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Asteroids: Close And Closer, But Not Too Close For Comfort

Skywatchers, scientists, and NASA experts kept a close eye on the asteroid Apophis as it journeyed past the Earth while most of us were sleeping during the early hours of January 10, 2013. Doomsdayers expect […]

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Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife & Your Husband Too

It’s always very scary when your home or even car gets broken into. So what’s the best way to protect your belongings from burglars? Think like one! Knowing what a burglar is looking for and […]

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What Does the Car of the Future Look Like?

You may have thought about the future of cars before. Will they fly? Will they drive themselves. Well, I don’t know about the first question, but the second is definitely true. Self-driving cars are in […]

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The Politically Incorrect Etymologies Of 11 Words And Phrases

Many modern words were born from socially inappropriate origins. These words can transcend languages, shift meaning and get otherwise superimposed as it travels the distances from its original meaning. Here are a few with The […]

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Tearing Down The “Electronic Cottage”

The upside of working from home is you never have to change out of your pajamas and you’re home more often than you’re not. A quick study of people who telecommute found that never being […]

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How To Decide When – Or If – To Put Your Dog To Sleep

If you have an aging best four legged friend, chances are you’re pondering the big issue of when your dog will take its final sleep. To help with that difficult and often heartbreaking decision, here’s […]

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It’s Startup Time in America

Believe it or not, now is the best time to start a business. There is less compeition, lower office space prices and wages, as well as a head start on gains once the economy turns […]

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Boys Vs. GIrls: Who’s Harder To Raise?

As the mother of boys, I often wonder if it would be easier if I’d had girls. But then a parent of girls insists boys are “easier.” We’re all aware of gender differences and ultimately […]

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Advertiser’s Guide To Mobile

Brands are quickly learning that mobile is the way to go. Everyone is using their phone to search for products and services so it only makes sense that advertisers should jump on the mobile bandwagon. […]

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Alcohol: Social Lubricant For 10,000 Years

Archaeologists have found traces of ancient booze dating back to the Neolithic era. Latest findings reported to the December issue of Antiquity indicate our long ago ancestors had a penchant for microbrewed beers the same […]

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