Ten Ways To Honor Mom On Mother’s Day

It’s (almost) Mother’s Day. Why not give that lady who gave you life a bit of your time, attention, and love with any of these great Ten Ways To Honor Mom On Mother’s Day. Have […]

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The Government Spends $5 Billion A Year On Cancer – So Why Hasn’t It Been Cured Yet?

There are few things more devastating to families than cancer. It mutates more than its host. And seems to have a grip on humanity like no other disease. And though gigantic amounts of money have […]

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What Are The Smartest Animals On The Planet?

It seems the biggest brains aren’t necessarily the smartest. And smarts all have to do with structure and neural concentrations. Find out the answer to this: What Are The Smartest Animals On The Planet?

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Modern Prom

Tis the season for fancy dresses, tuxes, and high schoolers all around dancing to the beat of prom. And this year, it’s hip to be super apparently. Check out Modern Prom.

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11 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We all know life can be tough at times. And it seems our ability to laugh off those tough times are what makes life worth living. See these 11 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your […]

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The Right Way To Adopt And Tips To Avoid A Scam

I never thought I’d look to television guru Dr Phil for advice and then turn it out to you. But I am. If you’re interested in becoming a parent and can/will not conceive, this one […]

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35 Brilliant Activities For A Rainy Day

If your spring has been as damp and cold and wet as ours, I feel for you. Tremendously. We’re climbing the walls here waitin’ on the sunshine. So rather than go bananas with boredom, we’re […]

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penny saved

Best Investing Ideas For 2016

Today’s financial times are tough at best for almost all of us. So if we have a little extra, a penny saved is far better than a penny spent. But if you’re like me, you […]

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What Our Gut Tells Us About “Hygiene Hypothesis”

Years ago when I was a first-time mom, our pediatrician recommended that one of the best things we can do as parents is nurse our baby, let him teeth on fallen sticks, and let our […]

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Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic

Take a hard look at the political circus that our country has become with this one: Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic. The wisdom of the ancients shines. Remember, we’re not promised tomorrow but […]

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