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What Is Social Darwinism?

Anyone paying attention to the 2012 presidential election is hearing the term “Social Darwinism” quite frequently. No matter who wins the big race, it’s good to know what the term means. Here’s What Is Social […]

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The Best Cities In Which To Find A Job

Finding a job is easier to do in some places than others if you live within the U.S. Some places have massive unemployment rates while others are thriving despite economic instability. If you’re searching or […]

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Use Your Coffee Cup As A Basic Barometer

From the archives of Backpacker Magazine: the website LifeHack published a simple way to predict rain by watching the bubbles in a mug of hot coffee, tea, cocoa…whatever your pleasure. Here’s more with Use Your […]

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Dating in a Virtual World

In a world where we’re rated by our Facebook profile, we have said goodbye to traditional dating, and hello to virtual romance.

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Shaken or Stirred?

The geniuses at Gizmodo delved deep into happy hour cocktails to determine which gets drinkers drunk faster and if there’s a difference when booze is Shaken or Stirred? The results of this exploration are pretty […]

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The High Stakes World of Mobile Payments

What companies are jumping into the mobile payment world, and what’s at stake?

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What Makes Human Acts Good Or Bad?

From a moral, cultural, and traditional standpoint, it’s difficult to find a good person. We all have our demons and one can’t appreciate the light side without the dark side. Here’s What Makes Human Acts […]

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The Best Yoga Poses For Women

Yoga is great for everyone. For health conscious people seeking means of improving their minds, bodies, and souls through exercise, yoga is a perfect fit. As every person is unique, some poses are better for […]

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Social Media Brings in Big Numbers for B2B

Social marketing proves itself time and time again. After years of being called a trend, then simply a form of entertainment that diverts attention – social media marketing is showing real numbers for businesses. 

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Friends With Benefits

Romantics and realists argue over the utter existence of love but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, tremendous research supports that all bets are off when they end up in bed together. Perhaps […]

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