This Day In History

The History Channel is a great resource for events, surprising facts, and other happenings. Look back through the years to see what happened today, September 5, and other days, too! You’ll be amazed with This […]

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The War On Death

Have emergency rooms, the rapidly advancing health care system, and other factors eliminated Darwin’s theory of evolution? Can we extend or even outlive the inevitable end of life? Read more here with The War On […]

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John Mayer Proposes, Katy Perry Roars “Sorry, Nooooo”

It’s no secret that smooth guitarist John Mayer is smitten with the buxomy pop princess Katy Perry. But you may not know that he asked her to marry him and her response was unlike what […]

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How To Snag A Job In International Social Work

Imagine traveling the world and doing good while getting paid! Explore an exciting career and perhaps even start one with How To Snag A Job In International Social Work.

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The Printable Excel Cheat Sheet

Find out everything you ever could want to know about Excel (and more!) with The Printable Excel Cheat Sheet.

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Winners: National Geographic Traveler 2013 Photo Contest

Hold your breath and open your eyes wide: here’s some of the most beautiful images you’ll ever see in pictures. Look at the Winners: National Geographic Traveler 2013 Photo Contest.

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school starts

Resistance Is Futile

Whether you love it or loathe it, nothing will change it: iiiitttttttttttt’ssssssss back to school time! Kick the new school year off with a laugh by checking out Resistance Is Futile. Coffee cheers!

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What Is Your Alarm Clock Personality Type?

When the alarm goes off, do you shoot out of bed like a bullet or do you laze and linger upon smacking the snooze button? Turns out there’s some psychology involved in your alarm clock […]

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idaho chobani

Chobani Pulls ‘Fizzy,’ ‘Swelling’ Yogurt Off Shelves

Greek yogurt giant Chobani has experienced a manufacturing or storage issue which may have inadvertently sickened consumers. Products manufactured from the Idaho plant seem to be contaminated with mold. Read about it here with Chobani […]

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Does This Make Me Look Fat? Obesity Is Everywhere.

Throughout history, the issue of not-so-healthy plumpness was once that even great philosophers like Hippocrates noted. See for yourself here how body shape has carried through the ages with Does This Make Me Look Fat? […]

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