10 Lost Pets That Found Their Way Home

I love stories of cats and dogs being reunited with their owners. So love these tales with me! Here’s 10 Lost Pets That Found Their Way Home.

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Parents Confess: 26 Honest, Hilarious Parenting ‘Fails’

If you’re a parent, you’ve accepted that not only life is imperfect but you are too. Sometimes those imperfections make for tears. Others for laughter. So check out some here with Parents Confess: 26 Honest, […]

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Secret Celebrity Lovers And Flings You Didn’t Know About

Keeping an under the radar relationship is particularly hard when you’re famous. But surprisingly some of our shiniest stars pulled it off. Check out these Secret Celebrity Lovers And Flings You Didn’t Know About.

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20 Signs You’re In A Long Term Friendship

Friendship means different things to different people. But to some, it means everything. Especially if you’ve known each other since you could walk. Here’s 20 Signs You’re In A Long Term Friendship.

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My Friend Brought My Wife Back A Magnet From Washington D.C.

One risk taking Redditor submitted an upload of his friend’s (suspicious) gift for his wife. But it’s still ridiculously funny as hell. Have a laugh with My Friend Brought My Wife Back A Magnet From […]

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The Incredible Ruins of 12 Abandoned Islands

There’s something about abandoned places that draws my inner fascination. In fact, it’s especially interesting when places are considered “off limits” but left to ruin for a variety of reasons. So, of course, tTe Incredible […]

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Why Ramen Is More Popular Than Cigarettes In U.S. Prisons

I never thought I’d see the day when someone like Donald Trump would run for and most likely win the Presidency of the U.S. And I also never thought I’d read about Why Ramen Is […]

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Narcissism: The Personality Disorder You Do NOT Want To Marry

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if you encounter a narcissist, peel back their charm, see the hell within them, and run the f**k away as fast as you can. And if […]

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7 Lessons That Turn A Boy Into A Man

As the mother of only sons, it’s enlightening to learn everything I can about parenting them. Sometimes it’s difficult as I know grown men who act less mature than my children. To prevent that kind […]

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Gambling Addictions, Purple Sweat, Driving While Asleep – The Scary Side Effects Of Popular Meds

How do you feel about Big Pharma and the billions of dollars spent creating pills to treat symptoms but not curing disease? I absolutely abhor it. The side effects of these drugs are insane. Read […]

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