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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Non-Stick Cookware

Some mysteries of life I can not unravel. Like, why, for instance, do my pans burn all food I try to cook after a trip through the dishwasher when I am too lazy to handwash […]

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Differential DNA Repair Underlies Mutation Hotspots At Active Promotors In Cancer Genomes

Here’s good news for people that hate cancer. A recent study published in the Nature journal revealed a link between increased DNA mutations and cancer growth. Which means we may be a step closer to […]

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Three Sure Signs A Person Is Unhappy

Do you ever wonder is people are as content as they make themselves appear on Facebook? Guess what! Me too. Here’s how to tell with the Three Sure Signs A Person Is Unhappy.

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How Kin Selection Works

It seems every living thing’s only purpose on earth is to reproduce but what if you can’t? Guess what. Your life isn’t as meaningless as you think and the same is NOT true for other […]

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The Hidden Psychology Of Failure

What is your outlook on those big losses in life and business where you tried but didn’t succeed? If you’re like me, you see them as an experiment in experience and keep the frame in […]

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Helping Short Kids Grow Up

As the mom of four boys of all sizes, it seems the smaller and smallest of them need a boost in terms of growth “encouragement.” And lets not forget deprogramming the natural instinct toward the […]

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Sperm Discovery Could Mean New Fertility Treatments

You heard it here; “Fertilization is a team sport.” Now get out there. Go get some. And make lots of babies since scientists have new insight into the reproductive process. Here’s Sperm Discovery Could Mean […]

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The End of the Chinese Miracle

The big big economic boom in China seems to be on the down swing. But this, like everything, might come back around if given enough time. Read about it here with The End of the […]

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Bernie Sanders For President

I generally stay out of two conversations absolutely guaranteed to get people no where: religion and politics. This time I can’t keep mum. The great Presidential race is underway. And the clock is just running […]

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31 Things To Do When You Have No Money

If you are out of a job or just living with the side effects of a sluggish economy, chances are you’re as broke as me. The good news is you’re as not stuck as you […]

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