How To Overcome Sadness

We all get sad from time to time. And though it feels like that feeling is as limitless as the sky, even the worst sorrows eventually go. To help that process, here is How To […]

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Dog Sympathy Cards

If you’ve ever lost a pet, particularly a dog, you know the terribleness of the experience. Though there’s little comfort, sometimes the right words mean a lot. See them here with Dog Sympathy Cards.

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Global Warming Dials Up Our Risks, UN Report Says

Call it global warming, climate change, or the devastating effects of the abhorrent pollution humanity has subjected the earth to. Whatever you call it, the fact of the matter is we’re all pretty freaking doomed […]

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Fixing End-Of-Life Care

Everything which lives, dies. It’s just a fact of life. Though uncomfortable to accept, the quality of life supersedes the quanity of it. So perhaps individuals and health care professionals need to consider this when […]

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Turning Crowds Into Light Canvases With PixMob

If you’ve ever attended an event with a massive turnout, you know just how freaking cool a ton of people in one space is. Check out Turning Crowds Into Light Canvases With PixMob.

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11 Desserts That Changed The World

The young and old agree: sometimes dessert is the best thing about a meal. And sometimes dessert makes history. Check out the following 11 Desserts That Changed The World.

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What Medieval Europe Did With Its Teenagers

Be thankful you’re growing up now if you’re a kid. And if you’re an adult be really thankful you were not an adolescent in the 1500s. Read why here with What Medieval Europe Did With […]

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Pilgrims Pride Pittsburg

Cooped: How Contracted Chicken Markets Affect Farmers and Consumers

Anyone paying attention to the food racket all of our lives depend upon knows how terrible the food industry has become. Read more (bad) news here with Contracted Chicken Markets Affect Farmers And Consumers.

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30 Big Cats Caught Being Adorable

Lions, tigers, and…no nears this time. See the best of the world’s most fabulous felines do sweet stuff with 30 Big Cats Caught Being Adorable.

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The Dangers of Narcissistic Parents

When it comes to parenting, it seems the well-being of both parent and child hang in a tight balance. And when that balance is upset by a deeply rooted personality disorder, the effects are far […]

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