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107 Best Websites On The Web

The Internet is as full as junk as our real lives are.  Surfing through the muck is tough when looking online for the best music, video, news, and information.  Thankfully, this list of 107 Best […]

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5 Office Pet Peeves (How To Really Annoy Your Co-Workers)

Work is a necessary evil but some people (primarily those who work with you) really make it quite unbearable.  Whether you’re loud and disruptive, messy and inconsiderate, late and loud, there are ways to get […]

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16 Ways To Eat Healthy While Keeping It Cheap

Economic fluctuations are hitting not only our pockets hard but also our tummies.  If you’re having a hard time fueling your body with wholesome foods due to budget restraints, here’s 16 Ways To Eat Healthy […]

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Giving Rural Kids Computers To See What Happens

Indian education scientist Sugata Mitra attended the TED Talkstarts and presented the results of his experiments placing computers with internet access in the hands of children.  The results were astounding, powerful, and inspiring.  It seems […]

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Past And Future Plate Tectonics

The general public has never been more aware of the pace at which tectonic plates within the earth’s crust are moving.  From New York to California and Japan to Liberia, recent earthquakes have really shaken […]

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A Magic Flying Carpet

Flying carpets are the stuff that timeless childhood tales, like Aladdin, are made of.  For Noah Jafferis, a graduate student at Princeton, the idea came to life when he built a prototype of a Magic […]

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Researchers Uncover Secrets Of ‘Miracle Fruit’

Miracle fruit sounds like some sort of fantastic food from Eden’s Garden but it’s actually naturally occurring within West Africa.  The berries of the Synesapalum dulcifcum  plant have surprisingly “magical,” albeit hallucinogenic, properties yet no […]

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The Sun Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

NASA is now offering uploaded daily photos of the sun no longer limited by the spectrum of human vision.  Compliments of NASA’s new Solar Dynamics Observatory, here’s The Sun Like You’ve Never Seen It Before.

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The State Of The Internet Now

The Internet is, in the simplest of terms, a weird, huge, growing beast.  Social networks are ferociously fighting to squash each other on the way to the top while collecting our information and fighting for […]

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How Cooked Food Made Us Human

Richard Wrangham, a  Harvard anthropology professor, reported conclusions from his study regarding humans and evolution.  Wrangham determined that our primitive ancestors evolved from the apes simply by cooking food.  Wrangham also further hypothesized that cooking […]

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