15 Moms Who Earned That ‘Best Mom’ Mug The Hard Way

Motherhood is not easy at times. As any mom you know just how hard the more difficult aspects of parenting are. Or see the visual proof here with these 15 Moms Who Earned That ‘Best […]

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How To Create Good Feng Shui In Your Home

Some hundreds of years ago the Chinese applied art and science to decorating to harness positive energy. That practice is still used today. If you’re just a beginner, check out this great How To Create […]

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Here Are A Lot Of Photos Of Celebrities Wearing Bikinis

Even though the Spring Equinox hit, it seems Mother Nature and Father Time have yet to make Spring happen. So we’re making our own warmth with this link. Check out the heat with Here Are […]

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Easter Surprises Activities

Hop on down the bunny trail and prepare for the upcoming Easter holiday by checking out the following great Easter Surprises Activities. It’ll give the kids something to do to burn off the candy!

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5 Secrets of Long-Term Couples Who Still Have Hot Sex

If you’ve been in a relationship with the same person for a long, long time do you feel like you’ve lost that spark of attraction? Or does the fire still burn as bright and hot […]

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Tinder Profile Review Week of March 22, 2016

In “Oh MY GOD I THINK I MIGHT DIE OF LAUGHTER” news, the geniuses at Reddit have gathered some of the funniest and nuttiest Tinder profiles of the week for your comic relief. Read ‘em […]

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The Evolution of the Computer

Times they are changing. And the transformation of technology over the years is no exception. Check out The Evolution of the Computer to see just how different they have become since their early days in […]

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A Brief History of Rock Stars Destroying Guitars

We all know there’s nothing like a good concert. But sometimes performers, artists, and the like take their passion for their craft a bit too far into destruction. See them here with A Brief History […]

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New Mars Gravity Map

If you’re into “life” on Mars, you’ll love to know that the geniuses at NASA have just released a New Mars Gravity Map. How awesome is this to see?!?!?

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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Expecting Second Child

It may be old news but that doesn’t make it any less good news for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. They are adding a new addition to their family! Read about it here with John […]

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