Implanted cuff around the aorta could be breakthrough in heart failure therapy

Heart Failure Patients Benefit From Implanted ‘Aortic Sleeve’

If you or someoneyou know is living with dysfunctional heart, we found some good news. Read Heart Failure Ptients Benefit From Implanted ‘Aortic Sleeve.’

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In Conversation Jon Stewart

Veteran Daily Show host, comedian, writer, and political satirist has added movie producer to his credits. Check out his upcoming film and the direction of his show with In Conversation Jon Stewart.

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The Difficult Empathy Of Parenthood

Are you super stressed and overwhelmed in all aspects of your life? Do your kids suffer in some way because of it? Read how to deal with The Difficult Empathy Of Parenthood.

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5 Realities Of A Post-Antibiotic World

Superbugs are not something of outer space surreal fiction. They are real. And they are present. And they are causing serious health care crises. Read the 5 Realities Of A Post-Antibiotic World.

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10 Of The Most Amazing Treehouses You Surely Want To Climb

Ah to be a kid again! Wouldn’t it be great to capture all of that innocence and magic of being a child? You may do just that (however temporarily) by checking out any of the […]

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20 Best Drinking Songs

Pour yourself a glass of wine or crack open a beer and indulge for today is special. We have a collection of the 20 Best Drinking Songs as the perfect accompaniment to your cold one! […]

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Top 10 Things Voters Should Know For Election Day

What do you know about voting? It’s not every day you learn something about casting your ballot. Read about it here with the Top 10 Things Voters Should Know For Election Day.

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Milk Wars

Even veteran moms often hit bumps in the road where they just don’t know what to do when it comes to nursing strikes and supplemental feedings. Here’s some help with Milk Wars.

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20 Red Flags To Watch Out For In Relationships

A wise elder once told me when it comes to relationships, “It’s best to be all in or get the hell out!” But what if you’re just not sure? This will help you decide: read […]

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11 Sites To Order Business Cards

If you are beginning a new business venture, you’ll need to represent yourself on all domains. Including the real world. There’s not better way to do that than by networking and the tried and true, […]

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