Before You Buy A Fixer-Upper, Check The Biggest Money Pit Problems

You have your eye on a house and you’re thinking about buying one. If you want a new house, congrats. If you want to remodel an old house, think again. Here’s Before You Buy A […]

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How To Manage Finances When You’re Shacking Up

Thinking about sharing a life but not marriage certificate? That’s probably wise. And to help remind you that a penny saved is a penny earned, read How to Manage Finances When You’re Shacking Up.

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Abuse Alters Hormones In Kids, Hikes Risk Of Metabolic Disorders

The Endocrinology Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism just published an alarming study regarding how hormones change and the incidence of metabolic disorders rise in abused children. Read more here with Abuse Alters Hormones […]

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First Day of Spring Vernal Equinox

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying what may or may not feel like the first day of spring. But as they say until or unless you can squash a whole bunch of […]

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50 Upside Down Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

Gravity is everyone’s enemy – unless you’re a dog. Then gravity is pretty freaking fun. If you’re feeling low about gravity always winning (or just low in general) check out the following 50 Upside Down […]

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10 Interesting Facts About Roses To Blow Your Mind

Roses originated somewhere around 35 million years ago. The largest was as round as a toddler is tall (33 inches in diameter). And this flower’s fruits are higher in vitamin c than any other plant […]

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20 Mind-Bending Movies Guaranteed To Make You Feel Stupid

Every once in a while Hollywood’s finest offer a great film (or 20) which make us wonder “What the hell?!?” Here are 20 Mind-Bending Movies Guaranteed To Make You Feel Stupid.

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The Best Boobs From Around The World

Men (and many women) from everywhere agree: boobs are the best. Some are bigger or better or bigger and better than others though. Here is a list, including some pics, of The Best Boobs From […]

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Why Does the NSA Want To Keep Its Water Usage A Secret?

If I had to wager an “end of times” prediction, it wouldn’t be starvation which wipes out humanity. And apparently “covert” government agencies believe so too. Maybe. Find out Why Does the NSA Want To […]

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Americans’ Cheating Hearts: Results From Decades of Research

Psychology Today published an interesting little “pop quiz” designed to test your knowledge and beliefs in the infidelity arena. Give it a try with Americans’ Cheating Hearts: Results From Decades of Research.

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