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10 Most Improbably Excellent Celebrity Blogs

Fans of The Big Lebwoski, Lost, Baywatch, Who’s the Boss, and Kiss are going to love this! It seems some of the world’s most favorite celebrities are using their star power to shine on the […]

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Stephen Hawking Understands Everything But Women

Stephen Hawking, an English cosmologist and physicist, is smart…like light years above the average person on the I.Q. scale. Though Hawking has written books and revolutionized the complexities of science, he can’t solve the mystery […]

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Are You With The Right Mate?

If you didn’t know new relationships have the same effects as cocaine intoxication and long term romance requires “enlightened audacity,” this link’s for you. Dating, marriage, and all of the good stuff that is essential […]

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Paying Three Times For The Same Thing

Paulo Coehlo, Brazilian novelist and lyricist, offers a dose of inspiration and wisdom through his many works. With books like The Alchemist and Manual Of The Warrior Of Light among his accomplishments, visiting his personal […]

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Most Inspirational Fictional Movie Moms

Moms have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Carrying, birthing, and raising offspring requires blood, sweat, and even tears at times. Movie moms are no exception. Here are some great examples in the […]

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Geeks vs Nerds

There’s a consensus in the epic battle between geeks verse nerds and in today’s world, it’s the geeks who are the clear winner. At least according to the masses and the editors at Masters In […]

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First Ever Hybrid Shark Discovered Off The Coast Of Australia

A group of Australian researchers from the James Cook University recently made a highly unlikely, “unprecedented” discovery: 57 hybrid sharks along 1,240 miles of the coast. The team believes that changing conditions in the waters […]

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Moving Companies Are Changing The US Landscape

Find out what the US moving rate is compared to previous years. Also, where are people in your state most likely to move?

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Android vs iOS Security

If you’re one of the cool kids, chances are you use either an Android or iOS device, but have you ever wondered which is really better when it comes to security?

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The Psychology Of Nakedness

Ever notice how once you catch a glimpse of another’s flesh your life is permanently changed? Researchers have noticed this phenomenon and devoted an entire study into how perception is affected by nudity. Here’s The […]

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