How to shorten an essay


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How to shorten an essay

Sometimes you may need to shorten an essay to meet the requirements of a paper. To shorten an essay, start by reading the whole essay. Take note of the introductory paragraph, the thesis statement and conclusion to get a rough idea of the information contained in the essay. Re-read it whilst making notes on the important ideas and themes you need to ensure are featured in your revision. Take note of the topic sentences in each paragraph as they harbor the details of the rest of the paragraph.

To ensure you strip the unnecessary details and still have a comprehensible paper, rewrite the whole paper. Start by excluding the unnecessary information in the introductory paragraph other than the thesis statement. Ensure you rewrite a sentence or several sentences in a shorter, clear and unambiguous version. Avoid all the filler information for each paragraph. Paraphrase each of the sentences and if any quotes have been directly inserted into the paragraph, rewrite them and cite them appropriately. Remove all unnecessary examples or rephrase them without losing their intended meaning. For each paragraph, replace any phrase that can be replaced with a single word.

Take note of your word count as you get along. Check and delete any redundant information. Try to remove any over-explanation. To spot over-explanation, try deleting some parts of the paragraph and checking whether the paragraph still conveys its intended meaning. Proofread your essay severally as it will always expose any unnecessary information. For long sentences make sure you trim the ‘fat’ by breaking them into shorter sentences as it will eliminate any conjunctions and filler content that could be present.

Proofread your essay and ensure your grammar is top-notch. Sleep over your work and reread it in the morning when you are fresh. You are likely to not few more areas where you could do with less words.

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