38 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius At The Same Time

Kids are the greatest stuff on earth. And they’re also the most hilarious, honest, and quick witted at times. See what teachers today are up against with 38 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But […]

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13 Of The Weirdest Holiday Movies

Bizarre and holidays don’t usually go together in a sentence unless describing one’s crazy family member, some mishap, or another unusual occurrence. Or if filmmakers let loose their wild side in a sadistic, wacky, or […]

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What Happened On Easter Island – A New (Even Scarier) Scenario

Ever hear of the phrase “ecocide?” It’s meaning is literally to destroy the very ground which sustains life. And author Jared Diamond has a new best seller depicting just that in Collapse. Read more here […]

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2013: A Year In Memes

Memememememeeeeees! This year seems to be the best ever in terms of the funny pics and quotes found in the internet ideas otherwise known as Memes. See them here with 2013: A Year In Memes.

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Why The Wrong Men Feel So Right? Ovulation Can Lead To Distorted Thinking

Ovulation, hormones, and all kinds of wild biological sh*t distorts a chick’s “rational” (are they even capable of this?) thinking! Now that’s a scientific headline you won’t see every day. Find out how here with […]

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Playroom Design: DIY Playroom With Rock Wall

If you could transform your toy strewn home into a palace fit for little princes and princesses, how would you do it? Here’s a great way to let your kids get the most from their […]

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Tech Gifts For The Guy Who Can’t Wait For The Latest Gadget

As the mother of boys, I’ve found that no matter what age, men are notoriously handy when it comes to knowing how to move, build, repair, and perhaps even destroy things. All they need is […]

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24 Images Guaranteed to Make The Grinch’s Heart Grow Three Sizes

There’s just twelve days until Christmas, folks! To celebrate, we’re giving away a pair of pics for each day from now until then but you should just look at them all now. See 24 Images […]

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Over The Top: Tax Cheats, Fraud, and Avoidance in America

The two things you can’t escape are death and taxes UNLESS you’re one of those people. Check out how far the US government and its citizens go in terms of taxes as well as how […]

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U.S. Wildlife Managers Urge Lifting Yellowstone Grizzly Protections

Guess who’s back from near extinction: grizzlies. And apparently they (and their wolf “friends”) are supposedly wreaking havoc on the ecosystems of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming within the Yellowstone National Park. Which makes people, like […]

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