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Tired of Being Let Down? How To Hold People Accountable

I’m a giver and have been completely taken advantage of by people who have only entirely and completely disappointed me. And I’m quick to forgive. If you’re like me, it might help if you read […]

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Why Do We Call Them The Dog Days Of Summer?

There’s nothing like the heat of the hottest days of summer to remind you how great it is. But when it comes to naming those hot, hot days, Why Do We Call Them the Dog […]

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Is Your Wife Happily Married?

The wise guys (and girls) at Men’s Health delved deep into scores of data to help married men figure out one key ingredient to marriage. Here’s a big question: Is Your Wife Happily Married?

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10 Lessons You Learn From The A**holes In Your Life

They say it’s best to choose your environment but sometimes we do just that and find ourselves trapped with absolute jerks. There’s a ray of light through the darkness though. We all can learn a […]

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Can a Dog Eat That?

As a puppy owner, I’ve seen a lot of things go in that I wasn’t sure would be ok (if you catch my drift). From crayons to plants, bugs to shrubs, nearly everything plastic and […]

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Parallel Universes: Theories and Evidence

If you think there has to be more than what is, you might be right. Check out Parallel Universes: Theories and Evidence.

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Sexuality in Later Life

Time might just be an illusion but in the course of a marriage or long term relationship, it’s more than that in the bedroom. See what the National Institute on Aging has to say about […]

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Do You Know Where Your Freedom Comes From?

Look past the political pigsh*t powerhouses of Trump and Clinton, the confines of relationships, the grind of work and the mundane daily responsibilities to really, truly appreciate what it means to be free. Then see […]

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Recurrent Cellulitis

The deepest layers of your skin can harbor infection which Potentially can make you very ill. Especially if it happens repeatedly. Read about Recurrent Cellulitis here.

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What Makes A Video Game Addictive?

Are you having problems pulling your kids away from their Kindles, XBoxes, and Playstations? You’re not alone. And helping them to help themselves is often the first step. It seems the dopamine and a combination […]

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