A Destination Divorce? Get Outta Town! No, Really

There’s a line from Tom Waits that I have to borrow right now: there’s something to be said about “a tidy Mexican divorce.” Most people plan destination weddings. A few of us (when we reach […]

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15 Capsules For Off Grid Living

Good news for escapists who want to get away from it all! You CAN! (Kind of…) We’ve got a list of 15 Capsules For Off Grid Living that can help you get back to your […]

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I’m A Liberal Professor, And My Liberal Students Terrify Me

Society is shifting and culture is changing at paces so rapid that it could be likened to a tidal wave of epic proportions. All of us have a difficult time keeping up. Educators, it seems, […]

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End of the Car Age: How Cities Are Outgrowing The Automobile

If you have spent any time in a large city these days, one thing is apparent: the traffic is generally still horrible but more and more people are using alternate means of transport. It seems […]

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Day In The Life: India

Have you ever considered the typical day of a kid? We adults get so tangled up in our own stuff that it might be wise to consider the mundane details of our little ones’ days. […]

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Millions of US Government Workers Hit By Data Breach

Hackers from China did a marvelous job on attacking nearly every US federal agency and over 4 million US governmental employees. Read about it here with Millions Of US Government Workers Hit By Data Breach.

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The Benefits of Slow Parenting

Slow parenting is a quasi grassroots movement and underground parenting revolution that’s been gaining momentum for quite some time now. And did I mention it’s a fantastic way to raise kids? Read The Benefits of […]

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Watch Jason Sudeikis Interview Mumford & Sons

If you haven’t heard British rockers Mumford & Sons latest album, you must. Like. Right. Now. The boys are back and not only have they chopped out the banjos and plugged in their guitars, but […]

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The Art of Fiction No. 21

It’s doubtful that when acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway sat down for a revealing and enlightening interview many, many years ago people today would be inspired. But they are. Read The Art of Fiction No. 21 […]

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Reading LinkedIn Profiles Out Loud

LinkedIn is a great place to find employment opportunity. It’s also a great place to find unintentionally seriously funny stuff. Check out this clip of Reading LinkedIn Profiles Out Loud.

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