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Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Septic System

Do your pipes gurgle, toilets not clear, and sinks bank up? These and many other things indicate there is bigger trouble than a minor plumbing issue brewing. Check out these Warning Signs That Something Is […]

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10 Reasons To Watch Less Television

Hello my name is Turtle and I once had a major attachment to television. It was the filler of a void I can not quite explain. But then I stopped watching it for nearly a […]

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Perspectives On Marriage With Chronically Ill Children

It is awful when you’re a mom or dad and your child is sick. And it’s a living hell when you have a chronically, critically or terminally ill child. Read Perspectives On Marriage With Chronically […]

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Unhappy Wife Unhappy Husband? Maybe You’re A Copycat Husband

“How can anything improve if you are both unhappy” poses one brave writer at The Good Men Project. I may not believe with their political beliefs but they know a thing or two about marriage. […]

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The Truth About Probiotics

Everyone seems to be on the “live cultures” bandwagon these days. From yogurt makers to supplemental health products, it’s time to separate good and bad bacteria. Check out The Truth About Probiotics.

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Get Rid of Bugs Organically

Living in the country has its advantages. But one of it’s more pesky disadvantages is the number of bugs that find their way into homes. Here’s a quick study on how to Get Rid of […]

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Surprising Facts About Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is one of those least officially researched and discussed illnesses slowly wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Get informed with these Surprising Facts About Lyme Disease.

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20 Foods That Give You The Most Nutrient Bang For Your Buck

With worldwide economies in crisis, it’s a safe bet to retain as much money as you can and preserve your health whatever the cost. That includes your trips to the grocery market. Here are 20 […]

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What Can You Eat On The GAPS Diet?

The typical American diet is threateningly poisonous. To remedy bad food choices of the past, read What Can You Eat On The GAPS Diet?

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The American Museaum of Natural History is a place I long to take my children. So until then and in the meantime, I’ll just show them this online exhibit of Dinosaurs. ROAR!!!!

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