The Dark Side of Peter Pan

Contrary to popular belief, the story (and backstory) of James Barrie’s Peter Pan is not only about faith, trust, and pixie dust. In fact, it’s pretty dark and gloomy when one considers not only the […]

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Amy Poehler’s Advice For Girls

SNL veteran and all around funnywoman Amy Phoehler is as wise as she is funny. And fortunately, her advice to females is not only free via Youtube but it’s pretty freaking smart. See for yourself […]

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End Water Poverty

Have you ever wondered just how safe the water you drink and wash with is? The sad truth is that a lot of people don’t have any access to safe water and millions die every […]

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Cable vs. DSL

Do you know everything there is to know about internet service providers? Or the difference between cable and dsl? Find out a lot here with Cable vs. DSL.

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Online Security Pioneer Predicts Grim Future

It seems NSA has opened the gateway to completely eliminating the safety SSL encryption provides by compromising the most important element for internet users. And the ramifications are monstrous. Read about it here with Online […]

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P!nk Named Woman of the Year

Longtime rocker Alecia Moore, aka P!nk, has earned Billboard’s 2013 Woman of the Year designation! Seems in addition to being a wife to Cary Hart and mama to Willow Sage, P!nk has also cranked out […]

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This Is What Pure Joy Looks Like

Capturing a few moments with that thing called joy is hard enough without a camera. And luckily for us, Pleated Jeans collected a few rare shots of the kids, animals, and adults who were blessed […]


A Most Interesting Bone

Hold tight and brace yourself for a below the belt bone that you likely didn’t know about until right now: the baculum. Imagine a penis bone capable of astounding even the most brilliant of minds. […]

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Drunk Wasps May Attack Us, Warns Red Cross

Watch out world, wasps are wasted on fermented pollen. And bored out of their minds now that their Queen is fed. That means you’re likely to sting the living hell out of us humans to […]

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Poll: 50 Is The “Perfect” Age

Here’s great news for those climbing toward the peak of middle age. According to a recent online survey, getting halfway to 100 is way more fantastic than any other age. Read more here with Poll: […]

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