Stranger Things 2 Is Coming To Netflix 2017

Those of us who enjoyed Netflix’s 1980s flashback blend of Goonies meets ET meets Poltergeist meets awesome will love this news: Stranger Things 2 Is Coming To Netflix 2017.

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10 Mind-Bending Facts About Crop Circles

Crop circles are a fascinating blend of mystery and supposed “prank-ery”. I think they’re pretty cool and definitely spark my curiosity. See these 10 Mind-Bending Facts About Crop Circles.

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Since we’re halfway through the work week and wrapping up the end of the month tasks, it’s time to lighten up. Sink your smile into these Nachos….

Ginger Memes

As the only woman in a house of four men with two being redheads, my life is chaos. An ordinary person probably couldn’t handle it. Thankfully I was a red head when I was born […]

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Pothead Rats Are Up To The Task But Don’t Feel Like It

Surprise, surprise! If you’re into the wacky tabacky, you’ll love this one. Scientists got a bunch of rodents high with non-surprising results. Here’s Pothead Rats Are Up To The Task But Don’t Feel Like It.

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Best Butt Exercises: Donkey Kick

If you’re in a ferocious fight against gravity, this one is for you. Solve your droopy old lady (or man) ass problems here with the Best Butt Exercises: Donkey Kick. Heeeee-haaaawwww!

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They Won’t Leave, Now What?

If you’re trapped in a going nowhere, trap of a sham marriage, chances are you’d rather kill it before it kills you. And chances are your spouse may not agree (as they disagree with everything […]

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Polica United Crushers

Happy New Music Monday! This one is long overdue but very necessary. So check out the most recent release of Polica United Crushers.

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What Quote Has Actually Changed Your Life?

If you think about the wisest words you’ve ever read or heard, what are they? “We accept the love we think we deserve” and “In that moment, I swear we were infinite” (both by Stephen […]

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We’ve all heard the “if you can read this, it’s too late” but you have NEVER seen something as hilarious as this tombstone. RIP Janet and many, many thanks for the laughs!

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