Top 10 Repair Projects You Should Never Pay For

Knowing how to fix all sorts of common things is a great skill to have. Especially during tough economic times. Save your money and expand your know how with the following Top 10 Repair Projects […]

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20 Must-Read Children’s Books

The best thing a parent, grandparent, or caretaker can do for a child once he or she is fed, clothed, and properly sheltered is to read to him or her. To spark the wheels of […]

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A Brief History of 7 Baby Basics

The evolution of infant products, gadgets, and gear is quite interesting. To celebrate all of the great inventions devoted to helping to keep the earth’s best safe, here is A Brief History of 7 Baby […]

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11 Unusual Caves Around The World

The darkest underground corners of the earth harbor all kinds of creepy crawlies and creatures plus totally beautiful sights. Here’s a peek into them with 11 Usual Caves Around The World.

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Amazing Aerial Rescue Saves Deer From Certain Death

When retired biologist Ian Waugh witnessed a mother deer and her fawn stranded on the thinning ice of the Antigonish Harbour in Nova Scotia, he could not resist the urge to help. So he flagged […]

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Optimizing the Home Healthcare System

Home Health Care organizations provide a wide range of home-based services to those unable to care for themselves without assistance. Check out this infographic to learn more about home health care and how it can […]

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One Nation Under Gov

Is the government failing our schools? Check out this infographic to learn more about the government’s involvement in America’s school system.

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The Most Powerful Weapon For Change

Politicians within the U.S. have been wrangling over the federal budget in attempt to balance deficits and create new spending plans for what seems like forever. Unfortunately, due to sequestering, members of the U.S. military […]

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How To Survive (Almost) Anything

When faced with a crisis, it’s best not to lose your head, stay calm, and carefully think then re-think your way out of it. At least that’s what National Geographic says. Here’s their take on […]

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The Good-O-Meter And God’s Grace

Ever wonder how well you’ve been living your life in the eyes of the Big Guy Upstairs? Some inventive folks have made a funny video depicting where most people rate with The Good-O-Meter And God’s […]

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