Trolls on Fire: Online Gaslighting

Have you ever spent time with a sociopath-like someone who twists everything around so much you can’t get your bearings in their emotional muck? Seems it happens online too. Read Trolls On Fire: Online Gaslighting.

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Quotes & Sayings About Narcissists

If you’ve ever loved a narcissist, you know how difficult and painful that process is. Luckily, you aren’t alone. Read others’ experiences with these wise words of Quotes & Sayings About Narcissists.

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Groundbreaking PTSD Pot Study Moves Forward

If you suffer from PTSD, it may be time for you to roll it up and smoke some weed. There’s a new study that insists it’s good for you. Here’s Groundbreaking PTSD Pot Study Moves […]

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Want to learn something new every single minute you’re at your computer or on your phone?? Now you can. Check this out: Factoclock feeds you i

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Dave Grohl Breaks His Leg Mid-Performance, Returns To Finish The Show

Talk about a “Monkey Wrench” legendary musician/superhero Dave Grohl made painful history at his recent Gothenburg, Sweden show. Seems Grohl busted his leg but zoomed to the hospital to have it set and cast then […]

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Men Finding Out They Are Going To Be Fathers

With Father’s Day just up and around the bend, we thought we’d take a minute to ponder those precious moments of dads finding out about their unborn baby/babies. Celebrate and honor them with this one: […]

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DIY Dog Training: The Best YouTube Videos Around

If you decided to act on your family’s need for a canine companion, we offer our congratulations! Whether it’s a adorable little pup, older dog, or a rescue, your latest addition will need to be […]

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25 Totally Clever Summer Party Ideas

Summer is here! It’s time to celebrate. Call your friends and plan out a celebration using any of these 25 Totally Clever Summer Party Ideas. Trust us! They’re awesome and GREAT!

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Is Virtual Reality The Future of Fitness

Whether you run, walk, Parkour, hike, bike ride, or some version of outdoor exercise there’s something to be said about working out in fresh air. But this may be a dying trend according to some. […]

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Why You Should Not Go See “Mad Max: Feminist Road”

Ugh..I made the mistake of checking out the latest Mad Max redo. Let me just tell you I could have lived a better life if I had missed that sh*t. Trust me (and the men […]

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