If One Of The Blueberries In The Batch Has Grown Mold, Are They All Tainted?

Are you a scrape the mold off the bread, cheese, fruit, and other foods type? I’m not. But I wonder as I wander If One Of The Blueberries In The Batch Has Grown Mold, Are […]

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Why Do Toys That Are Low On Battery Slow Down And Change Pitch Instead Of Stopping Completely?

Battery operated toys kind of freak me out. They go off with no provocation. They do weird stuff as their batteries drain out. And sometimes I just wonder “Why?!” Well, I found an answer to […]

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The Incredibly Weird Story Behind Tetris

Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov was onto something clever when he created one of our all time favorite video games: Tetris. The backstory is odd though. See it here with The Incredibly Weird Story Behind […]

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How To Protect Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts From Hackers

The world’s largest social media networking sites are surprisingly insecure when it comes to keeping its users safe. So here’s a little proactive tidbit with How To Protect Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts From Hackers.

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too young

How Young Is Too Young To Be Sterilized?

Ever notice how some people don’t want to have kids no matter how old, or more importantly, young they are? I have. And it seems doctors are unwilling to perform permanent sterilization if a patient […]

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Blake Shelton Says Turning 40 Comes With Regrets

In just 10 days Blake Shelton will advance to the next stage of his life: his 40s. And with that honor comes great responsibility and perhaps some significant regret. Read about it here with Blake […]

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i smile

5 Ways To Find Your Center When Life Feels Overwhelming

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there are times in your life that are so unbearingly impossible that you get discouraged. Or entirely overwhelmed. Here’s help with 5 Ways To […]

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10 Ways For Preteens To Make Money This Summer

Kids have little buying power in the world without the help of their parents or hardwork and/or the combination of both. So if you’re a kid (or parent of one) too young to get a […]

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Why Would A Mother Do That?

During our school run today we witnessed a doe and a fawn crossing before us only to have the doe disappear into brush along the road and the fawn to motionlessly lay flat half in […]

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Exit Of The Final 9/11 Search And Rescue Dog (Cy Fair, TX Fire Department)

The heroes of 9/11 were remarkable and dedicated to helping others during one of the worst tragedies on American soil. And none were so great as the four legged canines who took part. Offer a […]

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