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The Truth About Our Society

Socialism, communism, capitalism, Marxism… -isms rule the universe it seems. And sometimes people aptly point that out. Read The Truth About Our Society and the comments for entertainment…

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Warning: Never Fall In Love With An Only Child

This one is a real treasure! In fact, it might even make you chuckle if you know me. It’s a candid look at what it’s like to be with a “lonely only” (who in fact […]

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How My Kids See My Car

There has never, in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET, been a more apt meme than this: How My Kids See My Car. Little trashing rascals!

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15 Sad But True Memes

Who doesn’t love a good meme, especially when it speaks the truth and affects us! Check out these 15 Sad But True Memes. Wahhaahahahwahhhhhh….

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27 Parents Share Their Most Epic Fails

As the mother of 4, my failures as a parent are pretty much immeasurable at this point. But at least they aren’t in jail (yet) and I’m not alone. Check out these stories with 27 […]

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The Male Behavior That Irritates Women The Most

‘Mansplaining’ as defined by me, a strong and mostly intelligent woman, is “the act of describing in 1,500 words what one could more efficiently describe in 50″ drives me NUTS. I mean, who has the […]

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The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down

I’m not a part of the women’s movement overtaking the world. I expect nothing just because I’m a broad. In fact, I’m just a mom who battles the home-life war every moment since she had […]

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Trump Vs Obama – Treating Wife There Are Two Types of Men

Warning: the images depicted in this Youtube clip may be an accurate portrayal of one or more of my previous partners…and it’s quite truthfully telling. Here is Trump Vs. Obama – Treating Wife There Are […]

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What Texts Say Vs. How You Read Them

There’s nothing like that ever gut wrenching “Call me” text from someone you care about to send you in a flurry of dialing. Read more about this and other worrisome messages with What Texts Say […]

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Men Who Act Like Boys

There’s an insurgence of males who don’t seem to be aspiring to do more than most teenage boys do. Here’s a tribute to their behavior with Men Who Act Like Boys.

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