Throw Away The Crossword Puzzle, Have An Orgasm Instead For Better Brain Performances, Says Scientists

Researchers have found a surefire way to boost productivity, creativity, motivation, overall sense of well-being, and even reduce pain: achieving the big O. Neuroscientist and professor at Rutgers University Barry Komisaruk conducted a study proving […]

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Redditor Uses Memes To Propose To His Girlfriend

Just when you think it’s all been done before, an inventive technologically inclined genius shocks us with his creativity. See it here with Redditor Uses Memes To Propose To His Girlfriend. It’s the little things…

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What Are The Most Lactose Intolerant Places In The World (Infographic)

It’s a startling number but only one third of adults with European ancestry can still digest lactase (milk’s key component) once they outgrow childhood. Find out which other places across the globe have the same […]

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dementia dog

First Dementia Dogs Start Work With Owners

Man’s best friend may have a new title: caretaker of patients with dementia. Read more of the fascinating stories of the First Dementia Dogs Start Work With Owners.

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Where To Start A Tech Startup

So you want to launch a website to take over the world, eh? Location may (perhaps) be everything. Check out Where To Start A Tech Startup to learn more!

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First Listen: Typhoon, ‘White Lighter’

If you’ve never heard of the up-and-coming Indie band Typhoon, it’s past time you did. They’ve got an arsenal of music dating back to 2005 and their latest is among the group’s greatest. Lend an […]

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Allergy To Mold – Animal Dander – Dust

If you are like many people, you may be sneezing well past the end of Spring and Autumn when allergies usually peak. Chances are you’re dealing with the effects of an Allergy To Mold – […]

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What Happened To Summer?

The weather and temperature extremes throughout the U.S. are nothing new. But they have been especially prominent this year particularly from May to present. See What Happened To Summer?

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FDA Defines “Gluten Free” For Food Labeling

The Food and Drug Administration defined new regulations on August 2, 2013 for voluntary food labeling of products which are gluten free. This may be good news for the millions of people who are gluten […]

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An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards

Someecards are notorious for satire. And when it comes to relationships, their truth is hilarious. Check out An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards.

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