What Happens To Coins Tossed In Fountains?

Kids and kids at heart take heed: the wishes you toss with a penny into fountains are collected by evil wish takers and scrubbers. Kidding…kind of. See for yourself where all of that loot goes […]

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10 Healthy Fish Recipes

Craving salmon but don’t have a secret recipe to follow? Here’s your chance to feed your belly good food with 10 Healthy Fish Recipes.

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8 Things You Can Do Now That The Shutdown Is Over

YEAH! So glad the boys in Washington pulled it together and made an agreement! Here’s 8 Things You Can Do Now That The Shutdown Is Over.

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31 Facts Of Life That Are All Too True

Life: it ain’t easy. It’s also not so pretty at times. But it does have it’s truly redeeming moments. Accepting that things aren’t always rainbows and unicorns is good. And accepting this will help you […]

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Teen Orphan Tugs At Churchgoers’ Heartstrings To Find A Family

It’s Friday! To celebrate, take 10 minutes, pour a cup of whatever your favorite drink is, and just read this story. If it doesn’t give you goosebumps or bring tears to your eyes, shame on […]

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Famous People Born on October 18

Ever wonder who was born when? Thanks to the hard work of the folks at you can now know! Check out Famous People Born on October 18 (and any other day too!)

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Sin Taxes The Price of Pleasure

Would it or would it not be great if we all could smoke, drink, swear, toke, and gamble our hearts out without the government’s interference? Haha…dream on, suckers! And read how you’re paying for it […]

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Birthday Messages And Birthday Wishes

Tired of the simply ordinary “Happy Birthday”? Check out this great collection of Birthday Messages And Birthday Wishes to liven up someone’s day!

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Realistic Facebook Security Simulator

Toy with the world’s largest digital social network in this fascinating game full of excitement. Try out the Realistic Facebook Security Simulator.

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Possible Huge Chunk of Russian Meteorite Found

The space junk which ripped through the sky, tore up people’s eardrums, caused property damage, and hurt hundreds before landing in a lake in Chelyabinsk, Russian last year has been retrieved. And it was so […]

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