10 Lessons You Learn From The A**holes In Your Life

They say it’s best to choose your environment but sometimes we do just that and find ourselves trapped with absolute jerks. There’s a ray of light through the darkness though. We all can learn a […]

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Why Aren’t You Naked?

From my perch on laundry mountain, I oft wonder why I spend so much of my (so little) time folding, sorting, and shuffling clothing. Which makes me wonder more: Why Aren’t You Naked?

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Animal Scat

There’s nothing like searching for scat first thing in the morning after walking your dog and finding NOT HER droppings. Identifying it over coffee, however, is rather unsettling. Here’s a stomach churning look at Animal […]

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There Are Two Ways To Be Happy: Change The Situation, Or Change Your Mindset Towards It.

Are you feeling unhappy with some important aspect of your life or self? It’s time for introspection and some great life tips. Here’s There Are Two Ways To Be Happy: Change The Situation, Or Change […]

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12 Women You’ve Never Heard of Who Changed Science Forever

Women are often not esteemed as highly as men by certain types of people. In fact, they are often hated. But despite this, there are some women who make remarkable history and change without fame […]

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Funny Vanity Plates

People love their cars. Sometimes so much they pay the Department of Motor Vehicles a bit extra to prove it by using vanity plates. And sometimes they go hilariously against the entire definition of vanity. […]

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25 Best Campfire Recipes

Pitch your tent, lit up the campfire and fill your belly with deliciousness! Thankfully tere’s more to camping than hotdogs and burgers thanks to these great 25 Best Campfire Recipes.

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10 Heroic Kids Who Will Make You Feel Better About The World

From politics and angry ISIS members to terminal illnesses and loss, it’s been a rough few years. But all news isn’t bad. Especially when you read about these 10 Heroic Kids Who Will Make You […]

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Why Does Gravity Always Win?

Whether you’re walking and trip only to fall or your spirits are soaring and suddenly life makes them crash, it seems Thom York was right when he said “gravity always wins.” But Why Does Gravity […]

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Top 10 Monday Morning Songs To Boost Your Mood

It’s Music Monday again! Time to take the time to tune your ears and have a listen to the Top 10 Monday Morning Songs To Boost Your Mood. These songs weren’t quite what I had […]

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