What’s The Dumbest Thing An Ex Said To Try To Win You Back?

Anyone who knows me knows that my romantic life is rather tragic due to my own poor choosing. So when it comes to break ups and break up lines, I’ve collected a few. The “Let’s […]

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15 Curious Quack Remedies From The Age Of Patent Medicine

Bloodletting, purging, leeching, and all sorts of wacky medical interventions were popular in the 19th century along with these 15 Curious Quack Remedies From The Age Of Patent Medicine.

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Humans And Neanderthals Had Sex. But Was It For Love?

Evolution is messy and complicated without a straight line drawn from monkeys to humans. And, thanks to paleogenetics and genome sequencing, we can now trace back tens of thousands of years to the origins of […]

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A Few Ways To Say ‘I Hate You’

I hate to be the person who lets something like disdain, contention, and even hatred out into the universe. But sometimes certain types bring it out of me. Here’s a one finger salute and A […]

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FBI Director – You Should Cover Your Webcam With Tape

FBI Director James Comey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg a few things in common: they know what everyone is doing and how technology is deeply rooted in our lives. They also know all of the […]

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Ford To Move All Small Car Production To Mexico

Henry Ford must be rolling over in his grave over the present actions of his automobile manufacturing company. It just announced this news: Ford To Move All Small Car Production To Mexico.

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NASA Astronaut Says Aliens Exist: It’s ‘Arrogant’ To Think We’re Alone In The Universe

Space researchers recently detected sound waves from far space and it seems we humans may not be entirely alone. Read how this NASA Astronaut Says Aliens Exist: It’s ‘Arrogant’ To Think We’re Alone In the […]

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Adult Romantic Attachment Style Test

Wasn’t there a tv show in which someone said “[blah blah] thank you for your time but you have been dismissed?” That same line apparently applies to my romantic relationships. Take this Adult Romantic Attachment […]

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Dan Rather Gets The Big Interview

It’s been years since Dan Rather signed off the evening news with his famous “Courage” but it doesn’t mean some of us, like myself, don’t miss him. Read where he is and where he’s going […]

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Hard To Explain

Do you like Mexican food? If you’re not Donald Trump, chances are you’re pretty content to patronize your favorite Mexican Cantina. But making sense of the menu might be a bit tough. Chuckle with Hard […]

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