If You Want To Save Your Marriage, Don’t Be These People

As a twice married and not so sure if either marriage was merely an exercise in futility, I am one largely uncertain of what it means to be a marital success. So turning the uncertainty […]

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Wife And I Went To Get A “4D” Ultrasound Of Our Unborn Child. Saw This Picture. Changed Our Minds.

Ah the wonders and magic of pregnancy! Whether you’re the mom or dad, growing a child is a fascinating feat. Except sometimes it’s quite terrifying as you can see here. Check out Wife And I […]

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Secret Origins Of The Japanese Superhero Show That Became Power Rangers

Did you know that the “go go Power Rangers” we know and love were based on a Japanese television program named Zyurangers? Read the colorful Secret Origins Of The Japanese Superhero Show That Became Power […]

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The 10 Times Jon Stewart Outdid Journalism

Acclaimed comedian, satirist, producer, and television host Jon Stewart may have left his gig at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show but he hasn’t left our hearts. See why here with the 10 Times Jon Stewart […]

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Soul Ties

The hardest thing we ever have to do is say goodbye to a loved one. The loss of a child is something more than a loss. See how one mother copes with Soul Ties.

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The Experience Project

There’s no better example than that experience provides. And for those of us living in the digital age, it seems the world’s best advice could be based in the sharing of experience. Go here to […]

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Kids And Caffeine

Adults are used to at a bare minimum thinking of reducing their caffeine intake but have you ever thought about how much caffeine our kids take in? Here’s an in-depth look at Kids And Caffeine.

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hampton creek

Eggless Eggs Exist And This Is What They Taste Like

Good news for people who have egg allergies! Hampton Creek Foods has an egg alternative which is taking the world by storm. Check out this great link about how Eggless Eggs Exist And This Is […]

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5 Guy Behaviors That Women Find Annoying, As Re-Enacted By A Super Hot Comedian

Ever try to talk to your man while he’s noshing on snacks and watching his favorite shows? How about what he does when he’s enthralled in Call of Duty? And what about that look on […]

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Lenny Kravitz Responds To #Penisgate

Lenny Kravitz took the phrase “rock out with your [insert another name for rooster] out” to a new level during an August 4, 2015 show in Germany. Here’s the down low on Lenny’s commando and […]

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