The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs And Websites of 2013

Now that we’re nearly halfway (already!) through the year, it’s best we focus on the greatest portions of the internet to fill our heads and fuel our minds. Check out Daily Tekk’s just released list […]

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You Won’t Believe What All Of The World’s Lego Bricks Could Build

If you collected every Lego in the world (and broke every kid’s heart for taking away their favorite toy in the process), the things you could create would astound everyone in the universe. Check out […]

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10 Clever Commercials With Canine Stars

Advertising and public relations reps know on thing: man’s best friend moves product. And, since nearly every person on earth finds dogs totally cool, mutts help make the world go ’round especially when it comes […]

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Jennifer Nettles Introduces Son Magnus Hamilton

The first pictures of Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles’ beautiful baby boy have made their debut! The new mom of five month old Magnus has FINALLY shared her child with the world in this month’s copy of […]

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21 Puns That Are So Bad, They’re Good

Ever hear one of those sic or sick jokes that made you roll on the floor in laughter despite knowing how wrong the joke was? Pleated Jeans has an arsenal of them. Check them out […]

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there goes my hero

The Hero and the Antihero: The Clash Between Decorum and Barbarism

If you have difficulty distinguishing between the heroic efforts of some (in literature or beyond) and their opposite, you aren’t alone. Take a peek at this great description of both with The Hero And The […]

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Make Your Own Homemade Face Masks & Scrubs

With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, sometimes it’s nice to bring the spa home rather than go to the spa. Check out the following recipes for “shoestring” luxury with Make Your Own Homemade Face Masks […]

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5 Social Rules Parenthood Forces You To Break

If observations like “Mommy, she’s old!,” “Daddy, Nana smells!,” and “Grandma, why are you so fat?” have caused you to blush fifty shades of red before you smothered the statements with “Shh… we’ll talk about […]

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POS Vulnerabilities You Didn’t Know Were There

Is you small business safe from data breaches? Check out this infographic that looks at POS vulnerabilities you might not be aware of and how to keep your data safe.  

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working poor

Health Insurance and the Working Poor

Who are the “working poor” of America? Check out this infographic to learn about who they are and how they ended up in the situation they are in.

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