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Singing Sand Dunes Explained

Anyone who has spent time at a beach on a windy day knows that low lull of the sand whipped by the wind sounds like a hum but may not know why. Here’s more with […]

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Your Brain Can Be Nice Or Logical, But Not Both At Once

Case Western University researchers just released report in the online journal NeuroImage which shows people’s minds aren’t programmed to be simultaneously logical and nice. Lead researcher Anthony Jack offered: “Empathetic and analytic thinking are, at […]

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The Paywall Trend

Have you tried visiting your favorite newspaper website only to be hit with a paywall?  With some 300+ online newspapers implementing this pay feature, how do you determine what’s worth paying for and what isn’t? […]

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Obama, Romney Deliver Closing Arguments

The 2012 Presidential Election is tomorrow, November 6, 2012. With the clock ticking, both candidates President Barack Obama and hopeful Mitt Romney have made the rounds winding down the last of their campaigning. Voters can […]

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Likelihood IP Election

Obama vs. Romney on Intellectual Property [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered where the 2012 presidential candidates stand on the Intellectual Property industry? Find out by taking a look at this infographic brought to you by Likelihood of Confusion.

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Browse Like Bond: How To Surf The Web Like A Spy

Agent 007 mastered the fine art of remaining in the shadows gathering information while protecting his true identity. In the Internet age, most of us should apply Bond-style spy techniques to preserve and protect ourselves […]

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How To Prepare For A Hurricane

As Hurricane Sandy prepares to wreak havoc on the East Coast, it’s a wise choice to get ready for whatever happens next. Whether you take the warnings seriously or not is up to you. And […]

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Your Face’s Sex-Typed Messages

A soon-to-be-published report conducted by UCLA social psychologists Colleen Carpinella and Kerri Johnson studied how facial appearance affects others’ perception of you. It seems your face is the number one feature that relays subconscious messages […]

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The Logistics of Voting

With the 2012 Presidential election right around the corner, everyone is making sure they are registered and know where their specific polling place is. However, has anyone thought about what really happens behind the scenes […]

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50 People Who Deserve a Nobel Prize

Not everyone who deserves a noble prize gets a noble prize. Just like there are probably thousands of people out there who could be a start in the NBA or the world record holder in […]

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