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The War of Independence In Relationships

Ever notice how certain types of people tend to project their self hatred on their most intimate partners? I have. So wave your white flag and always heed the red ones because it seems it […]

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Embracing Transitions: How Connection Helps

I have a toddler who has an absolutely terrible time transitioning. Which is wild because he is so easy going and good natured. But sometimes he just melts down. Here’s some wise advice with Embracing […]

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Healthy Relationships Without Good Role Models

How does one with a less than traditional upbringing (and overall existence) learn what it takes for a healthy relationship? They research of course! here’s a bit of wisdom: Healthy Relationships Without Good Role Models.

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9 Signs of A Bored Man Who’s Wasting Your Time

Men are curiously fascinating creatures (to me at least.) Where words fall short, actions generally speak loudly. And clearly. So if there’s a dude on your radar whose motivations are suspicious, read this one: 9 […]

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Nine Types of Love

We humans throw a single word like “love” around all over the place but may not ever really know what it means. Unless you read this one on Nine Types of Love.

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This Is How You Love Someone Who Grew Up Fatherless

Years and years of relationships fraught with all sorts of trust and abandonment issues led me to believe a lot of false facts about myself and my partners. Hopefully those guys would take the time […]

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shitty person

Letting Go of Shitty Relationships

I’m all about minimalizing everything these days – from the clutter within my home to the clutter within my heart. And accepting things as they are has been both liberating and terrifying. Especially when it […]

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6 Tips For Managing Strong Emotions In The Moment

The way we feel often coincides with the way we act. Unless we tap into our inner peace by using any of these 6 Tips For Managing Strong Emotions In The Moment.

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6 Tips To Manage Strong Emotions In The Moment

Roller coastering events seem to be the theme of my life. Dealing with them is hard. Living through them sometimes worse. Here are some great ways to cope and thrive with these 6 Tips To […]

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11 Best Home Remedies For Flu Treatment Backed By Scientific Studies

If you or someone you know has fallen with the present flu epidemic in certain parts of the U.S., you may want to check out these 11 Best Home Remedies For Flu Treatment Backed By […]

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