Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents

If you’ve never heard your youngster say “I watched you snore last night,” and not been a little disturbed by not only the confession but also the fact your child was lurking around in the […]

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Neuroscientists Plant False Memories In The Brain

Granted it’s only rats, but a team of geniuses from MIT have managed to implant the minds of rodents with false memories. Read more here with Neuroscientists Plant False Memories In The Brain.

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If The IRS Levies My Bank Account, Can I Stop It?

With a name like “IRS Hitman,” chances are great that there is more than a little authority behind the inside secrets of evading one of the scariest government organizations in the U.S. Here’s their answer […]

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10 Jokes For Friday Night

Liven up your cocktail hour or help pass the minutes ’til quitting time by sitting back, relaxing, and having a good laugh. Here’s a good place to start with 10 Jokes For Friday Night.

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5 Primal Superfoods For Fertility And Pregnancy

If you’ve decided to spread your DNA to your offspring, there many things you can to do ensure that they get the best chances they can before and after you conceive. Read about them here […]

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Psychology of Poverty

When you’re broke, you’re not broken but it makes you feel pretty busted up. And though there’s little reassurance in knowing you’re not alone, poverty isn’t necessarily permanent. Take a deeper look into the Psychology […]

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Of Love And Fungus

Marriage was once described by writer Fanny Hurst as “sordid endurance tests, overgrown with the fungi of familiarity and contempt.” Never a more apt description, she and several others were on to something when they […]

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The Five Second Rule Will Make You Sick (And Maybe Dead)

Alright so you dropped your sandwich, lollipop, or other edible onto the ground. What do you do? Toss it? Scoop it up quickly and eat it anyway? Chances are you’ll seriously reconsider that last option […]

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The 5 Most Badass Ways People Escaped From Slavery

Body doubles, cross dressers, ice floe hopping, ship hijacking, and even a “special” (human!) mail deliveries sound like the fixings for a great movie. Turns out they were among the list of The 5 Most […]

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Why Men Need Women

A new study conducted by researchers Michael Dahl, David Gaddis Ross, and Christian Dezso found that women inspire men, particularly wealthy ones with daughters, to be more altruistic (among other things). Read more about it […]

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