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Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep: The Different Types Of Attractiveness

Looks can be deceiving as nothing truly is as it appears, including really hot women. The complexity of attractiveness involves more than good genetics. A study conducted by Psychology Today found the combination of looks, […]

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Word Usage Predicts Dating Success

Words have power, especially those that fall into the category of pronouns. An interesting study revealed the function words like: that, an, I, though, the, there, and this are related to a person’s ability to […]

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What Men Really Think About Your Bikini

With swimsuit season fast approaching, it’s a great time to work out if you’re a woman. Especially if the one hundred random men reported their true opinions of swimwear to the staff at Marie Claire. […]

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Women Seek Less-Dominant Dates In Recession

Today’s economic spiral is affecting all aspects of life including relations between men and women. Evolutionary psychologists conducted a study of mate selection of women during economic downturns and found females favor secure, stable men […]

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Mind Is Your Might: Fiona Apple’s Oversharing

Few musicians capture the reality of life in stark truth in the way that Fiona Apple has since busting on the scene in 1996 with the debut album, Tidal. The albums which followed only added […]

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25 Things You Say During Sex, And What You Really Mean

People say all sorts of things while lovemaking. Some of it is true, some of it isn’t, and some of it means more than what is moaned, yelled, or whispered. Here are 25 Things You […]

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The #1 Reason To Buy Her A Drink

A new study published by Addiction proves that the laws of attraction require symmetrical facial features but drinking skews perception, especially for women. Good news for men interested in women way better looking than them. […]

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9 Things Women Should Do More Often

Relationships are tough and there are millions of ways to make them better. All couples need is a little fine tuning and a few suggestions. As it takes two to tango, sometimes women need to […]

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What God Says About Sex

Today’s world is full of free sex EVERYWHERE which frequently suffices as a cheap thrill or momentary fix. Religious beliefs vary when it comes down to the mingling of flesh for a number of valid […]

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Redneck Love Poetry

Comic Jeff Foxworthy once declared that a redneck is within “the glorious absence of sophistication.” His observation may or may not be true but the good news is the lesser privileged folks encompassed by the […]

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