Kinetic Sand

Kids love sand. In fact, if we could all just live on a beach, parenting would be much more simple. But since we can’t, we could possibly get the little loves of our lives Kinetic […]

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What A Chatty Monkey May Tell Us About Learning To Talk

Social order, communication, and shifting alliances are not just human happenings. It happens all of the time with our distant monkey cousins. Read about it here with What A Chatty Monkey May Tell Us About […]

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Colorado Flooding Before And After

The 1,000 year storm which not only disrupted, but significantly impacted, the lives of residents living within the 1,918 square miles of Colorado affected by the “catastrophic flooding” of 2013 was devastating to Boulder, Longmont, […]

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The Surprisingly Common World of Congenital Heart Defect

You may be shocked to learn that one out of every one hundred babies born in the U.S. have a significant or severe heart issue due to a developmental anomaly. Though critical and often life […]

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31 Horrendous Pinterest Fail Monstrosities

A Pinterest…the land where Martha Stewart-like gods and goddesses convene to display their superpowers. When us mere mortals attempt what they attempt, the results are pretty freaking scary. Have you ever had a pretzel vagina? […]

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Ancient Forest Thaws From Melting Glacial Tomb

Over 1,000 years ago an ancient forest was buried under layers of ice in Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier. And nature has slowly unearthed the forest from its tomb. Read about it here with Ancient Forest Thaws […]

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Arsenic Nation

Potentially toxic substances are lurking under our feet and leeching into water systems throughout the U.S. And many states don’t even test water and soil to inform the people who live there of the potential […]

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10 Commandments Monument Toppled In Washington

An 850 pound, 3 ft by 3 ft granite monument inscribed with the 10 Commandments near the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington at the Christian Outreach Ministry Group Faith and Action was vandalized. Read about […]

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Education in the 21st Century

What are the benefits of blended learning environments? How long have they been around? Learn about learning here with Education in the 21st Century.

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Are All Supermarket Coffees Rancid?

If you can’t remember the last time you savored a fresh cup of freshly roasted and ground coffee, you need to pack up and head out to a good coffee shop. The stuff you buy […]

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