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19 People Share What It Actually Takes To Stay Married

When it comes to relationships, it seems the best of them stay together while the rest of them break apart. Learn the secrets of the former with 19 People Share What It Actually Takes To […]

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If It Costs You Your Peace, It’s Too Expensive

We all have had to tighen our belts thanks in part to economic turmoil. And it seems this truth extends past money. See how a picture is worth tens of thousands of words with If […]

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Advice On Dating Much Younger Women

I tend to advise my male friends using metaphors relating to cars. Especially when it comes to women…”Wouldn’t you rather drive the 2017 model over the 2007 model? Now you see…?” And my advice is […]

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The Power Of Acceptance: Stop Resisting And Find The Lesson

The geniuses at Tiny Buddha have a whole lot to offer the world. And when I find myself caught up in struggle, I try harder to just open up and receive. This practice isn’t easy. […]

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7 Ways To Keep It Together When You Want To Fall Apart

Work, family, romantic, and life stress has got me beat this week! I’m ready to fall to pieces. But I won’t SINCE I DON’T HAVE TIME TO! Insteaed I’ll reach for these 7 Ways To […]

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How Does It Feel To See The Person You Love/d Get Married To Someone Else?

I’ve done this before and I’ll probably see it again since the Karmic wheel always comes back ’round…but man, oh man, sometimes life is only questions without answers. So, How Does It Feel To See […]

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You Should Not Dabble: To Succeed It’s All Or Nothing

In the trying like hell to teach my children how to be the best men they can be, I remind them every morning as they exit the mom mobile “Do your best in everything you […]

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9 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Raging Narcissist

If you suspect but you’re not certain that your partner is a self-centered, not very good person who has zero empathy for you, you’re not alone. I’ve been there myself. Don’t miss the red flags […]

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What They Don’t Tell You About Grief

If you’re walking through your life with that “I’m fine” mentality following a painful experience and all at once, 4-5 months later find yourself falling to pieces, it’s that damned monster human condition known as […]

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Are You Rewarding Or Bribing Your Child?

Trying to cull good behavior out of my little werewolves, I mean children, the week of a full moon is as easy as trying to cull a golden egg from an ordinary chicken. So I […]

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