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10 Political Pick Up Lines

Recent studies conducted by and the University of Binghamton suggest that Republicans have more orgasms but the Democrats have more sex. There’s no better way to use this knowledge than by spitting one of […]

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101 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes

Looking for a way to express your adoration for your sweetheart?? Look no further. You can shoot Cupid’s arrows a bit farther with a few special words. We’ve got the 101 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes.

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7 Signs She’ll Be Good In Bed

Pay attention, gentleman! You can tell how good a woman is in (mostly) horizontal positions without having to actually get naked with her. As it turns out, the folks at Men’s Health deferred to the […]

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Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is a powerful technique to extend mind control over others. By telling people precisely the opposite of what you think they ought to be doing, they generally do precisely what you want them […]

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27 Dramatic Weight Loss Transformations

If you’ve already given up on some of your New Year’s resolutions, this might help you get back on track. These 27 people made some huge life change, dropped the extra pounds and in the […]

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The New Rules Of Sex And Attraction

Humanity is changing. It seems some (or is it most?) women are ferociously and feverishly craving men in ways like never before. Problem is, many guys are a little behind the times and following outdated […]

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Guide To Flirtation Of Yore

The Taranaki Herald of New Zealand once published a guide for how to pick up the signals of all sorts of flirtation. From the casual eye flirtation to fan, glove, hat, or parasol flirtation, the […]

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How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Allowing yourself to get bored is a good indicator that you’re boring. Doing your best to remain active, engaged, and adventurous is the key to not only living a fuller life, but perhaps even being […]

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Chelsea Handler ‘Don’t Wait For Sex’

Comedienne Chelsea Handler graced TBS’ the Conan show airing on Tuesday and left the crowd in stitches, compliments of her straight shooting insights regarding sexual activity. The 36 year old was promoting her new show, […]

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How Long Can You Last Without Sex?

Whether you’re celibate by choice or circumstance, chances are you’re more affected by the lack of sex than you suspect. Not having sex has it’s benefits but it also has it’s risks. Here’s How Long […]

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