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What is the Best Way For You To End A Relationship?

As a breaker-upper, are you the slow fade away from somebody type? The straightforward “this isn’t working” type? Or something else? There may be a better way. Check out What is the Best Way For […]

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How To Deal With Potty Training Regression

Many think I am a know it all but the truth is, I know nothing. Especially when it comes to potty accidents. Here’s a way to up my (and yours if you’re in a similar […]

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Frugal Ways To Keep Warm Without Turning Up The Furnace

What does a big fat sweater, a soft blanket, and your sweetie have in common? All three and more can keep you warm without ever cranking the heat **wink wink***. Check out these Frugal Ways […]

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Lonely Bitch Season

Our favorite folks at Blackgirlsareeasy have allegorical tale for wise men this holiday season: be careful because it’s Lonely Bitch Season. Remember guys: she doesn’t really like you. She’s just trying to stay warm for […]

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When Do You Begin Dating Again After A Long-Term Relationship or Marriage?

How soon is too soon to jump back into the proverbial dating ocean following getting bitten by a shark? My answer is: when you’re ready becaue life is too short to not be surrounded by […]

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On the 12th Day of Christmas, my husband left my children and me. It sounds like a punchline of a joke but it’s true. So rather than grow bitter, I chose better and find comfort […]

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Friends and Lovers?

I don’t know about you but the jury is out on whether or not men and women can be friends. It’s a tricky prospect that’s for sure. But what happens when one develops feelings? Can […]

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8 Tips To Stimulate Your Child’s Autonomy

As your baby transforms to a toddler and your toddler transforms to a big kid, it’s easy to inhibit his growth as an individual since letting go isn’t easy. But it’s so worth it. So […]

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Being The Ass in Assess

A recent family (traumatic) drama followed by their ensuing Facebook posts helped me see certain family members through a different perspective. Maybe you can relate by scoping out Here’s Being The Ass In Assess.

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Why Great Sex Is Never Enough

The folks at Good Men Project know a thing or two about the human condition. So when temptation strikes a fire, it’s best you remember that you’ll get burned if fire’s all you have with […]

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