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Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention

Half of the world’s population uses Facebook for good reason: it’s all kinds of wonderful. But it’s also all kinds of bad for users. We’ll skip over that part to concentrate on how businesses are […]

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Here’s What Scientists Learned In The Largest Systematic Study Of Email Habits

Scientists scooped data from 2 million folks and their 16 BILLION emails to better understand the “algorithm” behind emailing. Read about it: Here’s What Scientists Learned In The Largest Systematic Study Of Email Habits.

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Dog Training

Usually dogs are like kids. They respond to praise and just love you if you praise and love them. But what do you do to turn a rambunctious pup into a good dog? Ask Cesar […]

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The Narcissistic Parent

As the product of narcissistic parents, it only makes sense that I went on to marry and have children with not one but two narcissists as an adult, right? AGH! Time to untangle with some […]

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Baby boy with vacuum cleaner

Secrets To Cleaning With Kids

Some wise folks once equated cleaning house with a houseful of little ones to brushing your teeth with a mouth full of Oreos. It seems there are more effective ways to getting your place clean […]

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How To Heal Cracked Skin On Your Fingers

The brutally cold temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on your skin, especially when you work hard and wash often. Check out how to fix perhaps one of the most painful aspects of these conditions […]

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Why Do We Have 10 Fingers And 10 Toes?

Here’s something I bet you may not have thought much about: the fingers your hands and toes on your feet…more importantly, Why Do We Have 10 Fingers And 10 Toes?

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To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This

Love is not something you feel but what you do. And if you don’t believe me, see what happens when science tackles the inner recesses of people’s hearts. Read To Fall In Love With Anyone, […]

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Commit To A Year Of Less

It’s a new year, why not toss out old ways and do everything you can to support health, happiness, and stability? See how here with Commit To A Year of Less.

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Mom Turns To Facebook To Find Family For 6 Embryos

Science and social media have significantly intermingled and riddles something similar to Dr Suess’ “a life is a life no matter how small.” It seems Jeff and Angel Watts are hawking their unborn yet fertilized […]

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