New Study Uncovers Main Sources of Happiness; And Depression


Posted in Wise by on November 23rd, 2012

According to study author Carsten Grimm, “Psychologists have proposed that individuals may seek to increase their well-being through three main behavioural orientations; via pleasure, via engagement, and via meaning.” Having a “full” life basically comes down to being properly satisfied in these three main areas: Feeling fully absorbed with your work. Feeling properly rewarded with sex and other forms of pleasure. And feeling that you’re part of something bigger than yourself (family, volunteer groups, nations, etc.). It is speculated that a main cause of depression in Western cultures is the absence of one or more of these aspects of life. In his study, Grimm uncovers the main sources of happiness, with a healthy sex life coming in at a healthy number 1. Facebook, not surprisingly, comes in very low.

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