The Forbidden Island

In August 1981, the crew of the Primrose, a Hong Kong freighter, happened to get tangled up in a submerged coral reef. Rather than fret, they stayed put for the night only to awaken and […]

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Dildo Canada

Where The Streets Have Sexual Names

Did you know there’s a Canadian town called Dildo? And a street in Pennsylvania called Virginville Road? Plus lets not forget the UK’s Sandy Balls resort! If you go there, go there with U2 to […]

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Liz Phair – Exile In Guyville

It’s been twenty years since American Rocker Liz Phair released her debut “Exile in Guyville” (which is coincidentally the #1 album fans would take with them if ever stranded on a desert island) and the […]

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The Plus Three, Minus Eight Rule Could Help You Survive A Plane Crash

Between the hyped up airport security, budget and staff cuts, and possibly just a fear of flying, some are hesitant to take to the friendly skies. The good news is you don’t have to be. […]

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Digital Afterlife

Everything you may not have ever wanted to know about data mining in the digital age is available thanks to Mastersinit.org. Check out more with Digital Afterlife.

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Men And Women Often Expect Different Things When They Move In Together

A new study of cohabiting couples completed by sociologists Michael Pollard and Kathleen Mullan Harris found a massive disparity between women and men’s expectations for the relationship. In terms of the future, relationship permanence, and […]

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8 Gmail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Email

Did you know you can unsend emails? Or that you could set up filters to avoid the emails you don’t want to read? Check out more things you may not know with 8 Gmail Hacks […]

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How Old Is The Average Country?

The United States is like the teenager of civilized sovereign countries as it is only 237 years young. Other countries, like South Sudan, are just “babies” while some, like Japan, are just plain ancient. Here’s […]

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Pearl Jam Will Tour This Fall

Fans of Pearl Jam have noticed a mysterious countdown on their website for a while and had little idea what its purpose was. Until now. Eddie Vedder and crew will kick off a 24 date […]

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5 Heartwarming Stories To Restore Your Faith In Celebrities

Celebrities are more than a name and a face…well at least some. Here’s the proof with 5 Heartwarming Stories To Restore Your Faith in Celebrities.