The Flying Monkeys Of Burlington

If you’ve ever walked Pearl Street, picnicked near the Waterfront, and attended some art exhibits, you’ve enjoyed the wonders of Burlington, Vermont. If you didn’t notice the winged primates throughout the city, you weren’t very […]

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7 Signs We Are Heading For A Mass Extinction

Scientists have predicted that humanity will be wiped from the planet several times. Though they haven’t determined exactly when, they’re pretty sure it’s going to happen. Here’s 7 Signs We Are Heading For A Mass […]

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The Economics Of Going Viral

If you thought going viral was for lucky amateurs, you were wrong. There’s an entire behind the scenes industry devoted to making little Youtuber-s BIG. Here’s more with The Economics Of Going Viral.

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Then Versus Now: How Technology In Schools Has Changed Over Time

If you remember what an AV department is, chances are you’re going to love this. Take a look at how education and technology have mingled and transformed with the following. Here’s Then Versus Now: How […]

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Save Your Life: Eat Tomatoes And Mozzarella

A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that a Mediterranean diet high in olive oil, nuts, fruits, veggies, beans, fish, and meat will help you live longer. And decrease your chances […]

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12 Graduation Stunts That Made Commencement Less Boring

We all agree that the tedious drone of graduate to graduate until you’re called up to receive your diploma is uninteresting. Unless you pull of any of the following 12 Graduation Stunts That Made Commencement […]

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How To Coparent Your Child With An Abusive Ex

Negotiating the gamut of visitation and divorce is a dangerous, delicate, and difficult task. Especially when your former partner has an abusive personality. If you find yourself in this situation, there’s help. Click here with […]

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Lana Del Rey’s ‘Queen Of Disaster’ Leaks As The Singer’s Latest

Lana Del Rey’s back and she’s got new music! The twenty six year old American songstress not only has a great tune for the soundtrack to the film The Great Gatsby but thanks to the […]

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Zach Sobiech, Terminally Ill Singer Who Channeled His Story Into ‘Clouds,’ Passes Away

Eighteen year old Zach Sobiech was an instant phenomenon when his song ‘Clouds’ went viral last year. The “legacy in a song” depicts his battle against a rare form of cancer and the feelings involved […]

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How Is Media Affecting Kids?

Technology and television are useful tools to offer instruction to the very young and very old but how much is too much? Here’s an inside look into just how much screen time young children spend […]

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