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Before You Buy A Fixer-Upper, Check The Biggest Money Pit Problems

You have your eye on a house and you’re thinking about buying one. If you want a new house, congrats. If you want to remodel an old house, think again. Here’s Before You Buy A […]

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Americans’ Cheating Hearts: Results From Decades of Research

Psychology Today published an interesting little “pop quiz” designed to test your knowledge and beliefs in the infidelity arena. Give it a try with Americans’ Cheating Hearts: Results From Decades of Research.

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Four Ways To Speed Up Healing By Surrendering

Ever see a kid survive a health crisis or trauma? Ever notice how remarkably quick their recovery is? It’s likely because of their natural ability to just accept what happens to them and deal with […]

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Best Predictor of Divorce? Age When Couple Cohabit, Study Says

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Framingham State University say that couples who do not rush into living together and take the time to establish their selves as individuals before tying […]

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Duke Student Says She Pays Tuition With Porn Star Earnings

While all eyes are on Russia, we’d like to take the time to commend a young woman who took her education seriously enough to sell her physical assets to cover the ridiculous education expenses at […]

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How To Reupholster Furniture

Do-it-yourselfers- take heed! We now may be able to attack that old not so great looking sofa, chair, or what have you thanks to the following simple insructions. Here’s How To Reupholster Furniture. Good luck […]

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Is Roundup The Cause of ‘Gluten Intolerance’?

Those of us who have Celiac Disease. gluten sensitivities, and other gluten issues know just how difficult it is to navigate life on this gluten filled planet. And luckily for us, tremendous research has been […]

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5 Rules For Good Email Etiquette

What are the rules of engagement when communicating via email? How do we know if we are being polite and courteous? Check out these 5 Rules For Good Email Etiquette to know for certain!!!

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first impression

First Impressions Hard To Change, Studies Suggest

The Society For Personality and Social Psychology recently published a report that confirms our snap judgments of people are indeed accurate. See for yourself here with First Impressions Hard To Change, Studies Suggest.

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Hidden Potentials In Home Tasks For Kids

Do you feel better when your surroundings are tidy? Guess what? Your kids do, too! Read more here with Hidden Potentials In Home Tasks For Kids.

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