American Narcissism And Mass Shooters

Violence is not a way to solve anything but it seems certain personality types prefer it. Read about the worst of it here with American Narcissism And Mass Shooters here.

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What Is A Reserve Currency?

Here’s a crash course in global economics (kind of). In my wonderings and wanderings, I pondered how the U.S. Dollar is holding up in a global market and other things like China’s influence and What […]

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Tough To Handle Those Ears

I’m missing my long lost dog something terrible today and I found one who at least made me laugh. Check out Tough To Handle Those Ears for cuteness overload.

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Hugh Hefner Dead At 91

Playboy founder and chick magnet Hugh Hefner has died at his Playboy mansion surrounded by intimates! His death was due to natural causes and we all know he lived a good life. Read about it […]

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No Frills Birthday

Birthdays are great when you’re a child. But when you’re an adult, sometimes we don’t want too much attention drawn to being another year older. Check out the perfect cake for a No Frills Birthday.

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Fart Memes

The only thing more funny than a fart joke is a fart meme. And in this rowdy, testosterone filled house, Fart Memes make us laugh until we fart. Cheers to that!

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Here Are Virginity Horror Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Awkward First Time

How did the first time you had sex go? Was it great? Was it not great? Was it somewhere in between (pun intended)? Here Are Virginity Horror Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About […]

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10 Things Home Inspectors Won’t Tell You

I’m trying to plant some roots and attempting buy a house despite my giant fears of homeowning. And yesterday was the home inspection. It was interesting, particularly when the home inspector hit on me. Which […]

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Work Sick Day Stories

My youngest son and I are sick, sick, sick with some god awful flu and sinus health disaster. And trying like hell to not miss work made me think of this one: Work Sick Day […]

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3 Ways To Regulate Your Emotions

As a moody chick, I have found some of the worst choices I have ever made were based in how I felt rather than what I thought. So to get a better grip on both, […]

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