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10 Incredible Sea Forts

Many countries have sea forts (though most have been deserted) which are the highlight of most tourist adventures. Imagine having not only your own island but also a high walled fortress complete with cannons to […]

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Cubans Make Huge Daiquiri To Honor Hemingway

It’s no secret that acclaimed American author Ernest Hemingway spent lots of time drinking in Havana. In honor of that fact, the El Floridita tavern blended a 71 foot, 71 gallon drink to honor the […]

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Pink: ‘Truth About Love’ Album Artwork & Song Snippet!

American recording artist Alicia Moore, better known as Pink, has released her first single from her upcoming album set for release on September 18, 2012. It features her customary rock plus a little baby, her […]

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10 Most Incredible Luxury Yachts

No man is an island but every man would have a boat in a perfect world. The folks at Oddee agree entirely so they’ve collected the 10 Most Incredible Luxury Yachts. Enjoy!

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The Killers ‘Runaways’ Debuts Online

One of the biggest comeback albums of the year will arrive on September 17, 2012 when The Killers latest album ‘Runaways’ will be available for (physical) purchase. In the meantime, fans can enjoy The Killers […]

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Sienna Miller Welcomes First Child

British actress Sienna Miller and her fiance Tom Sturridge can now hold their baby girl in their arms. The pair became parents over the weekend. Details are vague so far but the darling was delivered […]

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Top 10 Things To Do On A Friday Night

Happy Friday! The end of the work week is here. It’s time to find some fun. Here are the Top 10 Things To Do On A Friday Night.

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Top Ten Outdoor Adventures

The U.S. is full of wonderful places for trekking, camping, hiking, biking, and soaking in the sights while blazing the trail. National Geographic and ABC’s Good Morning America teamed to offer the best places to […]

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5 Spices With Incredible Healing Power

Seasoning your meals with a variety of spices provides your body with vital compounds necessary to repair, rebuild, and even heal a number of illnesses, disorders, and other health issues. Plus they add flavor to […]

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9 Sandwiches That Will Make Your Brown-Bag Lunch Sing

If you’ve gobbled The Pilgrim sandwich from Jaime’s On The Main in Stowe, Vermont, you’ve lived (mostly) a full life. If you haven’t, you can make one, or any of the following 9 Sandwiches That […]

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