Pictures: The Top 10 Newly Discovered Species of 2012

Researchers all over the world disclosed really awesome findings of new animals, insects, plants and other organisms we share the earth with. Take a look back at all they found last year with Pictures: The […]

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10 Brilliantly Creative Condom Ads

The number one way to not procreate and not catch anything you can’t give back is to abstain from the carnal pleasures of the flesh. Since that would require superhuman strength, most people reach for […]

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How Ophira Eisenberg Slept Her Way To Monogamy

A recent conversation on the subject of monogamy made the wheels in my mind turn: is it as outdated as some think? Is it good for us? Is it bad for us? Since questions only […]

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angie bikini

Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, and Bar Rafaeli: 100 Best Bikini Bodies Of All Time (PHOTOS)

The arrival of Memorial Day means more than just honoring fallen soldiers: it means bikini season is back! To celebrate, here’s Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, and Bar Rafaeli: 100 Best Bikini Bodies Of All Time […]

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How To Avoid Throwing Up

Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors so they say but when you’re feeling seasick beyond words, there’s a few steps to take to make sure to don’t hurl. Usually preventative measures, like obsessively compulsively washing […]

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15 Great Quotes From Voltaire

Enlightenment philosopher, writer, satirist, and historian Francois Marie Arouet (best known by his pen name Voltaire) was sharp, witty, and influential. His work, Candide, is considered among the best books of all time. His direct […]

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Why We All Love Space Porn

Astrophysicists have opened up the far reaches of the universe and “brought” them to earth for the rest of us to view with space photography. Though the concept of astrophysics is hard for most to […]

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Embarrassing Moments In Engineering (And What They’ve Taught Us)

Engineers are the innovators of structures. When they come up with great designs, the whole world notices. When they goof, they try to make sure no one does. Check out some of the biggest goofs […]

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12 Highest Waterfalls In The World

People have climbed through jungles and forests to check them out or cool off in waterfalls for ages. Jimi Hendrix even wrote a song about them. Some are small, and some are very, very big. […]

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Real-Life Homes From Film And TV

There are a bunch of structures and properties scattered throughout the globe that were constructed because of the owners’ favorite film or flick. Check them out here with Real-Life Homes From Film and TV.

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