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I Felt A Great Disturbance In The Force, As If Millions Of Sperm Suddenly Cried Out In Terror

Abstinence is the only true way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, disease, and several other negatively harmful affects of sex. The practice of safe sex is of the utmost importance and even Star Wars […]

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30 Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man

Keeping secrets is a tricky thing. Anyone who has them wants to protect them. And anyone who knows them feels a bit burdened by them. It’s no surprise that relationships are no exception. Here are […]

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10 Charts About Sex

Just when you think you know everything you ever wanted to know about sex, someone comes along and changes your mind. The folks at OK Cupid have published more than you ever wanted to know […]

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40 Most Common Mistakes Most Men Make During Sex

What happens in your bed is your business until or unless you get the “you’re doing it wrong” grimace from your partner.   If thanking your lucky woman following a sheet-ripping, helluvagood time is commonplace, you […]

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Demi Moore Tweets Nude Self Portrait

One would think a soon to be 53 year old mother of three would have learned the lesson of posting sexy photos on the Internet.  Fortunately for flesh hungry fans throughout the world, some ladies […]

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7 Signs You’ve Given Up On Getting Laid

It’s no secret that a man’s primal essence revolves around getting laid.  Desire is a powerful motivator and impressing partners is the first step in ensuring success.  Appearance and action speak volumes when it boils […]

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20 Awesome Photos Of Guys Caught Staring

Nothing draws a man’s attention faster than a beautiful woman.  It doesn’t matter if the man’s a celebrity, a politician, an actor, an old man, or just a regular dude.  It happens.  Unfortunately, for some […]

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Buzzworthy: 5 Hangover Cures You Probably Never Heard Of

We all have heard the best cure for over-imbibing the nectar of the gods is a hair of the dog.  But what if you just can’t stomach the thought of another drop of poison following […]

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20 Beautiful Women In Painted-On Sports Jerseys

Supporting your favorite team isn’t anything new.  Some ladies take their support to a whole new extreme via painting their favorite sports jerseys on their flesh.  Here are 20 Beautiful Women In Painted-On Sports Jerseys.

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10 Oscar Winning Films That Pushed The Sex Envelope

Hollywood’s shying away from sex these days thanks mostly to prudish American viewers.  Despite waning libidos, filmmakers have crafted a formula for sneaking some of the most aggressive sex into Oscar winning films: a healthy […]

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