Steamboat Mother Could Face Homicide Charge For 3-Year-Old’s Death

In “Dear GOD, what the hell was this woman thinking?!” news, Megan McKeon, a twenty four year old Colorado woman, apparently left her toddler home alone repeatedly while she went out. And then, not surprisingly, […]

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Will Chelsea Handler Be The Queen of Late Night? Brash Blonde And Stephen Colbert Are Frontrunners To Replace Letterman

Chelsea Lately fans lament and Chelsea Handler fans rejoice: much buzz abounds that the thirty nine year old blonde could be tapped as Letterman’s replacement! READ IT HERE: Will Chelsea Handler be the Queen of […]

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14 Hilarious Examples of Being Friend-Zoned on Facebook

Men and women are programmed differently. That’s easy for some to accept. And not so easy for the guys (and perhaps girls) stuck in the dreaded nether of friendship only when they want more, more, […]

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The Secret To High Productivity

Some run best on a good night’s sleep. Some run best on healthy food. Some run best on coffee. Some run best on sunshine. Whatever the case, your body’s a machine. And to maximize it’s […]

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Get Fit For Summer: The Bikini Body Boot Camp

Spring is springing everywhere and it is time to think about beach bodifying! Here is Fitness Magazine’s Get Fit For Summer: The Bikini Body Boot Camp.

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Watch Every Cyber Attack in The World In Real Time

Life in the digital age keeps everyone plugged in and most extremely vulnerable to online threats. See just how so with Watch Every Cyber Attack in the World In Real Time.

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Why Native Americans Didn’t Wipe Out Europeans With Diseases

When Europeans settled into the Americas, they and the illnesses their robust immune systems carried with them killed nearly 95% of the regions’ Native American populations. Here’s the reverse of that: Why Native Americans Didn’t […]

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13 Epic Animal Migrations That Prove Just How Cool Mother Nature Is (PHOTOS)

The wonders of Mother Nature never fail to amaze us. See how they travel with 13 Epic Animal Migrations That Prove Just How Cool Mother Nature Is (PHOTOS).

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Discovery Labs Announces New Appointments To Management Team

The manufacturers of Synagis have restructured their company as the go forward with expansion. Read about it here with Discovery Labs Announces New Appointments to Management Team.

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Bad Breeders

If you’re a mom or dad, you will never ever ever doubt your worth again if you compare yourself to the information found on Bad Breeders. Trust us.

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