He Has Come

Time for a fun break to celebrate Happy Friday! Here’s He Has Come.

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10 Things School Didn’t Tell You About Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance

The fascinating career and disappearance of Amerlia Earhart has intrigued me since my much earlier years as a young girl. Here’s some new light on the case with the following 10 Things School Didn’t Tell […]

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A7GE8Y  Three Pregnant Women

Sperm Discovery Could Mean New Fertility Treatments

You heard it here; “Fertilization is a team sport.” Now get out there. Go get some. And make lots of babies since scientists have new insight into the reproductive process. Here’s Sperm Discovery Could Mean […]

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13 Bar Jokes And Stories For St. Patrick’s Day

If you’ve never gotten so drunk on Saint Patrick’s Day that you’ve wiped out and broken a bone, you won’t relate to this link. But you may just laugh. Take a peek at these great […]

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Rediscovered Manuscript Shows How Isaac Newton Dabbled In Alchemy

The U.S’ Chemical Heritage Foundation is in possession of never before public paper work documenting how Sir Isaac Newton transformed chemicals into mercury have surfaced. See it here with Redicsovered Manuscript Shows How ISaac Newton […]

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Future Brain Therapies For Parkinson’s Possible With Stem Cell Bioengineering Innovation

Finally some good news to share! Research is well underway into how best to treat the degenerative conditions associated with Parkinson’s disease. Read more with Future Brain Therapies For Parkingson’s Possible With Stem Cell Bioengineering […]

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10 Great St. Patrick’s Day Quotes

Good morning lads and lassies! Today is the day to sport your green and drink beer like an Irishman. While you’re swigging your mead, vodka or whatever your pleasure, peruse these 10 Great St. Patrick’s […]

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Understanding Grief When Your Child Dies

The unfathomable loss of a child is something one just never can fully get over. But one can try to understand it. See more here with Understanding Grief When Your Child Dies.

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Internet Service Providers Forum

There’s no better place to go to on the internet to complain about how sh*tty your internet service is than the…you guessed it! INTERNET! Provided you can get on… Read this for consolation for all […]

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The End of the Chinese Miracle

The big big economic boom in China seems to be on the down swing. But this, like everything, might come back around if given enough time. Read about it here with The End of the […]

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