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How Arousal Overrides Disgust During Sex: Study

Do you smell bad enough that no deodorant can tackle your au de natural musk? We have really good news for you. This will not affect the ladies if you treat her right. Read How […]

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The Sexiest Halloween Costumes Ever

Happy Halloween! It’s that time of the year again where the women get a little risque in their attire. And the men just kind of enjoy their manliness. Sit back, relax, and check out Page […]

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4 Body Parts She Wishes You’d Touch

It’s a proven fact: none of us thrive without touch. And if your girlfriend/baby mama/wife craves a certain kind of touch, it’s your responsibility as a man to provide it, right? Here are 4 Body […]

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25 Skills Every Man Should Know

A guy was made to build things and destroy things and do all kinds of great stuff. The wonders of men are admirably fascinating. Some know more than others though. See how you compare with […]

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‘Pregnant’ Mila Kunis Obscures Baby Bump In Baggy Sweater As She And Ashton Kutcher Head Out For Burger Date

Actress and fiancee of Ashton Kutcher has a lot to celebrate. So she did it with her future husband and Umami burgers. Here’s ‘Pregnant’ Mila Kunis Obscures Baby Bump in Baggy Sweater As Dhe Snd […]

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First The G-Spot. Now The A-Spot? Explain.

If you aren’t learning something new everyday, you aren’t fully living. And if you aren’t adding something new to your arsenal of sex tricks, you need to. Start here with First The G-Spot. Now The […]

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Are You Bad In Bed?

Few of us ever truly question our abilities in or out of the sack, but for some of us, it may be w-e-l-l past time. Do you ever wonder how you compare to other lovers? […]

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Twelve Months Of Swimsuit Hotness

It’s day two of 2014. Maximize your full potential or inspire your wife or girlfriend to get in tip top shape by hanging this in your kitchen and regularly checking out the 12 latest Sports […]

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Sex Professor

Alright guys: imagine you had a close female friend you could defer to for help and answers when your sexcapades had you searching. The genii at Men’s Health found that woman just for you. Her […]

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Ranking The 25 Hottest Costumes Girls Wear On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that every (trashy) woman in the universe will likely slu-I mean glam – it up in honor of the day. So to help spread the happiness […]

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