How To Say Cheers

It’s FRIDAY! And it’s time for happy hour. Stun your drinking companions by busting out your foreign tongue. Here’s How To Say Cheers in nearly every and any language!

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10 Great Inventions Dreamt Up By Children

Anyone who spends time with little ones knows just how incredible their imaginations are. And when those creative energies are put to use, the results are truly fascinating. See for yourself here with 10 Great […]

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How Low Can It Go? Millions Of Americans Living On Less Than $2 A Day According To Alarming New Study

In the U.S. right now, there’s poor and there’s a new heartbreakingly sad level of poverty striking millions upon millions of families. Read their stories here with How Low Can It Go? Millions Of Americans […]

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Cosmic Journeys: The Most Powerful Objects In The Universe

Would be astrophysicists, come on and take a little trip with me! Travel beyond life on earth to a new dimension with Cosmic Journeys: The Most Powerful Objects In The Universe.

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dakota johnson

New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie Actress In Running

Every woman on earth is lamenting: “My god it’s taking sooo long!” regarding the upcoming film based on EL James’ best selling trilogy because, well… between the risque themes and casting troubles, it is! Read […]

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Emotional Bullying And Being A ‘Loser’ In Marriage

When humans are unhappy in our inner worlds, it carries over into all of our relationships. Often even the strongest of men (and women) resort to the weakest of acts when they are miserable with […]

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Why Do You Get A Headache After Crying?

Borderline hysterical tears can wreak havoc on more than your looks. The only thing worse than blotchy skin, red eyes and runny is the dry mouth and sometimes headache which follow. Read Why Do You […]

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Scientists Claim To Have Created A Beer With No Hangover

Everybody would love to drink themselves into oblivion with a rehydrating ale, right? It would mean no hangovers and just the good stuff! No, you haven’t died and gone to heaven: Australian Scientists Claim To […]

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A Guy Proposed To His Lady At A Library With A Children’s Book He Wrote. Now Everyone Wants To Marry Him.

We love weddings. And perhaps we love proposal stories – especially when they’re written from the heart – even more. As is the case with A Guy Proposed To His Lady At A Library With […]

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How To Catch A Liar On The Internet

Multiple studies, particularly one conducted by Cornell’s Jeff Hancock, devote tons of time into better understanding the “dynamics of dishonesty” from a scientific standpoint. The results include Hancock’s conclusion that one out of every ten […]

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