Atlas-Based Ventricular Shape Analysis For Understanding Congenital Heart Disease

For thirty years, pediatric cardiologists have made tremendous advances in treating congenital heart defects. And a new study using MRI can perhaps predict the future for kids with heart issues. Read more here with Atlas-Based […]

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Why Do Riot Police Like To Get To Work Early?

It’s time for a laugh. Take a peek at this one: Why Do Riot Police Like To Get To Work Early?

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Are Aliens Talking To Us?

Russian radio telescopes have detected sounds from deep in outer space. Many ponder Are Aliens Talking To Us?

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13 Heartwarming Animal Rescues

Every once in a while people do good things for the animal kingdom. Especially when the critters are in precarious situations. See these 13 Heartwarming Animal Rescues.

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A Drone Hovers Over Your Property: What Would You Do? [We Ask You]

For many years now it seems there’s always a pilotless eye in the sky watching my family. A dear friend in the former military reassured “it’s all good.” And it hadn’t much bother me until […]

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We’re Closer Than Ever To Finding Effective Treatments For Alzheimer’s Disease

As the granddaughter of a recently diagnosed grandmother with Alzheimer’s, dealing with the grief and surprising joy of seeing the matriarch of the family rather lost from herself but more joyful is beyond bittersweet. But […]

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Bizarre Cluster Of Stars Helps Scientists Study The Ancient Galaxy

Learning about the Milky Way is as ever changing as everything in life. And now we have more information than before. Take a look at the sky and this Bizarre Cluster Of Stars Helps Scientists […]

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16 Ways To Prep For School Separation Anxiety

It’s cruel that summer has drawn to an end. And if you’re the parent of young children, you know that school drop offs won’t be easy. So here’s 16 Ways To Prep For School Separation […]

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Do Women Ever Go Their Own Way?

It seems life for humanity is as doomed as a second marriage (pun intended). So many men elect to check out of society as a whole and do their own thing in a MGTOW movement. […]

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Scientists Discover Sixth Taste

It seems people have a taste for the sweet, salty, sour, bitter and another sensory delight: Starchy. Here’s Scientists Discover Sixth Taste.

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