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The Worst Bands Of All Time

It’s no secret: some of the most popular bands (…Nickelback, anyone?) also pump out the world’s worst music. Music fans and haters have united to suggest and vote on the bands least deserving of their […]

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12 Hilarious Things You Can Learn Every Day

The best advice to ever follow is “learn something new every day.” Refining your skills and expanding knowledge contributes to your greatest asset: you. A few years ago, Pete Jarvis and Geth Vaughn launched a […]

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Prettier At Closing Time: How Beer Goggles Really Work

Alcohol, the journal, published a report in 2011 regarding the precise science behind the “beer goggle phenomenon” or why some people look better when we’re drunk versus when we’re sober. Last year, a team of […]

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Nature Wants To Eat You

The epic battle of Man Vs. Nature has been waging for tens of thousands of years. Sometimes humans win, and most of the other times Nature purely kicks ass. Here’s the proof with Nature Wants […]

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Is Obama Toast? Handicapping the 2012 Election

The 2012 Presidential election is drawing closer and many political analysts are placing their votes on Obama losing his seat in the White House. Most blame the huge mess Obama inherited from Former President George […]

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Bad Vibes: Studying Emotional Residue

Researchers and scientists have conducted studies regarding energy fields and how physical environments are affected by emotions. The results of the study concluded that at an instinctual level, many people believe the entire energy of […]

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Living A Prosperous Modern Life Won’t Make You Happy

Great news for anyone suffering from depression: it’s not you, it’s everything about living in industrialized nations! Dr. Andrew Weil’s latest book, titled Spontaneous Happiness: Our Nature-Deficit Disorder, delves deep into how lifestyle affects happiness. […]

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Working With Zuck

Facebook engineer Andrew “Boz” Bosworth created a post regarding what it’s like to work closely with Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Despite Zuckerberg’s power as the “IT” man in the world’s largest and most […]

15 Scariest Jobs

CareerBuilder recently surveyed over 4,300 U.S. employees and asked them what they thought the scariest jobs were. Among the fifteen jobs on the list were, not surprisingly: politician, mortician, and bomb squad technician. Here’s the […]

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7 Things Women Look For In Your Personality

Understanding men is easy: they like pretty things with personality…or at least a decent set of boobs. Women, however, are the more complicated sex. It’s often difficult for men to know what women truly want, […]

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