Celebrity Love Letters

There’s something to be said about the feeling a hand written, heart felt exchange can offer. And when the well loved and famed folks do it, the rest of us can not only read it […]

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The Disgusting Disease That’s On The Bottom Of Your Shoes

Your boots or sneakers or flip flops have been made for walking. And when we stop to think about what they’ve walked through with us, well, it’s disturbing. See The Disgusting Disease That’s On The […]

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Do You Have An Impossible Ex?

If you’re divorced, congratulations and I’m sorry. And if you’re divorced with kids, chances are you are that way for very, very good reasons including the fact there is no pleasing, no compromising, and certainly […]

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The Long History of Musicians Telling Republicans To Stop Playing Their Music

Hey Republicans (and perhaps even Democrats) this one might fester a while. Throughout the years, politicians have reached for one weapon known to strike the hearts of all men (and women): music. And some music-makers […]

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My Dad Taught Me How Not To Be A Dad

If you’re one who believes that there’s something good in every experience no matter how awful it is, you’ll need to take a peek at this next link. If you had a terrible dad, this […]

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10 Enormous Foods That Have Shattered World Records

Fe Fi Fo Fum! If have the appetite of a giant, the internet can feed it (well, kind of). Check out 10 Enormous Foods That Have Shattered World Records.

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Father’s Days

Father and cartoonist Bob Moran offered a personal glimpse into his venture as a dad with a tear jerking, nose wiping sob fest. See it and weep here with Father’s Days.

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18 Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy This Summer

Hey, Happy Solstice! Since it’s summer and the days seem longer (as well as busier) we thought we’d take a second to remind you to keep your favorite feline or canine companion well this season. […]

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17 Years Ago, This Fireman Saved Her Life, But She Didn’t Know Till He Found Her On Facebook

Have you ever stopped to think about who you life to? Is there anyone in your life who made a remarkable, memorable, lifesaving attempt on your behalf? You need to see the story of 17 […]

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Speed Cleaning Tips From Professional Cleaners

Do you want a clean house but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it? Have we got a solution for you! Check out the following Speed Cleaning Tips From Professional Cleaners! And […]

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