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10 Things People Say Without Having Any Idea What They’re Talking About, And What They Should Be Staying Instead

People talk. And talk. And talk. Some people, talk waaayyyy too much. While others don’t say enough. Rather makes you wonder if anyone is really listening, especially when folks say any of the following 10 […]

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Meet Science: How Clinical Trials Work

Clinical trials (also known as early phase trials) are one of several ways to determine if a drug or device works for humans, as well as determining safety, alternative uses, and overall effectiveness. Clinical trials […]

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12 Most Inspirational Quotes From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, was an innovative pioneer who leaves behind a legacy unmatched by few. His death at age 56 was a profound moment in history. To honor his life and legacy, here are […]

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Dressing Taller: 10 Tips For Short Men

Whether it’s a matter of reaching that top shelf liquor or finding clothes that accentuate your positives, being short and being a man is quite difficult at times. Luckily, the Art of Manliness has offered […]

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Sexy Serenades Turn On A Gal’s Immune System

In weird science news, from a genetic standpoint, the rhythm of a male fruit fly’s buzz may incite his potential mate to procreate. Now if only the same were true for humans…queue a new study […]

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6 Ways The Rich Are Waging A War On The Poor

A very real, very true war is waging in America compliments of the Bush Administration. With the divide between classes growing wider by the day, here’s 6 Ways The Rich Are Waging A War On […]

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Here’s Upside To Embarrassing Moments: They Make People Like You

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a reassuring report that our biggest public flubs actually improve others’ opinions of us! This is great news for people who frequently trip, let gaseous air slip, […]

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What’s The Most Important Thing You Learned From A Teacher?

Despite the massive educational crisis within the United States and throughout the world, some teachers make a huge difference in the lives of their students.  Good teachers inspire, instruct, and fuel minds with information.  What’s […]

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More People Choose Money Over Sleep

It’s no surprise that in today’s economic times people are working more and hitting their pillow less.  A recent study conducted by Cornell University proves that happiness and well being far outlast the balances of  […]

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10 Of The Best Business Cards

Anyone who’s anyone has a business card.  Most are ordinary, bland, rather nondescript.  Some, however, are simply extraordinary.   Here are 10 Of The Best Business Cards.

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