Commit To A Year Of Less

It’s a new year, why not toss out old ways and do everything you can to support health, happiness, and stability? See how here with Commit To A Year of Less.

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Make Homemade “Mozzarella Sticks” With A Waffle Iron

Crave mozzarella sticks but long to not have to buy or cook them? Now you can cheat time and whip up your own version in your own kitchen with Make Homemade “Mozzarella Sticks” With A […]

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The Link Between Clutter And Depression

If you’re the type who loves to decorate and keep a neat and tidy home, chances are you’re not alone. And that the happiness level in your life is quite nestled in contentment. See how […]

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Spoiled Children Of Divorce

Since half (or more) of all marriages end before the “Til Death Do Us Part” part, it’s best to consider all facets of post-marital life, particularly the issue of remarriage. See the (few) joys and […]

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A Flirter’s Dilemma: Subtlety Vs. Success

Hello. My name is Turtle. And I have a problem: I flirt. A lot. With anyone. Men, women, children, old people, any one really. Generally just to get a smile or brighten someone’s day. Sometimes […]

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The Daily Routines Of Famous Creative People

The writers, musicians, artists, sculptors, and creators of the world go their own way to do their art. But how do they do the day to day stuff? Check out The Daily Routines Of Famous […]

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Inside Putin’s Information War

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a force to be reckoned with. His power and capabilities are great. But there’s a few issues that need attending. See Inside Putin’s Information War.

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Which Of Taylor Swift’s Jilted Lovers Are You?

Nobody breaks hearts and gets musical revenge like Taylor Swift, right? Find out which of her former flames you’re most like with this silly little quiz and have a laugh. It’s Monday. When Buzzfeed asks […]

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Stop Making Excuses In 10 Steps

So there’s this guy I know that has an answer for everything. And when he commits to something and doesn’t follow through, he’s got a ready excuse too. It’s deplorable. And just weak. But he […]

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Contents Of Boston Time Capsule Buried By Samuel Adams And Paul Revere Unveiled

History was made early this year by workers at the Massachusetts State House in Boston worked furiously and carefully for over seven hours to unearth an over 220 year old time capsule from the famous […]

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