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It Was Such A Bad Movie…

Movies are a great way to pass the time. Good movies make life better. Bad movies make us value good movies more. Here’s a glimpse into the not so good films we’ve all wasted precious […]

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Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time

Time is a mystery. Scientists, physicists, philosophers, and all of the world’s great thinkers agree that time is a mystery. They theorize that in a single moment, we all live in the past, present, and […]

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Who Owns The Rights To Our Germs?

Our bodies are covered with and full of millions of good and bad microbes which may be beneficial to more than just ourselves. Scientists have studied the germs and pharmaceutical companies have made mountains of […]

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Potentially Habitable Exoplanet: The Fine Print

Earthlings rejoice! NASA has discovered Kepler-22b, a new exoplanet, within a “habitable zone.” The newly confirmed exoplanet orbits a Sun like star and is some 600 light years away from Earth. Which is good, as […]

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Mind Tricks To Try And Use

A great thread was posted on Reddit how users confessed their best, most favorite mind tricks to use on the unsuspecting masses. When asked “What is a mind trick you know of?” the response was […]

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5 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation

The anonymous nature of the web often turns people into loose cannons, without accountability. It is not uncommon for unflattering things to get said about individual people or businesses. In both cases, there are strategies […]

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SpyFiles: Wikileaks Claims $5B Industry Spying On Mobile, Webmail, GPS Users, Delivers Interactive Map Showing Surveillance By Country

Wikileaks and many other partner organizations just released their latest project: SpyFiles. The project is based upon over 287 secret documents that blow the whistle on a covert campaign involving 25 nations to the price […]

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Mayan 2012 Apocalypse Prediction Might Have Been Mistranslated

Great news for people who think the Mayans were right about the world’s demise in December 2012! Breathe your sigh of relief because the Mayans may have been WRONG!! La Trobe University’s Sven Gronemeyer has […]

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8 Gadgets That Lie To You Every Day

Long before humans had all of the wonderful electronics and devices that clutter our homes and help us keep track of nearly every second of our lives, people lived in the moment and dealt with […]

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The 5 Best Toys Of All Time

With Christmas just around the bend, people are scrambling to determine what Santa will bring little ones this year. Given the present economy, one may want to get the most bang for his or her […]

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