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Top 10 Shakespeare Misquotes

Those well versed in Shakespeare (and those who are not) may enjoy poking fun at the people who mix his words up. To help straighten things out, here are the Top 10 Shakespeare Misquotes.

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100 Tips From A Professional Photographer

Eric Kim, professional street photographer, was kind enough to lend his expertise to anyone with an Internet connection. So before you ask someone to say “Cheese!” soak up his advice with 100 Tips From A […]

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50 Quotes About Consequence

Every choice or action eliminates the other possibilities. The effects that follow the choices we make are sometimes good and sometimes bad but always a learning experience. Here’s 50 Quotes On Consequence.

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The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project is a research initiative conducted by IBM researchers and well known world wide scientists led by Dr. Spencer Wells. The team is seeking means of understanding human genetic roots and historical patterns […]

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Five Intuitions About Love And Sex You Shouldn’t Ignore

A person’s “sixth sense” or “intuitive intelligence” often leads a person to the right places. As long as a person is on track and really listening to their inner voice while encountering every aspect of […]

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Fix It With Massage

Anyone who has ever received a professional massage knows just how wonderful a good rub down can be. Massage increases circulation, reduces pain, gives one a natural high, and may even reduce depression. Here’s Fix […]

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Boys And Brains And Genes

We all know that men and women are different on all levels. Some people, like those with fragile X, are more different than most. Fortunately things like early behavioral intervention, medical treatment, special education services, […]

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5 Largest Reptiles On Earth

Snakes, lizards, turtles, crocs…oh my! If you thought your last ex-husband (or wife) was the biggest snake on earth, think again. Here are the 5 Largest Reptiles On Earth.

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From Kerouac To Rand, ‘Harmful’ Reads For Writers

Interesting news for those who’d like to be authors: avoid reading certain writers per columnist Crawford Killian. Here’s From Kerouac To Rand, ‘Harmful’ Reads For Writers.

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Women Seek Less-Dominant Dates In Recession

Today’s economic spiral is affecting all aspects of life including relations between men and women. Evolutionary psychologists conducted a study of mate selection of women during economic downturns and found females favor secure, stable men […]

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