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Commit To A Year Of Less

It’s a new year, why not toss out old ways and do everything you can to support health, happiness, and stability? See how here with Commit To A Year of Less.

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Mom Turns To Facebook To Find Family For 6 Embryos

Science and social media have significantly intermingled and riddles something similar to Dr Suess’ “a life is a life no matter how small.” It seems Jeff and Angel Watts are hawking their unborn yet fertilized […]

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Cancer And Cannabis: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Medical Marijuana

Whether you have taken a toke or are absolutely against it, chances are you have strong feelings regarding the issue of medical marijuana. Gain insight with one journalist’s take on the matter with Cancer And […]

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Genes, Choice, And Human Aspiration

If I told you my only true goal in life (besides the obvious) was to NOT end up as crazy as my immediate elders, would you believe me? And do I have much of a […]

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Mystery Grand Canyon Animal Is A Gray Wolf – Can It Survive?

Arizonians were in for quite a surprise when a gray predatory guest announced its arrival. People were puzzled by the four legged canine’s identity until now. Here’s the Mystery Grand Canyon Animal Is A Gray […]

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11 Facts About Volcanoes

A volcanic eruption is presently threatening Hawaiians but how much do we all really know about these fascinating subterranean mountains? Test your knowledge here with 11 Facts About Volcanoes.

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So This Is How The World Ends, Isn’t It?

What is the likelihood all of mankind will be wiped out in one swoop? If you believe Stephen Hawking, it’s already happening as technology takes hold and controls us all. Or so they say. Anyway, […]

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10 Great Subtraction And Addition Apps For Kids

If you find yourself in the doctors office, on a long car ride, or in some other situation with an antsy, bored little one, chances are you may pass your smart phone or tablet over […]

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How Likely Is It That Birth Control Can Let You Down

If you’re a parent or a kid now because of an intense coupling where the people relied on a condom or other device to prevent pregnancy but one occurred, you’re not alone. Check out How […]

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Why Beer Does Not Spill

Does your drink slip all over the settee or does it stay where it belongs? Chances are, if you’re having a bubbly brew, it will stay. Check out Why Beer Does Not Spill.

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