Facebook Hasn’t Even Begun To Exploit Everything It Knows About You

Facebook’s powers of good keep people connected and interacting in a digital format. Its powers of bad can now allow users to easily ask any question and have Facebook answer it. The ramifications of founder […]

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Should Shoes Be Worn In The House?

If you are the parent of small children, you know very well how important it is they leave their shoes by the door instead of tracking the residuals from their treks all over inside. But […]

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Designing Women

Women are among some of the world’s best gamers! The once male dominated technology industry is now full of dedicated women who have helped transform the many changes in the world of gaming. Check out […]

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Keeping Your Marriage Together While Your Child Fights For Life

If you’re living through every parents’ second worst nightmare in the form of a critically ill child, you know how much of a rollercoaster managing life in addition to your child’s failing health is. To […]

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21 Heartwarming Random Acts of Kindness

A bad day or experience can really take its toll. From trying to navigate torrential rains to leaving your headlights on, getting dumped to helping cancer patients and their families, check out the following 21 […]

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Report: Food Insecurity Rising As Crop Production Falls

The harvest season within the U.S. fell to drastic levels this year thanks to horrific flooding, drought, extreme temperatures, and unusual weather patterns which harbored plant growth. And this trend, happened throughout the world. What’s […]

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Falling Soon Through A Sky Near You

The European Space Agency’s 200 pound Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer satellite is crashing through the earth’s atmosphere and expected to make a fiery landing at some point, sometime soon. Read about it […]

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Hoaxes That Fooled The World

A hoax by any name is still a hoax but it doesn’t mean it didn’t dupe millions of folks. Check out some of the best of the worst with Hoaxes That Fooled The World.

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Star Wars Invades Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Imagine the space in the universe where George Lucas’ space characters storm the cutesie, soft landscapes of acclaimed painter Thomas Kinkade. Then feast your eyes on these pics with Star Wars Invades Thomas Kinkade Paintings.

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No One Is Having Sex On Their Wedding Night Anymore

Granted being a virgin on your wedding night is kind of a thing of the past so the hoopla regarding the tryst between a bride and groom after the reception ends is less than a […]

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