Manly Ways To Prepare A Turkey

Thanksgiving is a little over one week away. And if you’re a gent, you’re likely looking for a way to unleash your culinary caveman. Check out the following Manly Ways To Prepare A Turkey.

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School 4 Spies

So you want to engage in behind the scenes activities responsible for collecting information and evidence to be used to serve, protect, and perhaps even prosecute? Here’s your chance: learn how here at School 4 […]

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25 Hottest Urban Legends

Snopes is great at sifting the factual from the not so factual. And they have a frequently updated list of the 25 Hottest Urban Legends to keep us all in the know. Check it out!

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24 Dogs That Forgot How To Dog

Man’s best friend sometimes forgets where he stops and his master (or mistress) begins. See for yourself here with 24 Dogs that Forgot How To Dog.

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20 Weird Photos Of Couples In Love That Defy All Logic

Love is patient, kind, splendid, and apparently when you meet someone whose weird is completely, magically in tune with your weird. See the best of couples’ strange likenesses and crazy crazies here with 20 Weird […]

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So Bad So Good

We found a new (to us) website based solely on all the stuff we are so easily addicted: humor, sarcasm, wit, and pop culture. Check it out here with So Bad So Good.

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15 Fun Facts About the Lego Mini-Figure

To be Lego Man would be awesome, but just playing with him and his well loved Lego bricks is pretty freaking great. Grab the kids and learn the following 15 Fun Facts About the Lego […]

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The Bloody Benders, America’s First Serial Killers

Pick up a wise lesson from the pages of late 1800s history: Be wary of freshly plowed gardens. Especially if they fall during any point throughout the year that isn’t early spring. Read why here […]

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Mean Girls: Women Evolved To Be Catty

Great news for passive aggressive females: a study published Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B found that women who cut other women down behind their backs have a competitive agenda. All of the indirect […]

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The 50 Pictures in Perfect Timing

Snapping a great shot take precision, patience and as the following reveal, “perfect timing.” Check out these amazing shots with The 50 Pictures In Perfect Timing.

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