Man Loses 300 Pounds Walking To Walmart For Meals

It might sound like a bad joke but a 605 lb male Walmart shopper managed to shed half his body weight by walking at total of 6 miles per day to the store. Read Man […]

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16 Bizarre Victorian Inventions

The Victorian era was quite interestingly full of all kinds of fascination. The rules were tight, the prosperity was massive, and minds were borderline psychotic. See the proof here with 16 Bizarre Victorian Inventions.

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The 31 Best Animal Photobombs Of All Time

Happy Friday! Lets lighten up and get ready for the weekend with a laugh. Check out The 31 Best Animal Photobombs of All Time. The 31 Best Animal Photobombs Of All Time

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What Leaders Say When They Don’t Know The Answer

If you aren’t certain of something but in a position of authority, it’s often best to NOT say “I don’t know.” The same rule applies for us common folks. Here’s What Leaders Say When They […]

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Care and Harvest of Strawberries

It’s almost time for gardeners to pot their mums and turn the plants back into the earth until the next growing season. So if you don’t know what to do with your strawberries, try these […]

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Funny Pic Dump

Time to laugh until we cry. Or cry until we laugh. Hold your sides and check out this Funny Pic Dump.

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When It’s Time To Leave A Relationship

Ever feel like you’ve found a conclusion to a question in a relationship that your heart never really asked but kind of always wanted to know? This one might help. Here’s When It’s Time To […]

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You Will Survive Being Left

As the reigning Queen of Lost Causes, it’s best to let you know one thing: when a person mistreats, misuses, and then leaves you: LET THEM GO because You Will Survive Being Left. And you’ll […]

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Johnny Depp “Relieved” Divorce is Settled, Gets to Keep Condo: “Amber Has To Move Her Things Out,” Says Source

Actor Johnny Depp and his…what is it third (?) wife have settled their legal and personal differences with a headline making divorce. Apparently things ended up ok after all. Read more with Johnny Depp “Relieved” […]

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Two Months Left Until Obama Gives Dictators Control of Internet

In absolutely astounding news there’s a big deal going on between some of the world’s most communist and democratic countries. And President Obama is at the top of it. Here’s Two Months Left Until Obama […]

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