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Slow Cooker Barbecue Rib Recipe

So you love ribs but dislike the grill flame ups that blacken them? We have a solution. Break out your crockpot and simmer up following this Slow Cooker Barbecue Rib Recipe.

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5 Primal Superfoods For Fertility And Pregnancy

If you’ve decided to spread your DNA to your offspring, there many things you can to do ensure that they get the best chances they can before and after you conceive. Read about them here […]

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10 Best Cookies Ever

A little bit of sugar goes a long way when you’re out for lunch or dinner and want just a small portion dessert. That’s when the beloved cookie steps in to round out the meal. […]

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Filter – ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’ Review

The 90s group which blessed the earth with “Hey Man, Nice Shot” is back. And they’re letting their darkside show. Check out their latest album here with Filter – ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’ Review.

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Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves’ Space Cake Odyssey

When one smokes weed, they get high. When they eat it, it’s a different story. Check out Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves’ Space Cake Odyssey.

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10 Breakfasts Without Grains Or Eggs

If your morning meal creativity is in the doldrums, we’ve got some (super healthy) recipes for you. Check out the following 10 Breakfasts Without Grains Or Eggs to shake up the start of your day!

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Salt: What Is It Good For?

Too much or too little of anything isn’t good for the overall systems within the human body but many experts have given salt a bad rap. Not only is salt necessary, a lack of it […]

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5 Tips For Cooking Restaurant Quality Food At Home

It’s F-R-R-R-I-I-I-D-D-D-A-A-A-Y-Y!!! And if your budget allows little room to celebrate with a nice dinner out, you can bring cuisine you’d typically go out for, in. Here’s how with 5 Tips For Cooking Restaurant Quality […]

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Coffee Vs. Beer: Which Drink Makes You More Creative?

We all know that with enough beer, we think we can save the world. And it seems that with enough coffee we can do just about anything, right?? So in the tit for tat comparison […]

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Sandwich Monsters

Imagining opening your lunch and finding your sandwich looks like a salamander, lizard, or other little beast. Feast your eyes on the following Sandwich Monsters and appreciate the culinary creativity of some great souls!

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