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The Thing About Grace

Grace makes the not so pretty aspects of life all the more beautiful. Here’s an account of how difficult it is to choose and maintain The Thing About Grace.

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The 10 Best Careers for Christian Leadership

Are you a Christian and wondering how you can take on a career that serves your faith? While many people can be examples of Christ in normal jobs, there are also special leadership positions within […]

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Are You Raising A Douchebag?

Parenting is tough, especially with willful, demanding children. There is a difference between a “spirited child” and a full fledged brat. Here’s help figuring out just what you’re dealing with, to help answer: Are You […]

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

With the 2012 election coming around the bend discussions about who the next president should be are in full force. Many hot topics such as gay marriage and healthcare are being addressed. And many people […]

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How To Browse The Web Anonymously

It’s no surprise that surfing the web isn’t private. From tracking websites and companies to search engines, social networks, social networks, web browsers, government agencies, and even Internet Service Providers, chances are you’re online activities […]

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The Great App-splosion

Do you remember the days when cell phones were made to make just phone calls and maybe a text here and there? Well as we have all seen, smart phones are the must have phone […]

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Eating Crow

We’ve all heard the expression “go eat crow” but have you ever really considered how awful that would taste? Or precisely what it means? Find out here with Eating Crow.

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The Life & Financial Times of the Average Joe

Lets face it, everyone’s in debt these days. It’s almost like the newest accessory. And anyone who is in debt, knows how hard it is to get out. Student loans seem to be the biggest […]

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7 Thoughts That Are Bad For You

Cynics, worriers, and those with impulsive tendencies take caution. A recent study by Duke University researchers found that certain behaviors and personality traits greatly affect overall physical health and perhaps longevity. Retrain your brain after […]

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Back To The Start

Chipotle Mexican Grill tapped country music legend Willie Nelson and pop contemporaries Coldplay to promote sustainable farming versus industrial animal factories. The result is a stop motion animation featuring Coldplay’s tune, “The Scientist” and Willie’s […]

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