New Horizons’ Extreme Close-Up of Pluto’s Surface

For the first time in a long time and perhaps never again will we be able to view the tiny former planet Pluto as we recently have. Sit back and enjoy the New Horizons’ Extreme […]

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The 28 Absolute Best Yearbook Quotes From The Class of 2016

It’s Graduation season! This rite of passage is best celebrated with parties and ceremonies as well as witty, hilarious, or even naughty yearbook quotes. Here are the 28 Absolute Best Yearbook Quotes From The Class […]

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Animal Rights Protesters Rush Stage At Bernie Sanders Rally In California

The war…I mean..race over the Presidential nominee bid in California is getting d-i-r-t-y. Sanders is clinging to his combat plan and taking ground. And Hillary is artfully Hillary-ing. The sh*t’s going to hit the fan […]

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Time to give the girls some credit. They can make babies and men drool. They’re great, soft, wonderful bits of femininity. What is it? They’re Boobs. Enjoy! We

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52 Tricks To Teach Your Dog

The recent addition of an adorable little pup to our family has been a joy. And since she’s smart as a whip, I think I might have to try out most of these. If you […]

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When Your Ex Has A New Significant Other

My first husband has finally after SIX years moved on. Thank YOUUUU, UNIVERSE! Except now I have new worries that I don’t know how to address since I’ve fortunately never had to navigate a divorce […]

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Why Fans Don’t Always Make Things Cooler

As a not fan of air conditioning, I have to say that the scorching weather in the North was fabulous. Except for the war with the husband over how to cool the house down. Here’s […]

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Brad Pitt Saves Child From being Crushed As Excited Crowd Surge Forward To Catch A Glimpse of the Hollywood Star

Hollywood hottie Brad Pitt is more than an actor, humanitarian, husband, and beautiful face. Now he can add “Hero” to his list of accomplishments- sort of. Here’s a yarn: Brad Pitt Saves Child From Being […]

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Does The Yeti Exist?

The ever present mysterious and legendary Yeti is a story passed on for generations but no one truly knows if it’s real. So scientists (and the rest of us) keep looking to find out Does […]

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Making A Child Resistant Cat Box

If your little one (or dog) is fascinated with the “sandbox the kitty goes potty in,” you’ll love this invention! Here’s a DIY that is awesome: Making A Child Resistant Cat Box.

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