Scientists Claim To Have Created A Beer With No Hangover

Everybody would love to drink themselves into oblivion with a rehydrating ale, right? It would mean no hangovers and just the good stuff! No, you haven’t died and gone to heaven: Australian Scientists Claim To […]

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A Guy Proposed To His Lady At A Library With A Children’s Book He Wrote. Now Everyone Wants To Marry Him.

We love weddings. And perhaps we love proposal stories – especially when they’re written from the heart – even more. As is the case with A Guy Proposed To His Lady At A Library With […]

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How To Catch A Liar On The Internet

Multiple studies, particularly one conducted by Cornell’s Jeff Hancock, devote tons of time into better understanding the “dynamics of dishonesty” from a scientific standpoint. The results include Hancock’s conclusion that one out of every ten […]

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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant opened to foreign media, Fukushima, Japan - 28 Feb 2012

Japan Nuclear Agency Upgrades Fukushima Alert Level

Japan is under the watchful eye of much of the world as mounting evidence supports that the radiation leak from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is far, far worse than the Japanese government and […]

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States Wrestle With How To Label Pot

Tokers know that when an old schooler used to mellow outdoor stuff take one hit off of anything with hydroponic weed gets their socks knocked off. And now the government is aware of it too. […]

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Still More Boys Than Girls Being Born

It’s a weird phenomenon despite the fact that women outnumber men but it seems that more sons are delivered daily than daughters. Only some have dug deep to attempt a theories – from Hepatitis B […]

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Brain Divided

Josiah Haworth submitted an animated short to Cartoon Brew’s 4th Annual Student Animation Festival which sums up nearly every blind date imaginable. Plus it’s sheer genius as the hopeful mind battles wisdom in matters of […]

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king georgie porgie

Here’s One Grandpa Took! First Official Royal Baby Portrait Taken By Kate’s Dad (But Sorry Mr. Middleton, Snowdon, You Ain’t)

The world is wide eyed and oohing and ahhhing over the earth’s most famous newborn: Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. The Duke, Duchess, darling Prince George, and even their dogs posed for a garden […]

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Doctors Discover ‘Super Honey’ With Amazing Power To Treat Soldiers’ Wounds And Kill Superbug Infections

Wise moms know that when your little one awakens in the middle of a night with a nasty cold and cough a spoonful of honey subdues the symptoms. Now doctors have picked up on that […]

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sushi mmm

Everything You Need To Know About Eating Sushi

If sushi etiquette and consumption is something you haven’t thought much about, here’s your chance to learn! Feast your eyes upon This Graphic Explains Everything You Need To Know About Sushi.

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