Nasa’s Advice On Asteroid Hitting Earth: Pray

In the wake of the February 15, 2013 asteroid which fell over Chelyabinsk, Russia, Nasa Chief Chris Holden stepped forward with some great advice about the potential space threats. In fact, he informed US lawmakers […]

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Lessons On Teaching Children Gratitude

Instilling the concepts of appreciation and gratitude in your children is one of the hardest lessons for both parent and child. In helping your kids (and yourself) learn the fine art of being thankful is […]

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The Best Facebook Games

If you’ve got Facebook, chances are high you’ve participated in Candy Crush, Farmville 2, Bejeweled Blitz, or others. It seems the world’s biggest social network has some really cool games to play. Check out The […]

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9 Best Cheap Spring Break Vacations

If you’re living above the Mason Dixie Line, chances are great you’re longing for some warmth and sunshine. Especially if you’re a college student suffering from study burnout. Book your flight and embark on any […]

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Nigerian Author Chinua Achebe ‘Has Died’

Chinua Achebe, the eighty two year old Nigerian author of the highly acclaimed 1958 novel Things Fall Apart, passed away. His death has been confirmed by Nigerian officials as his country (and the rest of […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong

When people do ordinary or every day things incorrectly, it’s best to be armed with a camera so the rest of the world can laugh. As long as Pleated Jeans collects the images. Here’s their […]

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The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses

Small businesses may have great ideas and products, but often lack the skills or means to keep their doors open. This infographic is about the top three small businesses that struggle and also some helpful […]

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In an attempt to be healthy, many people may be opening themselves up for greater sickness. The use and overuse of antibiotics can actually make way for superbugs to infiltrate your system with little resistance. […]

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Spring Break Shark Swarm: Thousands Of Sharks Shut Down Florida Beaches

An estimated 15,000 sharks are lurking just 200 years from the coast in the waters off of South Florida. Their lingering presence as they make their annual migration north has put a damper on Spring […]

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What Foster Parents Wish Other People Knew

The bittersweet joy and heartbreak of parenting is only amplified when a dedicated group of individuals step in to help raise children in foster care. The good news is lessons and experiences of the people […]

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