and what do you get? A really cool video of Julien Audigier on Natal drums playing his heart out all over. Check out The […]

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Thirty Years in The Jungle: Could You Do It?

Have you ever considered checking out of civilization and heading for the hills? Before you actually go through with that thought, read the remarkable story of Shoichi Yoikoi and his Thirty Years In The Jungle: […]

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How To Embrace Your Inner Crazy For Psychological Benefits

All the great ones are mad it seems. Look back through history to better apply the varying insanity we all posses with How To Embrace Your Inner Crazy For Psychological Benefits.

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4 Steps To Address How You Really Feel

People wear masks of protection. And it seems that buried deep within all of us is a reserve of emotions we often just neglect but may manifest in our behavior and action. Check in to […]

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Planning Wedding At Palace of Versailles

Ever notice how money can’t buy class? I have. And though they are trying, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are just trashy. And their upcoming exchange of vows despite their wealth and fame is set […]

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Marijuana: Toke Up On Mold, Insects, And Manure

Man, sometimes science can take the pure joy out of EVERYTHING including bong hits. Dammit. Read what besides dope is in your dope with Marijuana: Toke Up On Mold, Insects, and Manure.

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Penis Sizes By State: How Does Yours Measure Up?

We don’t know the science behind the following link. Nor do we really want to. But it’s a great headline (pun intended…wink wink…) See how you or your man rank in a nationwide quest to […]

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Is Your TV Spying On YOU? It Sounds Like Science Fiction But Many New TVs Can Watch You – Telling Advertisers Your Favourite Shows Or Even Filming You On The Sofa. And There’s No Off Switch!

In “this adds a whole new layer of paranoia to modern living” news, your television set is likely watching you as you do what you do on your couch. Perhaps it’s even stalking what you […]

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Seahorses Are Actually The Deadly Stealth Ninjas Of The Sea

Thanks to the latest research by the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Minnesota, the endlessly fascinating lives of seahorses have taken on a whole new direction. Check out how Seahorses Are […]

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