7 Things You Don’t Realize About Addiction (Until You Quit)

If your history includes regular blackouts, chain smoking cancer sticks, doing gravity bongs, snorting powder from strippers’ derriere’s, a steady diet of porn, and various other habitually destructive activities, chances are great you are fully […]

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America’s Health Disadvantage

It’s no secret that the healthcare system in the U.S. is in dire need of an overhaul – especially when compared to other countries. See how ineffective and inefficient things truly are with America’s Health […]

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This Is How You Prank Somebody

Prepare your plans for next year’s April Fools Day jokes or just get a good laugh out of simple little tricks to play on your unsuspecting victims by checking out This Is How You Prank […]

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How To Deal With Impossible People

The familiar drill of handling the more challenging people in your life can yield forging a relationship with them highly difficult. Feeding the fiction won’t let anyone win. Here’s some helpful steps you can take […]

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Are Women Bad Drivers?

Do you think women are bad drivers? The truth is, they aren’t as bad as you might think. Check out this infographic that takes a look at the numbers behind both men and women drivers. […]

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Terror At Boston Marathon: 3 Dead, 152 Wounded As Witnesses Describe Horror

The annual Patriots’ Day race in Greater Boston on April 15, 2013 turned tragic when explosives affected thousands as they watched or participated in the annual Boston Marathon. This incomprehensible attack is under investigation and […]

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Why Are We Afraid Of The Dark?

Achluophobia, the fear of darkness, and Nyctophobia, the fear of the night, strike many while they are young. Some never grow out of those fears – perhaps for genetic reasons. Here’s some answers to the […]

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The Hell Of American Day Care

If you’re a parent in the U.S., chances are great that finding someone you trust to care for your little one while you work is harder than ever. Take a deep look into how American […]

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The Most Laughably Terrible Car Name Revivals of All Time

In light of the fact that Chevy’s Chevelles are making a return, one ponders if the Pinto will too?!? It would be funny in a sick way if they did…who today would drive a car […]

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gluten free

What Every Restaurant Should Know About Going Gluten-Free

The gluten-free market is booming! However, are restaurants educated enough on celia disease and what counts as gluten-free and what doesn’t? Check out this infographic to learn more about celiac disease and the gluten-free market.

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