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5 Rules For Good Email Etiquette

What are the rules of engagement when communicating via email? How do we know if we are being polite and courteous? Check out these 5 Rules For Good Email Etiquette to know for certain!!!

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first impression

First Impressions Hard To Change, Studies Suggest

The Society For Personality and Social Psychology recently published a report that confirms our snap judgments of people are indeed accurate. See for yourself here with First Impressions Hard To Change, Studies Suggest.

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Hidden Potentials In Home Tasks For Kids

Do you feel better when your surroundings are tidy? Guess what? Your kids do, too! Read more here with Hidden Potentials In Home Tasks For Kids.

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Caffeine Compared: From Coke And Coffee To Aspirin And Chocolate

As a former caffeine junkie, you can take my word that it’s one of the hardest addictions to break in part because of it’s omnipresence. Check out how caffeine has infiltrated many beverages, candies, gums, […]

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The Toxins That Affected Your Great-Grandparents Could Be In Your Genes

Research conducted by Michael Skinner has concluded that the chemicals our great-grandparents were exposed to are affecting our now. Read how one biologist is shocking scientists and common folk with The Toxins That Affected Your […]

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The 5 Step Program

If you aren’t aware of the meat industry’s cruel treatment of animals, consider yourself lucky. And if you are, consider The 5 Step Program to raising your own meat.

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Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain

The New Year will bring new challenges, experiences, and memories. Sharpen the best tool your body offers with Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain.

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Sex Professor

Alright guys: imagine you had a close female friend you could defer to for help and answers when your sexcapades had you searching. The genii at Men’s Health found that woman just for you. Her […]

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A Utah Law Prohibiting Polygamy Is Weakened

For some men, the only thing better than one good wife is two. An after 134 years Utah legislators, one judge has done his best to change some laws governing citizen’s rights to privacy and […]

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Multivitamin Researchers Say “Case Is Closed” After Studies Find No Health Benefits

Lore has it that sewage treatment plants in municipalities truck bucketloads of vitamins to disposal areas after its citizens “pass” them. Seems there may be some truth in that urban legend after reading through this […]

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