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FOXSexpert: 12 Things You Should Never Do When It Comes To Sex

FOX news is well known for its general lack of information so one may question what they know about good, old fashioned porking. Or they may be on to something. Decide for yourself with FOXSexpert: […]

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Top Dating Blogs You’re Not Reading – But Should Be

Believe it or not, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you’re single and swimming the dating sea, you can attract everything from piranhas to sharks and all things in between. For insight, […]

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Sex Promotes Brain Growth

A new study suggests that not only does frequent sex improve happiness, lower stress and make you smarter but that it actually promotes brain growth. Hey, our body sure knows how to reward a good […]

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How To Love A Woman

Looking for a guide for how to love a woman that honors the depth of her female nature? This guide from PhaseFrame cuts through all the social conditioning and gets right to the heart of […]

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Translate Her Sex Sounds

Women are difficult to interpret, especially between the sheets. The quiet (and not so quiet) sounds women often make during intimate exchanges are far ranging and may have multiple meanings. To decode the mystery, and […]

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Tyler Knott

Photographer, poet, artist, and self proclaimed “Exploitable Genius” Tyler Knott Gregson has a limitless skill for utilizing words and images to precisely convey what the heart feels. See if you disagree after you peruse his […]

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Are You GGG?

Dan Savage is a racy writer who pushes the boundaries between sex, love, and relationships. His work is honest, insightful, and humorous at times. He introduced the GGG theory: “Good, Giving, Game” to help you […]

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Why Michelle Jenneke Might Make a Good Wife

There’s a whole lot more to girls than eye candy. Especially when it comes time to choose a wife.

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Make Her Swoon

Men can do certain things to melt a woman’s heart and render her putty in his hands. From the simple to the not so simple, here’s 41 things men can do to Make Her Swoon.

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Men Are Children

If you’re a man and reading this, don’t be offended. Remember a title is just a title and absorb this semi-rant yet highly interesting piece regarding relationships and the battle of the sexes. And remember […]

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