How To Get 7 More Hours In A Day

Life today is a minute gobbling monster. Everything takes SOOO LONG when you just DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME. Rather than stress or cut your much needed beauty rest, try these suggestions with How To Get […]

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Inspired And Enraptured With The Cosmos

Science geeks unite! Celebrate! Rejoice! We’re ONE!!! And this one is for you: Inspired and Enraptured With The Cosmos.

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My First Instinct When I See An Animal Is To Say “Hello,” My First Instinct When I See A Human Is To Avoid Eye Contact And Hope It Goes Away

It’s been a rough week around here. Murphy’s law rules, especially while chauffeuring little ones and the oldest pipes up “Oh, THAT’S RIGHT! You hate people, Mom!” Which, this week, is entirely true. At least […]

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Why Do We Put Candles On A Birthday Cake?

Ever ponder the big traditions as you were growing up? How about this one: Why Do We Put Candles On A Birthday Cake?

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Assault and Hilarity

It’s Friday. Maybe you should have a laugh. You’ve earned it. Read what happens when a pissed off musician’s wife evens the score. Here’s Assault and Hilarity.

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15 Ways To Hack Your Brain For A Better Life

Living well is a matter of opinion it seems. But if you are not satisfied with the quality of your life, you may want to make a few changes and read these 15 Ways To […]

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13 Mildly NSFW Food Items That Took ‘Food Porn’ A Bit Too Literally

It’s almost time for lunch. But it’s not time to clock out so feast your eyes on these 13 Mildly NSFW Food Items That Took ‘Food Porn’ A Bit Too Literally.

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Alpha Women, Beta Men

How do you feel about money? And how do you feel about money in a relationship? It’s a hot topic, surefire argument starter. Especially in the case of Alpha Women, Beta Men.

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Rock Bottom Stories

If you’ve ever hit or witnessed a loved one hitting the very bottom of their entire existence, you know far too well just how terrible the experience can be. Here’s a way to little comfort […]

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Repairing Water Damaged Wood

Whether it’s a leaky sink or a rotting picnic table, chances are some of your surroundings could use a little spring sprucing up. Here’s how with Repairing Water Damaged Wood.

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