Why Ford’s Latest Pickup Truck Could Squeeze Its 2016 Profits

Have you heard about more and more automobile manufacturers turning to aluminum instead of steel for their auto bodies? I hadn’t until today. Here’s Why Ford’s Latest Pickup Truck Could Squeeze Its 2016 Profits.

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Why The First Cremation in the US Was So Controversial

Ever think about how and where you want your final resting place to be once your soul leaves behind your flesh? Me neither…not too much any way. Some people really, really think about it. And […]

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13 Reasons Why 13 Is Considered The Unluckiest Number In The World

Among family traditions bestowed upon me by my great grandmother (other than her sugar cookie recipe) is the aversion to one particular number: 13. And it seems a lot of other people feel that way […]

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“Wait…When Did I Become An Adult?”

The kids have colds, the husband’s always working, the rent’s nearly due, the laundry’s piling up, the work never ends, the bills keep rollin’ in and I’m sitting here wondering “Wait…When Did I Become an […]


Brand New “I am A Nightmare”

It’s new music Monday so as we reach for our coffee, we reach for Pitchfork’s Best New Track. It’s Brand New “I am A Nightmare.” Coffee cheers!

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The Absolute Worst Stories of Horrible Bosses We Could Find

Chances are you’ve wanted to take your job and shove it for reasons related to management. We all have. But some of us have had it worse than others. Read The Absolute Worst Stories Of […]

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How To Get 7 More Hours In A Day

Life today is a minute gobbling monster. Everything takes SOOO LONG when you just DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME. Rather than stress or cut your much needed beauty rest, try these suggestions with How To Get […]

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Inspired And Enraptured With The Cosmos

Science geeks unite! Celebrate! Rejoice! We’re ONE!!! And this one is for you: Inspired and Enraptured With The Cosmos.

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My First Instinct When I See An Animal Is To Say “Hello,” My First Instinct When I See A Human Is To Avoid Eye Contact And Hope It Goes Away

It’s been a rough week around here. Murphy’s law rules, especially while chauffeuring little ones and the oldest pipes up “Oh, THAT’S RIGHT! You hate people, Mom!” Which, this week, is entirely true. At least […]

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Why Do We Put Candles On A Birthday Cake?

Ever ponder the big traditions as you were growing up? How about this one: Why Do We Put Candles On A Birthday Cake?

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