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Living Below Your Means: The Complete Beginners Guide

If you want to get ahead in this awful economy, you’ve gotta scrimp. And bend pennies in half. And find ways to start Living Below Your Means: The Complete Beginners Guide.

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Chores, Teamwork, And High Expectations: The 15 Habits That Raise Responsible Kids

In my (often vain) attempts at bringing up boys to be better than the people who bred them, I reach for the sage advice of the internet. And when it comes to chores, I found […]

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Michael Stipe Opens Up About R.E.M. And President Trump: ‘It’s A Very F*cked Up Time To Be’

Losing My Religion lead Michael Stipe has been living for a long enough and tumultuous enough time to be considered wise. And even he hasn’t the eloquence to lend better words than he does in […]

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This Super-Effective Zit Treatment Is Not What You Expect

My skin and I have been at war since puberty. And it usually wins with painful, cystic zits. But I’ve slowly won the battle thanks to an accidental remedy: drawing salve. Read more with This […]

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Bed-Wetting In Kids: Why It Happens and What To Do

As a parent, there’s nothing quite as good as a good nights’ sleep. When that’s fractured by the warm geyser of a child whizzing on you, your bed, your bed clothes, and surroundings, it’s quite […]

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What To Wear When You Don’t Know What The Hell To Wear

If you’re a guy, chances are you need this article to help you look your best and dress for success. Check out What To Wear When You Don’t Know What The Hell To Wear.

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3 Ways To Regulate Your Emotions

As a moody chick, I have found some of the worst choices I have ever made were based in how I felt rather than what I thought. So to get a better grip on both, […]

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How To Keep Going When You Want To Give Up On Life

As humans we often encounter painful experiences on our journey through life. What keeps you going during your darkest days? How do you find a way to go on? Here’s some help with How To […]

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Advice For Mothers Of Teenage Boys

My children have grown faster than I had ever expected they would. And as they grow, my challenges as their mother increase exponentially. So I reach for the wise folks at the Good Men Project […]

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The Long Happy Life

Enlightened ones know that true happiness and good health come from within. So when the geniuses at Psychology Today created The Long Happy Life, I tuned in my attention. Namaste!

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