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What To Do With Your Turkey Leftovers

Spice up your Thanksgiving leftovers by mixing up some old favorites with new ingredients. From Turkey Reubens to Turkey Lasagna, here are 5 ways to prevent you from eating turkey sandwiches for the next week. […]

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Thankful Songs: Our 10 Favorite Musical Thank Yous

‘Tis the season to offer your gratitude. With the holidays fast approaching and Turkey Day near, it’s time to offer our thanks. Here are Thankful Songs: Our 10 Favorite Musical Thank Yous.

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Consulting With Your Wisest Self

A person’s sense of self is fluid depending upon the situations we are in and the experiences we encounter. In order to stay anchored in our best versions of what makes us us Consulting With […]

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The Strangely True Tale Of Johnny Appleseed

It is that time of the year again in the US: apple harvest time. This delicious fruit was propagated by John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, during 1801. Here’s more with The Strangely True […]

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The Maxim 2012 Hot 100

Distract your mind from stock market worries, bills, work, and the things in life which cause you stress. Then click this link and soak up some sexy. Maxim’s collected the finest representatives of beautiful women […]

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The 20 Most Watched TED Talks To Date

What is as comforting as a favorite stuffed animal and as enlightening as having a group of the world’s greatest minds in your living room? TED Talks. This recorded gathering of the world’s most brilliant […]

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The Antlers

Every once in a while music hunters and huntresses discover a great band in all of the chase. One of which is the Brooklyn based Indie group The Antlers. The group weaves mesmerizing tales of […]

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40 Crazy Awesome Autumn Pictures

Columbus Day usually marks the peak of foliage for most of us whose favorite season includes the falling of leaves. As the crisp air pushes away the remnants of summer and lawnmowers are replaced by […]

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Bad Books, ‘It Never Stops’ – Song Review

American supergroup Bad Books was formed during 2010 as one of the more rockin’ Indie bands around today. The collaboration of Indie folk musician Kevin Divine with Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra is phenomenal. Like […]

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A Love Story In 22 Pictures

True love and heroes aren’t the stuff of fairy tales and romantic comedies. Grab a hankie and soak up this article which Buzzfeed recently published as proof. Here’s A Love Story In 22 Pictures.

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