There Are Cities In Russia That No One Is Allowed To Go

It seems there are entire towns and cities scattered throughout the former Soviet Union that “don’t exist” except for the people who live there. How neat would it be to live in a place that […]

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Hear ye, hear ye let me declare a time for laughter. It’s Monday. Be glad you’re not this Busted guy.

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Chris Cornell Extends “Higher Truth” Tour

In Music Monday news, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has extended his latest tour to not only promote his music but for a philanthropic cause. See the dates and buy your tickets here with Chris Cornell […]

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What Is The Difference Between a Pond and A Lake?

Here’s a one question pop quiz: What Is The Difference Between A Pond and A Lake? The answer lies in water depth. Read it and learn!

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Famous People Named Seth

There’s something to be said about people named Seth. These guys are often funny, popular, and highly intelligent. If you don’t believe me, see the proof for yourself here with Famous People Named Seth.

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Google Chrome Disappearing Mouse Fix

In irritating “I just want to throw my f**king computer away” news, the case of the disappearing mouse cursor seems to be affecting more than us at Fun Links. See how to solve this dilemma […]

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How Can We Stay Sane When The World Feels Like It’s Going Crazy

The world, it seems, has gone mad. Completely, entirely, profoundly mad and not in the good way. Take a breather and read some reassurance here with How Can We Stay Sane When The World Feels […]

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Mutations, DNA Damage Seen In Fukushima Forests: Greenpeace

The five year impact of the 2011 Fukishima nuclear disaster is nothing but magnificently horrifying. Take a look at the damage here with Mutations, DNA Damage Seen In Fukushima Forests: Greenpeace.

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Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

Ah, time! It’s a wonderful thing that slips by too soon. Especially when actors like Leonardo DiCaprio are involved…wink wink! Here’s Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie in one clip to celebrate one of our favorite Oscar […]

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15 Of History’s Greatest Mad Scientists

It seems the best of the world’s creators, writers, geniuses, actors, inventors, and artists are absolutely out of their minds to the more “normal” types. Here’s my high five to the weirdest and craziest ones […]

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