2016 Conversation Guide

Thirty years ago mankind had big hopes and huge technological promises of all kinds of fantastic stuff. As it turns out, we fell a little short of the mark. Here’s something to talk about with […]

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Happy New Year 2016 Wishes, Images, Greetings, Quotes, Pictures, Wallpapers and SMS

It’s a NEW YEAR! Whether you stayed up to welcome it or went to bed early to get a leg up on it, chances are you’re celebrating! To cheer on the party, check out these […]

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One Mom’s Battle

Divorce stories are plentiful but some are far, far worse than others. Especially when a narcissist is involved. Read One Mom’s Battle here.

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Dad Turns His Baby Son Into A Real-Life Elf On The Shelf

What happens when the sheer genius of one creative dad, one adorable baby, some tech savvy photoshopping, and one naughty elf combine forces? Laughter. See this adorable link of Dad Turns His Baby Son Into […]

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25 sugar

25 Sugar Cookies They Won’t Know Are Healthy

Are you living your life like a caveman in a world of over-processed, lab grown “foods”? Or are you a parent concerned about the amount of junk in some of your favorite holiday sweets? Guess […]

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30 Great Christmas Quotes

‘Tis the season to be busy and excited about Santa’s pending arrival! Celebrate with some sweet words and check out the following 30 Great Christmas Quotes.

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ru paul

The Top 21 Images And GIFS That Almost Broke The Internet. #14 Is My Favorite.

Laugh break time! In all the seriousness of every day life, this link is sure to help you giggle. Here are the Top 21 Images And GIFS That Almost Broke The Internet. #14 Is My […]

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Should You Hide Your Divorce From Social Media?

Are you the tell all type who trolls Twitter and Facebook to not only keep up with but also share with the Joneses? Or are you the more private kind who likes to keep mum […]

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Timeline: What Happened in Paris Attacks

Darkness has shrouded “The City of Light” as the entire world mourns lives lost due a series of attacks in Paris. See this link for the sad details and first hand accounts of the horrific […]

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Astronauts Needed: NASA Wants To Make Mars Your Corner Office

If you ever wanted to take a trip to outer space, here’s your chance. (We won’t mention the thought of volunteering people…wink wink.) Read Astronauts Needed: NASA Wants To Make Mars Your Corner Office.

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