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The State Of Customer Service

Good customer service can build a positive relationship between you and your clientele. Bad customer service can destroy that relationship beyond repair.

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10 Tech Items You No Longer Need

It’s not that these items weren’t awesome and very useful when they came out, it’s just that you only have so many pockets and you can’t carry an endless amount of gadgetry around with you. […]

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Why Are We So Hungry In The Winter?

Great news! Our primitive impulses cause us to gain weight during winter months! The fruitcake and confections of the holiday season are only partially to blame for the added pounds most people pack on when […]

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12 Harsh Truths About The Internet

The Internet is a great source for a tremendous amount of often (useless) information. It’s also a great place to squander limitless amounts of time on YouTube, Wikipedia, and even “adult sites” (provided you’re into […]

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Retail Fails of 2011

Oh yes! It is time to reminisce the awesomely bad fails of some of our favorite vendors: Victoria’s really crappy secret, Netflix and its now deflated ego, and so many more.

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Top 10 Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was an acclaimed author, poet and playwright whose contributions to literature and identity as a complete nonconformist has inspired generations since the 19th century. As an Irishman, Wilde was steadfast and true to […]

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5 Old-Timey Prejudices That Still Show Up In Every Movie

Hollywood has come far from the days of old when actors and actresses’ feet couldn’t leave the ground during a massive makeout (in case you missed it.) The problem is, despite the evolution of film, […]

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When It Comes To Marriage, Many More Say ‘I Don’t.’

Pew researchers just completed a recent study which found that new marriages dropped by 5 percent during 2010. The bad economy is being blamed but marriage, once considered “an organizing principle of society,” has steadily […]

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Sweet Action: 8 Big Bets Made By Famous People

Whether you’re a gambler or not, some wagers are hard to resist. Placing a good bet can settle arguments (like the GOP debate between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry) or can even get winners things […]

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Is Your Job Killing You?

Work stress is a necessary evil but what is the price workers pay for doing their jobs? The toll that work can take on the body, mind, and soul can be harmful, if not deadly. […]

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