‘Don’t Think Of Ugly People’: How Parenting Advice Has Changed

The secrets to raising healthy kids have certainly changed over the years. From the ancients thousands of years ago to our ancestors hundreds of years ago, check out the advice available to parents from pregnancy […]

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Why Can’t Hollywood Make A Decent Fairy Tale Movie?

The tales passed down from generation to generation through verbal storytelling and put in books by the Grimm brothers can’t seem to make it to the silver screen without losing their most important bits. The […]

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Top 10 Mightiest Birds Of Prey In The World

Some of the biggest winged creatures – like eagles, vultures, and owls – are living at the uppermost portion of the food chain. A few have even shown man who the sky bosses are. Check […]

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Autism 101: What We Know Today

Families, communities, charities, and various other organizations have stepped forth to raise understanding and increase attention to the individuals living with and affected by autism. To help their cause, as we do every April during […]

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The Top 10 Movies Featuring College Life

Between the academia, all nighters, pizza, sports, parties, and, of course, beer (!) college students learn far more than what they pay for during their studies. Often they find themselves – a theme highlighted in […]

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Classroom Technology: Turning Our Kids Into Nerds

Is technology in the classroom turning our kids into nerds? Check out this infographic to learn more about how both teachers and parents feel about technology in the classroom.

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takea chance

April 23: Take A Chance Day, Lover’s Day, Talk Like Shakespeare Day, Saint George’s Day, Picnic Day

Ever wonder if today was just a normal, run of the mill day or if there was perhaps something more to it? Congratulations because today’s special 24 hours have been designated as “Take A Chance […]

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Berlin, Germany, a woman on the treadmill at McFit

Health Disparities, Lack Of Exercise Not Connected, Vanderbilt University Study Finds

There’s nothing like getting word from your doctor you’ve got high blood pressure. Especially after years of working out like a dog, eliminating unhealthy habits, and consuming a careful diet. Checkout how important living an […]

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The 25 Best Basslines Of All Time

Music aficionados know all too well how much better a tune is with the right bass player offering their skills to a song. Since the base balances most melodies and offers a much meatier sound, […]

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The World’s Top 10 Best Images Of Cows With Their Heads Stuck

Vegans, omnivores, and even extremely sarcastic folks appreciate cows for much different reasons. There’s nothing like driving around and seeing these beautiful creatures doing what they do. Sometimes the mishaps they encounter while grazing are […]

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