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Facebook’s ‘Phone’ Is Another Triumph of Mediocrity

The tech industry has buzzed for months about the certain unveil of the Facebook phone but is the anticipation more glorious than the device? Here’s what Wired thinks with Facebook’s ‘Phone’ Is Another Triumph of […]

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Drug Policy Reform Is Breaking Through At The International Level

International changes on how governments and organizations handle drug offenses are slowly but surely sweeping across the globe. From The United Nation’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs to progressive, forward thinking governments slowly changing their policies […]

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Intelligence: The First Quality Employers Look For

Intelligence is one of the first qualities employers look for, among others. Check out this infographic to learn about what attributes employers look for the most.

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She’s the Boss: Women in Business

Women seem to be taking over the business world! Check out this infographic to learn how women are making strides in business.

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What Do Men Really Want?

Men (and women) aren’t snowflakes and their preferences for what they like in a woman varies significantly. Especially from an evolutionary standpoint. Here’s a few answers to the ultimate question: What Do Men Really Want?

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There’s A Big Problem With Knowing Who’s Viewed Your Facebook Profile

If you are among the billions of people who use the world’s largest digital social network, chances are great you wonder who is checking your information out. And why. Though we don’t have all of […]

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‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith In Rehab For Substance Addiction

Glee star Cory Monteith has confirmed his admittance into a substance abuse treatment program. Girlfriend Lea Michelle, his family, his friends, and his fans have stepped forth with an out pour of support. Here’s more […]

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New Gene Variant May Explain Psychotic Features In Bipolar Disorder

Researchers from the Karolinksa Institute have found a link between kynurenic acid levels and psychosis in the minds of people living with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. They also found a genetic component which supports established […]

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Sounds of Arguing Affect Sleeping Babies’ Brains

A team of researchers studied twenty infants (aged 6 months to one year) using MRI imaging to determine the impact of conflict on their developing minds. The result: Sounds Of Arguing Affect Sleeping Babies’ Brains.

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The 10 Best American Poems

From Whitman to Frost, Eliot to Bishop, the U.S. has been home to a number of excellent poets. Their work has forged a strong path for inspiration. Take a look at their craft with The […]

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