Kitchen Countertop Alternatives

We’ve all heard the phrase “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” but what if your kitchen countertop was made of glass? Would you still be able to cook, eat, and do other […]

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taxes us

No Confidence: America’s Declining Opinion of Tax Policy

Today’s economic times have hit Americans hard. Many question the very policies which govern our country. Check out No Confidence: America’s Declining Opinion of Tax Policy.

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Top 10: Ways To Tell You Have A Drinking Problem

Whether you’re Australian or from anywhere in the world, chances are you like to have a drink. Or several. It seems that that which is fine for some is not so fine for others. Find […]

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How Coffee Could Save Your Life

The Harvard School of Public Health has discovered yet another reason to celebrate coffee. A recent study published in The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry found that people who had two to four cups of […]

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What You Could Buy With 1 Million Dollars

Everybody knows a dollar doesn’t go for these days but what if you had one million of them? See for yourself just What You Could Buy With 1 Million Dollars here. The results are quite […]

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Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents

If you’ve never heard your youngster say “I watched you snore last night,” and not been a little disturbed by not only the confession but also the fact your child was lurking around in the […]

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Neuroscientists Plant False Memories In The Brain

Granted it’s only rats, but a team of geniuses from MIT have managed to implant the minds of rodents with false memories. Read more here with Neuroscientists Plant False Memories In The Brain.

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If The IRS Levies My Bank Account, Can I Stop It?

With a name like “IRS Hitman,” chances are great that there is more than a little authority behind the inside secrets of evading one of the scariest government organizations in the U.S. Here’s their answer […]

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10 Jokes For Friday Night

Liven up your cocktail hour or help pass the minutes ’til quitting time by sitting back, relaxing, and having a good laugh. Here’s a good place to start with 10 Jokes For Friday Night.

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5 Primal Superfoods For Fertility And Pregnancy

If you’ve decided to spread your DNA to your offspring, there many things you can to do ensure that they get the best chances they can before and after you conceive. Read about them here […]

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