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Are You Too Old For Your Outfit?

People are judgmental. There’s no way around it. And as Coco Chanel once said (to paraphrase) there’s nothing as tasteless as not dressing in an age appropriate way. So we ask you this: Are You […]

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When Is It Time To Get My Child Help For Mental Health Issues?

The plagues and problems of growing up are often more difficult than some families can bear alone. So there’s help. But deciding When Is It Time To Get My Child Help For Mental Health Issues? […]

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This Is Why Your Soft Heart Is Really Needed

Life is full of events which can harden your heart. Don’t let them. The world needs you. This Is Why Your Soft Heart Is Really Needed.

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Parade Safety Tips

As we celebrate the 4th of July, some of us may worry about the potential for danger with our children. Read how to better protect them with Parade Safety Tips.

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Graduation Quotes

My Facebook feed has been flooded with images of people celebrating graduation but very few words have popped up. Here’s a little help with these Graduation Quotes.

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Not Sleeping Well? There May Be A Medical Cause

I’m not sure what in the living hell is going on with me these nights but I can’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time. And my GOODNESS DOES IT SUCK. If you’re feeling […]

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Meditation Alters Stress Genes

Meditation is one of my go to tools when life gets overwhelming or I need to rest. And doctors, scientists, and yogis all agree that meditation and mindfulness is great for your body, mind, and […]

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The Fox and The Crow

There’s a mama fox who lives with her kits in the woods beside my cabin and they are so fun to watch. Though as lore has it, I need to be careful with this cunning […]

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28 Tips To Protect Your Home Against Burglary and Crime

When your neighbors knock on your door and inform you they have been robbed, it’s easy to freak out and panic. And then reach for ways to defend your family and belongings. Check out theswe […]

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The Most Reliable Way To Tell If A Girl Is A Slut

As the mother of boys I find it unbelievably difficult to mislead my children when it comes to women. So I’ve bookmarked this for the future (when the time is right) to better guide them […]

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