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6 Famous Firsts That Weren’t Firsts At All

Despite being trained to be first your entire life, The race to claim “firsties” after a great accomplishment or discovery is a very real, bonafide big deal.  Despite everything you learned in high school and […]

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The World’s Rudest Hand Gestures

Hand gestures are a great way to communicate.  As nearly everyone knows the meaning behind a middle finger “salute,” there are many other ways to communicate when words fall short.  Here’s The World’s Rudest Hand […]

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15 Style Choices That Won’t Get You Laid

We’ve all heard the term “dress for success” but as many guys sport cargo shorts, Crocs, and fuzzy man beards, they don’t realize how much their appearance could be hindering their ability to attract and […]

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10 Truths To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Relationships require a lot of work.  Sometimes couples over complicate the simple process of relating.  Here are 10 Truths To Keep Your Relationship Healthy.

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Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know

Everyone on the planet is familiar with Marie Curie but long before she discovered a couple of elements and landed two Nobel prizes, there were other women making notable scientific discoveries.   Determined, dedicated, and absolutely […]

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Not Looking Good For The Higgs Boson

The hunt for Higgs boson, a so called “god particle,” has been underway for quite some time.  Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, are convinced they are closer to unraveling the threads […]

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Top 10 Misused English Words

Lovers of proper English often feel like the grammar police in a world where words are misused frequently.  Here are the Top 10 Misused English Words.

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Stress And Aggressive Breast Cancer Go Together, Study Finds

The University of Chicago conducted a study of nearly 1,000 women and found a link between psychosocial stress  and breast cancer.   The researchers discovered an association between higher stress levels and more aggressive forms of […]

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One Drug Arrest Every 19 Seconds In The U.S.: FBI Report

The FBI issued a report on September 20, 2011 indicating that 45.8 percent of all drug arrests within the U.S. were for possession of marijuana charges during 2010.  Those who support legalizing and regulating drugs […]

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Best Astronomy Pictures Of 2011

From the Vela supernova to the Milky Way, the night sky can blaze with light and create awe.  Star gazers around the world have captured and presented beautiful images of stars and moons thousands of […]

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