8 Birds Every New Yorker Should Know

Ah, New York. The concrete jungle, rolling foothills, and the wildlife – including the winged beauties of the sky. Learn about the 8 Birds Every New Yorker Should Know as they get ready to migrate […]

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Can Anything Move Faster Than Light?

The only thing that can travel faster than the speed of the light is the endless universe. And there’s no limit to how fast it can go. Read the answer to Can Anything Move Faster […]

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13 Reasons People Think The Number 13 Is Unlucky

Happy Friday the 13th! Turn on the scary movies, be on the lookout for black cats, and watch out for psychos! Then stop to consider the following 13 Reasons People Think The Number 13 is […]

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World Peace Is Almost Here

It seems slightly ironic as the world honors 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and looks to events in the Middle East but world conflicts have calmed down a lot over the years. See for […]

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Testicular Volume Is Inversely Correlated With Nurturing-Related Brain Activity In Human Fathers

If you don’t have the balls in your shorts, it may work to your advantage. At least in the domain of fatherhood. Researchers just reported the conclusion of a study which assessed the size of […]

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Does She Deserve a Spanking?

The (self proclaimed) Best Wingwoman in the North advises the answer to this question is always yes (be sure to pull her hair too!) That is, unless she’s been beaten up in the past. Then […]

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Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks

Nine Inch Nails is back. And it’s as good, if not better than, it always was. Read Rolling Stone’s Review of the latest Reznor album with Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks.

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19 Things That Actually Exist

Imagine a world where creative energies were unharnessed and imagination ran wild. Now check out the wayyyy cool things people actually thought to create with 19 Things That Actually Exist.

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The Timeline of Christianity

Many wars have been fought and many debates have risen in honor of religious practice – none of which were as great as those of Christianity. See The Timeline of Christianity here to learn more!

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What Is The Dirtiest/Funniest/Going To Hell For Joke You Know?

To kick off a totally inappropriate laugh fest, give Chris Rock’s “Marriage” a listen. Then click on the following link to go where one bold Reddit user posed a question and got give or take […]

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