5 Eerie Conspiracies Theorists Were Right About All Along

Did you know the U.S> Government literally stole and then tested still born babies? Or that BigPharma’s Bayer company knowingly gave people AIDS? Or how the CIA paid off the Dalai Lama to wreak havoc […]

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10 Secrets of An Unflappable Working Mother

The work – life balance is one that’s easily teetered or tottered or the combination of both in my world. Trying to do it all with very little help is at times more than overwhelming. […]

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34 Things To Make & Do With Play Dough

Desperate for a sit down activity with your toddler or young child just so you can take a short break? Try any of these 34 Things To Make & Do With Play Dough. It should […]

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doesn't love

8 Signs He Doesn’t Love You The Way You Need To Be Loved

If you’re in a relationship and things are just NOT connecting despite your best attempts, it might be time to re-evaluate. Take a look at these 8 Signs He Doesn’t Love You The Way You […]

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The Solar System’s Five Most Livable Places

It seems life on earth is on such a decline even the government is looking for a way out…eh um, Mars “research” sound familiar? If you’re on a quest for a new planet, check out […]

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Hidden Message

Secret codes are all over the place so why not find a Hidden Message in a student’s blurb about Niels Bohr? Now I’m chair dancing and humming Rick Astley…

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5,300 U.S. Water Systems Are In Violation of Lead Rules

Fresh off the Flint Water Crisis comes more bad news for those of us in the U.S. It seems the water infrastructure is causing a catastrophic health crisis for the young, old, and everyone in […]

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The Best Advice You Can Give To Your Kids

If you think parenting is hard, perhaps you should try to remember how difficult it is growing up. If you want to raise resilient, disciplined, confident children, think back to your own childhood and look […]

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People Reveal How They Found Out Their Partners Are Cheating

People step outside their relationships and marriages often enough we might more resemble our ape cousins than primarily hairless human counterparts. SO even if the husband (or sometimes even the wife) never confess, the truth […]

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The Addiction of Karmic Relationships

I don’t know much about romantic relationships. In fact, I’ve failed quite miserably in them. Perhaps this is why…check out The Addiction of Karmic Relationships.

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