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Discovery Health 9 Home Remedies For Coughs

Getting sick happens but feeling and staying sick is an option. Hack your cough with any of the following suggestions. Here’s Discovery Health 9 Home Remedies For Coughs.

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Temperature Chart For The Last 11,000 Years

For the first time ever, climate researchers have collected data over a 11,000 year time period regarding the earth’s temperatures. And surprise! The last 150 ish years have been h-o-t. See it here with Temperature […]

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It’s Nearly Impossible To Argue With Kid Logic (23 Photos)

Kids, when they have a solid argument, are immovable. And you’ll need superpowers to talk them out of something when they know they are right. See for yourself here with It’s Nearly Impossible To Argue […]

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See Recent Recalls

Despite the government shutdown, the US Dept. of Agriculture has managed to operate enough to issue food warnings and recalls over potentially life=threatening contamination (including the recent Foster Farms chicken scare on the West Coast.) […]

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Should You Marry Her?

Is She A Keeper? And perhaps the better question is: can she be kept? Read what the pros at Men’s Health have to say about whether to reel ‘er in tight or to let ‘er […]

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The Dope On Dormant Viruses

Certain viruses can latently lie in the human bloodstream until it activates and causes its human host a whole rash of problems. Read more here with The Dope On Dormant Viruses.

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What Are The Effects Of Children On Fathers?

Ask any dad you know, and they will tell you there’s nothing like fatherhood. It’s an adventure unlike any other. See the real facts behind paternity with What Are The Effects Of Children On Fathers?

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A Map of Who’s Got The Best (And Worst) Internet Connections In America

Does your internet frazzle out or shut down frequently? There’s good news: you’re not alone. And if you move, you may not ever have to wait for a video to upload again. See where to […]

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A Most Interesting Bone

Hold tight and brace yourself for a below the belt bone that you likely didn’t know about until right now: the baculum. Imagine a penis bone capable of astounding even the most brilliant of minds. […]

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Taking Care Of Our Vets

The millions upon millions of military personnel who once risked their lives defending our country are subject to terrible circumstances when they return to civilian status. Our nation has failed the very men and women […]

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