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5 Tips For Cooking Restaurant Quality Food At Home

It’s F-R-R-R-I-I-I-D-D-D-A-A-A-Y-Y!!! And if your budget allows little room to celebrate with a nice dinner out, you can bring cuisine you’d typically go out for, in. Here’s how with 5 Tips For Cooking Restaurant Quality […]

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Romantic Relationships Explained By Horrifying Science

The time space continuum within the sometimes caustic, always dynamic vacuum of a romantic relationship can blow your mind from time to time. If you don’t believe me, check out Cracked’s version of Romantic Relationships […]

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Russia’s Putin And Wife Say Their Marriage Is Over

All the single ladies who find leaders of large countries irresistible, listen up: the formerly thirty years married Vladimir Putin is single. They stated the fact they were “never together” as a reason for the […]

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NSA Taps In To User Data Of Facebook, Apple, Google, And Others, Secret Files Reveal

If you knew that your every online thought and action were monitored by governmental organizations without warrants, would you still use the internet? Seems we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t… Now […]

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12 Brilliant Bionic Animals

Check out these heart-plucking pictures that show you what humans can do to assist disabled creatures. Whether they use bits of toy cars or ground breaking technology, clever, caring humans have given these amazing animals […]

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Serial Killers

The Brain of a Serial Killer

Want to know how the brain of a serial killer works? Check out this infographic to learn about the psychology behind serial killers.

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The History Of Frozen Food

People have been relishing in the marvels of food preservation by freezing it for thousands of years. Check out this cool video on The History Of Frozen Food.

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The Water Witch Of Wyoming, And How Dowsing Works (Or Doesn’t)

If you don’t know what a water witch is, you are totally missing out. The fine art of non-scientific dowsing to locate water and other materials under the earth’s surface is a fascinating subject. Learn […]

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50 Things Only ’80s Kids Can Understand

John Hughes films, big hair, spandex, acid washed jeans, and a slew of other iconic staples made up the 1980s. Growing up during them was perhaps what most would consider the golden age of childhood. […]

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The Ovitz family

The Dwarves of Auschwitz

It was rare to survive the concentration camps during the Holocaust. Rarer still was the incredible miracle of an entire family being saved – especially by the likes of Joseph Mengele. Read more here with […]

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